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Nowadays, society is all about achieving and succeeding. As a result, there’s tons of pressure to accomplish life goals, big and small, in everything from finances to personal growth.

Amid all of this demand for success causing people to leave their jobs, it’s essential to take some time and try to figure out what you want. Your life goals should reflect who you want to be and how you want to live your life. This post will help you clarify those life goals a little and give you some ideas for personal goals that you can incorporate into your own life. So let’s get right into it.

What Are Life Goals (and How to Set Them)

Before getting into some specific goals, it’s essential to understand what life goals are and set good ones. A life goal is a long-term goal that you hope to achieve in your lifetime. Because these goals are so big, you must have strong motivation and desire behind them; otherwise, they will be tough to achieve.

When it comes to creating and setting goals for yourself, consider following these tips:

  • Identify all the different categories you want to be setting goals for in your life: These could include career goals, business goals, fitness goals, financial goals and professional goals.
  • Visualize what you want your life to look like and use that to motivate your goals: Once you have a clear vision, write down as many goals and objectives as possible.
  • Utilize SMART goals: A SMART goal is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound.
  • Review your goals after a week or so: After some time has passed, sit back down and review your goals. It’s likely that not every purpose will seem so appealing to you. The ones that stick out, though, are the ones that you should keep.
  • Build a plan for how you’ll accomplish these goals: To reach your goals, you’ll need to build a detailed plan that considers that life can sometimes get messy. Commit to this plan for the long-term, and you’ll find that achieving goals is that much easier.

Now that you’ve gotten a good idea of planning and goal setting let’s look at 10 goals to achieve that might inform some of your own life goals.

10 Awesome Life Goals to Set and Achieve

From making a million dollars to learning a second language, you’re sure to find something on this list to inspire you for your own life goals.

1. Start a Business

Do you hate working a 9-5? Have you always wanted to be your boss and work flexible hours on your terms? If so, a life goal that might appeal to you is starting a business.

It’s true: Starting a business is time-consuming, and you’ll need to overcome many obstacles, but the good news is that it’s easier today than ever before. In addition, being a small business owner, you can control the contribution margins and keep more money in your pocket.

There are more opportunities online today for businesses and money-making than there ever has been in the past.

2. Buy and Own Your Dream Home

Real estate is one of the most potent ways to build wealth. Not only do you get to take advantage of appreciation, but you also get to use leverage to boost your returns. The great part: owning a dream home can also be part of your life goals!

Owning the perfect property for yourself and your family is one of the best goals in life because it means you’ll have your very own place to call home where you can feel relaxed and comfortable. Of course, it takes time to save up the required money to purchase your dream home or build it on an acre of land, but the resulting ownership is worth it.

3. Learn a Second (or Third) Language

Have you always wanted to travel the world and visit different countries? Are you also interested in all the different cultures around the globe? If so, learning a new language might be a big goal that you can set for yourself.

Mastering another language will not only provide you with a valuable new skill, but it will also help you get more opportunities (and maybe even help you achieve other goals). The language you choose can be anything, but make sure you stay motivated enough to see it out until the end.

4. Become a Mentor for Someone Else

There’s a quote that goes something like, “When you teach, you learn.” Of course, this applies to the academic world, but it’s also true of real-world skills. So if you have something that you’re very good at, consider making it a life goal for yourself to mentor someone else in the subject.

Whether rehabbing real estate investment properties, public speaking or designing beautiful house plans, find something you’re skilled at, find someone willing to learn and share your knowledge with the world. Not only will you feel better, but you’ll also impact many people’s lives.

5. Run a Marathon (or Half Marathon)

Running a marathon is not some short-term goal that you can achieve without a “take action” mindset. It’s hard to follow through with, you’ll need to improve your physique, and you’ll have to stay focused for a long time to succeed.

However, it’s for these very same reasons that running a marathon is so worth it. By achieving this life goal through hard work, you’ll build willpower, self-confidence and feel happier than you ever have. Of course, it takes real dedication, but the reward is well worth the commitment.

6. Travel to More Countries

When it comes to long-term goals, traveling the world is often at the top of most people’s lists and resolutions. It’s essential, however, not to be vague. If you want to travel the world, make sure to list exactly how many countries you want to visit (and even better, write down exactly which countries those are).

By setting this as one of your life goals and committing to achieving it, you’re essentially forcing yourself out of procrastination and giving your life a sense of urgency. After all, you only have so much time at your disposal to travel the world with.

7. Achieve Zero Debt

Debt is one of the biggest things that hold people’s finances back. Nowadays, many people die without fully paying back their debt, leaving it behind for their families to deal with. Resolve to make sure that doesn’t happen to you by achieving zero debt, one of your life goals.

Not only will this motivate you to work hard and progress in your career, but it will also teach you saving and budgeting skills that will benefit you for life.

8. Make a Million Dollars

If you’re already debt-free, why not make a goal to make a million dollars! Achieving this amount might seem like an unrealistic goal, but many self-employed and business owners set this as a financial target.

Achieving this goal will require accountability, personal development, and lots of problem-solving skills. Although it might be hard, it’s undoubtedly attainable in your lifetime.

9. Lose weight (and Keep it Off)

Some goals are more personal than others. For example, if you’re not happy with how you look right now, consider making it a life goal to lose weight and KEEP the weight off.

Ask yourself what it will take to achieve this goal and whether or not you’re willing to put in the work and sacrifice necessary. And it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to start working out. Instead, you can quickly lose weight simply by eating healthier.

Create a personal target for yourself and make a goal plan (with deadlines) to achieve your desired weight.

10. Drive or Buy Your Dream Car

For most people, their car is one of their most beloved possessions. So why not make it a goal in life to buy your dream car? Of course, you’ll need to save up money and stay accountable along the way, but the result is that you’ll have a beautiful vehicle to discover new places and ride down open roads with.

If you’re a car junkie or even just a lover of luxury items, consider making “driving or buying” your dream car one of your life goals!

Recap: Setting Life Goals You’ll Want to Achieve

Life is too short not to achieve your goals. The first step in achieving a goal, though, is determining a good goal to reach for.

This post has highlighted setting reasonable life goals and 10 life goals that you can note and use as inspiration.

As a quick recap, the 10 goals you should consider are:

  • Start a Business
  • Own Your Dream House
  • Learn a Second (or Third) Language
  • Become a Mentor for Someone Else
  • Run a Marathon (or Half Marathon)
  • Travel to at least X Number of Countries
  • Achieve Zero Debt
  • Make a Million Dollars
  • Lose weight (and Keep it Off)
  • Drive or Buy Your Dream Car

So what are you waiting for? You’ve learned why life goals are so important, how to set attainable life goals, and 10 of the best life goals to take note of. So get out there, start setting some goals, and live your life to the fullest. Your future self will thank you for it!



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I am all about frugal living. I live frugally. I blog about frugality. Frugal, I am thee.


I wanted to share some of the best frugal living tips I could put together. I got some help with this post. Since frugality takes so many different forms and since we all have such different living experiences, I asked many people for their best frugal living tips.


I was not disappointed! I got some fantastic suggestions. Some I already do. Some I plan on doing. Some are not at all applicable to my or my lifestyle but may help you.


I hope some of these frugal living tips help you be frugal, whether you choose to live frugally or you live a life of frugality out of necessity.


Living a frugal life is not only about not spending too much money, saving for retirement, stocking up an emergency fund or avoiding credit card debt. When you live a life of simplicity, you can spend time and money on what’s important to you. The best frugal living tips are the ones that work the best for you, the ones that will help you start living frugally and make your life easier.


Of course, if I can help you spend less money while you also work to make extra money, then you will be setting yourself up for a lifetime of financial success. Being successful financially can give you options in life, and then you can also help others by giving and using your power (after all, money is power) to help others.


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Creating a budget that works and then STICKING TO IT is the best and biggest frugal tip anyone can give you. Creating a budget gives a structure to your spending, which allows you to spend on what you want and not spend on what you don’t want to spend on. That is the definition of living a frugal life.




When you find a great deal, buy in bulk. If meat is on sale, have your butcher cut it up into smaller pieces and then wrap them separately. Label everything clearly! Buying large amounts of meat is usually cheaper than buying individually cut pieces.


Detlef Voigt / istockphoto


Cooking ahead for holidays and big meals will be a lot less stressful if you can freeze a lot ahead of time, and that will free you up for other things. Time is also money and being crunched for time also makes you spend more.




Reduce your shopping trips so that you spend less time in stores. The more time you spend in a store, the more likely you are to spend money. Make a shopping list of the main things you need so that you have a guide to help you stay on task.





Buy what’s on sale and then plan your meals around that. The number one way to save money at the grocery store? Plan your meals around what you buy, not the other way around.





We don’t eat out. We experiment at home! We don’t go to bakeries; we figure out something fun with the kids from home. You can make so many meals and treats at home with a little planning and creativity.





Keep your freezer stocked with meals, so you don’t need to get take out when you are stressed or overwhelmed. When you cook, then double the recipes so that you have food ready to eat. Soups freeze well and are great for this type of thing. This is particularly important before a major holiday (Pesach, anyone?) or if you are having a baby. Have freezer meals ready to go so you can save money on take-out.



Qwart / istockphoto


Keep frozen fruit and vegetables in your freezer so that you can make quick smoothies and vegetable dishes in a pinch. You can take the slightly browning fruit (from those bananas you bought on sale and that no one eats even though your kids told you that bananas are their absolute favorite food) and freeze them for really cheap snacks and smoothies.





We don’t have cleaning help. We clean one floor together as a family every Sunday, and we often turn it into activities.





Train your children from very young ages to do chores and household cleaning, according to their ability. Have a list of things that need to get done nightly, weekly and monthly. Make it a fun family activity you can do every night.





My kids wear really lovely hand-me-downs. You can trade with other families or shop at thrift stores to get nice clothes for you and your kids.





I decide before each season how much of each clothing item my kids need and only buy that amount (if some of it is from hand-me-downs, even better). Sales were causing me to overbuy until I set it up this way.



Andrii Shablovskyi / istockphoto


Choose the right place to live. We live in an area where families are happy with little, making it easy to live below our means and our kids to have fewer expectations. Choosing where you live is a key part of being content with your frugal life.





Turn down the heating and put on a thick sweater. The house doesn’t need to be warm enough to walk around in a t-shirt and bare feet in the middle of winter.





Automate everything: bills, savings, fun money, etc. Use the extra mental bandwidth to implement money-saving systems. When you automate, you don’t have to second tons of time thinking about money: living a frugal lifestyle does not mean that you are always concerned about money.





Library card is like the biggest one; I don’t buy books anymore. If you decide to invest in a Kindle or other e-reader, you can also get tons of free e-books online.


I love using my library’s Libby App to get free books downloaded to my kindle no matter the time of day. Libraries also offer many other services. Some have games you can borrow, discounted passes to museums, and many other free or cheaper things. Get a library card!



Deposit Photos


Everything in the Amazon cart has to sit for 24 hours. Anywhere you shop online, keep your stuff in the cart for 24 hours before purchasing to reduce impulse spending. An extra perk of this trick is that companies will often send you a coupon code for items you left in your cart to entice you to buy.





Avoid big name brands and look for value in products. Buy generic brands as a rule and only buy brand-name when you have a coupon or you are sure of its value.





Get freebies! Books, samples, baby gear. Get all the freebies you can. These freebies will help you spend less money on items you are not totally sure you want to buy yet. Especially with baby gear, this can save you a lot of money!





Shop garage sales for old toys. Especially big outdoor toys or toys made of plastic like a plastic slide, a toy kitchen, riding toys, etc. These are easy to clean and hold up well, even if a few families use them. Garage sale shopping is a great way to get expensive toys for very cheap.





I don’t have a house phone. Since everyone has a cell phone, you don’t need a house phone. If you do need a phone for the house, get a cheap prepaid cellphone for emergencies.




Cut down on meat, chicken and fish in your diet. These are usually more expensive, and you can save money by buying healthy beans and grains instead.



Getty Images | Justin Sullivan


Buy a large freezer. Your freezer will pay for itself in six months or less, I promise you. If you have to, keep it in your patio, garage, anywhere you can get electricity and somewhat protect it from the elements. Mine is outside right now getting rained on, but it has a few garbage bags on it to protect the wires from getting wet.





Be creative with what you find. For example, If you have a chest freezer, take the door off and an upright freezer, remove the door and turn it on its side. Drill some holes in the bottom, and fill it up with dirt. Now you have a raised garden bed that won’t kill your back. Of course, that only works if you find an old freezer, but you can go dumpster diving or drive around and see what is being given away for free.





Do free fun things with your friends and kids. Good thing I have tons of ideas on how to have fun on a budget. I wrote about 45 free things to do with kids indoors and 9 fun things to do with kids at home. If you don’t have kids, you can still do free stuff at home instead of going out (and spending money!). You can have a board game night or even have a romantic date night at home.





Use money-saving apps. Spend some time to sign up for Rakuten (Ebates), Ibotta and use the cashback apps to save money on things you are already buying.





When you go shopping, go to the clearance aisle first. When you shop online, look in the clearance tab first. Never pay full price is a good rule to help you live a frugal life.



ake1150sb / istockphoto


Using a drying rack to hang your clothes will not only save you money on your electric bill but will also make your clothes last longer, and you will need new clothing less often.





Credit cards can be a useful tool, and some credit cards offer excellent cashback opportunities that you can use to get perks, free gift cards, or even use the cash back to pay your bills. (REMINDER: only use a credit card if you can afford to pay it off in full. Do not go into credit card debt just to get some perks).





I know this a long shot but if you don’t care about the newest and the best, try to find someone who either cares about the latest upgrade or try to find someone who constantly gets free upgrades. You can then get or buy their phone or tablet for cheap.


For example, my sister-in-law’s phone broke, and the sound does not work well. She was able to get a new one for free, and I took her old one. For the price of a pair of headphones, I have a perfectly good smartphone. Be creative in how you can do things like this.


Estradaanton / istockphoto


Some of these frugal living tips will be exactly what you need. Some will be so out of touch you will want to throw your device across the room. The point of these tips is not to assume that everyone will gain from them or that everyone will even save money by using them. The point is to help you realize the different ways you can start living your best frugal life.





Living a frugal life means making do for what doesn’t matter. It means not filling your life with things that don’t matter. It means stripping down to the things that matter. It means not devoting time and money to things that don’t matter.


There is an inherent value in doing with less regardless of the amount of money you have. Even if you have a lot, there is value in doing with less, eschewing materialism, reducing your waste as much as possible, and leaving the smallest physical footprint in this world as possible.


There is something good about living a frugal life. Frugal living can be rewarding in many ways. There is something about doing with less, about trying to have less materialism in your life.


Phynart Studio/istockphoto


We also need to understand that saving money is a necessity in the world we live in. When you spend all your money on things that you don’t need or you spend your money because you are in the habit of spending, then you are giving up any financial freedom you may be able to have in your future.


Good money habits included cutting down on spending and making more money. You need to find places in your budget to cut down so you can save more money and be prepared. Be creative in where you save and work to find more places to save money without compromising on your happiness.


There was a time in my life when I was unemployed, and we (my husband and I) had very, very little money. It was a dark, depressing time. I was extremely hesitant to use credit cards or dip into savings because I had no idea if I would ever get another job or be able to pay it back. I had watched too many people sink deep into credit card debt, and I didn’t want that happening to me.


I was on a tiny, strict budget, and I really stuck to it. I sometimes look back and wonder how we managed to make it work, and I honestly don’t know. We had so little. Being frugal-not-by-choice is a terrible situation to be in.


From that moment onward, I decided that I would actively embrace frugal living whether I had to or not. I would make frugal living as a value that I espouse.


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