Does Your Partner Love to Sleep? Here Are 12 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Sleep Stans


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Valentine’s Day is almost here! Not sure what to get your partner this year? Whether you’re looking for Valentine’s Day gifts for her or Valentine’s Day gifts for him, one thing’s certain—everyone could benefit from better sleep.

And unlike chocolate and flowers, sleep is the gift that keeps on giving (for both of you). After all, quality sleep improves your mood and your intamacy life, which is a win-win for your relationship.

From weighted silk eye masks to plush waffle towels to lavender pillow sprays, here are the best Valentine’s Day gifts to help your sweetie take their sleep to the next level.

Best Valentine’s Day gifts for better sleep

Weighted silk eye mask

saatva weighted silk eye mask


pulls double duty by blocking out light for more restful sleep while also treating your S.O.’s eyes with the calming, therapeutic effect of deep pressure stimulation. Available in two neutral hues, this weighted eye mask is made from the highest quality silk that’s naturally hypoallergenic, breathable, and temperature-regulating. Plus, smooth silk helps prevent creases and protects the delicate eye area from friction.


Sunrise alarm clock

sunrise alarm clock - valentine's day gift

A sunrise alarm clock mimics natural light and can help someone fall asleep faster and stay asleep. If your loved one wakes up feeling groggy, has trouble falling asleep, or wants to establish a regular sleep routine, then a sunrise alarm clock could be the perfect Valentine’s Day present. Hatch’s Sunrise Alarm Clock comes programmed with a library of soothing sounds and lights so they can wind down and wake up with ease.


Embroidered sateen sheet set

saatva embroidered sateen sheets

Enjoy a staycation with your better half while wrapped in our

These hotel-style sheets have a hand-finished embroidered trim for a clean, elegant look. The silky-soft 300 thread count sateen weave gets softer with every wash, so don’t blame us if you want to spend the whole day in bed.


Bath tray

bath tray

A warm bath is an excellent way to wind down before getting into bed. Help your loved one take the most spa-like bath ever with the SMIRLY Expandable Bamboo Bath Tray. This tray can securely hold items like a book, candle, wine glass, and more. It even includes a bath pillow that can be placed behind the neck for added comfort in the tub.


Waffle towels

saatva waffle towels

We recommend starting your Valentine’s Day by serving your partner waffles in bed—and then giving them a spa-worthy experience with our

These light and airy towels, available in three colors, were inspired by the world’s finest spas and are woven in durable long-staple cotton that gets softer with every wash.


Massage gun

theragun massage gun

There’s no doubt about it: A massage can do wonders for your sleep. While you can certainly buy a gift card to treat your Valentine to a professional massage, you could also gift them with something the both of you can use at home to keep the therapeutic benefits going year-round. Enter the Theragun Prime Quiet Deep Tissue Therapy Massage Gun, which was developed by scientists to provide pain and tension relief via deep tissue pressure. It comes with four attachments and has five speeds, making it a breeze to massage the neck, back, legs, shoulders, and feet.


Graphite memory foam pillow

saatva memory foam pillow

For the person who keeps complaining about neck pain, you can’t go wrong with a pillow as a Valentine’s Day gift. Our

is a great option as it offers excellent contouring support and advanced graphite cooling technology. It’s so good, we won’t judge you if you buy one for yourself this Valentine’s Day too!


Pillow spray

drowsy sleep sos pillow spray

Spritz your way to better sleep with the Drowsy Sleep S.O.S Pillow Spray. It’s formulated with a blend of natural botanical oils, including bergamot, lavender, geranium, ylang-ylang, vetiver, cedarwood, and patchouli to help you and your lover get into the mood for sleep. Simply spray your pillowcase (why not pair this gift with one of the pillowcases below?) and wait 10-15 minutes for the aroma to fuse with the fabric so it can work its snooze-inducing magic overnight.


Pillowcase pairs

saatva pillowcase pairs

Treat yourself (and your loved one) to new pillowcases this V-Day. There’s something to meet every desire. Regardless of which set you choose, you’ll both be able to rest your head on soft, breathable pillowcases that feel like they belong in a 5-star hotel.


Kissing mugs

kissing mugs

These Kissing Mugs are indeed shaped like kissing faces—so they’re perfect to share with your favorite person on Valentine’s Day. Use this set of porcelain mugs in the morning to wake up with coffee and in the evening to settle down with herbal tea. Cheers!


Essential sheet set

saatva essential sheet set

Give your bed a cozy makeover this Valentine’s Day with our

The sheets are made from 55% long-staple cotton in a percale weave blended with 45% viscose. The material is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified to be free of harmful chemicals, meaning it’s better for you and the planet. Plus, the sheets come in four colors, so you can find a perfect match for your bedroom style.


Adjustable firmness mattress

adjustable firmness mattress - valentine's day gift

If you really want to splurge on your sweetie this Valentine’s Day, then our

is just the ticket. This luxurious customizable mattress has 50 precise firmness options on each side of the bed, so both of you can find your ideal comfort level. With this adjustable firmness mattress, you never have to compromise on comfort again, making it the ultimate mattress choice for couples with different sleep preferences.


Treat your sweetie to the gift of better sleep with these Saatva products


The most popular Valentine’s Day gifts include candies and sweets, greeting cards, flowers, dinner, and wine. But in our humble opinion, giving the gift of better sleep is a much better option because quality sleep can go a long way toward ensuring your partner is as happy and healthy as they can be!

What is a good Valentine’s Day gift?

There are a lot of good Valentine’s Day gift ideas out there. If your significant other is someone who struggles to get a good night’s sleep, then consider buying something for them that can improve their shuteye. Sleep accessories like eye masks and bedding products like cozy sheets and supportive pillows make great Valentine’s Day gifts for anyone who has trouble snoozing.

Do guys expect gifts on Valentine’s Day?

According to a Bankrate survey, men tend to spend more on their partners for Valentine’s Day—and they expect their partners to do the same in return! The survey notes that men spend $339 on average on their partners for Valentine’s Day, while women only spend on average $64 on their partners.

What should I gift my friend on Valentine’s Day?

Your romantic partner isn’t the only one who deserves a Valentine’s Day gift this year! If you’re looking for a nice gift to give a friend, treat them to the gift of better sleep. Consider a small sleep accessory, like an eye mask or pillow spray.

Valentine’s Day sleep tips

In addition to putting together a list of our favorite Valentine’s Day gifts for sleep, we’ve also compiled our best articles on how couples can get better sleep. Consider these our gifts to you!

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