25 Best High-Paying Jobs for Extroverts in 2024


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The right career is one that capitalizes on an individual’s unique combination of skills, interests, and personality. Extroverts, for instance, tend to flourish in certain jobs and industries that introverts may not care for. And the worst jobs for extroverts are likely ones that attract introverts.

For all you extroverts out there, we’ve rounded up dozens of well-paying jobs that would be lucky to have you on board.

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How to Know If You Are an Extrovert

Before we look at jobs for extroverts that pay well, it’s important to understand what an extrovert is. An extrovert is someone who draws their energy from the outside world. Extroverts often feel comfortable in group settings and social situations. They tend to make good leaders because they enjoy working with people.

Common Characteristics of Extrovert Jobs

Good jobs for extroverts are ones that involve working with other people to solve problems. Because extroverts thrive on the energy they get from connecting with others, they tend to do well in jobs that require a lot of collaboration and human interaction.

On the other hand, good jobs for introverts allow them to focus intensely without interruptions from colleagues.

Do Extroverts Make More Money Than Introverts?

Being an extrovert can lead to a high-paying career. But extroverts don’t necessarily make more money than introverts. Education level, age, experience, and career choice can all greatly impact how much someone earns. Even your location factors in, as high-paying jobs vary by state.

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25 Best Jobs for Extroverts That Pay Well

What jobs are good for extroverts? Anyone looking to start a career or switch careers might consider one of these well-paying jobs for extrovert personalities. This list includes both jobs that don’t require college and those that do. Some even offer six-figure salaries.

1. Insurance Sales Agent

Median Pay: $57,860 per year

Job Growth Outlook: 6%

Job Description: Work in an office or travel to meet clients. The role also has potential as a work-at-home job for retirees.

Requirements: High school diploma or equivalent


  • Build relationships with potential customers
  • Sell insurance policies
  • Answer product questions

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2. Musician and Singer

Median Pay: $39.14 per hour

Job Growth Outlook: 1%

Job Description: Perform music in a studio or live setting for an audience. Professionals can make union wages or charge by the song or performance.

Requirements: No formal educational credential


  • Play instruments live or in studio
  • Sing songs live
  • Record songs

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3. Actor

Median Pay: $17.94 per hour

Job Growth Outlook: 3%

Job Description: Perform in a live setting or for film and television recordings. Professionals make union wages.

Requirements: Professional or on-the-job training


•   Perform in live theater

•   Promote products in commercials

•   Act in movies and television shows

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4. High School Teacher

Median Pay: $62,360 per year plus excellent benefits

Job Growth Outlook: 1%

Job Description: Teach academic lessons to high school students and prepare them for college or the job market.

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree


  • Prepare lesson plans
  • Teach students in a classroom
  • Grade papers

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5. Human Resources Manager

Median Pay: $130,000 per year

Job Growth Outlook: 5% 

Job Description: Plan and coordinate the administrative functions of a workplace.

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree

Duties: Work in office environments to help recruit and retain talent, and achieve business goals.

  • Recruit and hire employees
  • Make decisions about competitive pay and benefits
  • Mediate workplace conflicts

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6. Public Relations Specialist

Median Pay: $67,440 per year

Job Growth Outlook: 6%

Job Description: Develop and maintain the public image of the individuals and businesses they represent. Those with high-profile clients tend to earn the most.

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree


  • Write press releases
  • Create public image strategies
  • Provide damage control in crisis situations

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7. Physician and Surgeon

Median Pay: $229,300 per year

Job Growth Outlook: 3%

Job Description: Diagnose and treat illnesses and injuries.

Requirements: Medical doctor degree


  • Diagnose illnesses
  • Prescribe medications
  • Perform surgeries

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8. Barber and Hairstylist

Median Pay: $33,400 per year plus tips

Job Growth Outlook: 8%

Job Description: Cut, color, and style client hair. Stylists at higher-end salons can make good money in salary and tips.

Requirements: Postsecondary nondegree award


  • Cut and color hair
  • Style hair for special events
  • Provide other appearance services such as shaving

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9. Bartender

Median Pay: $29,380 per year plus tips

Job Growth Outlook: 3%

Job Description: Mix and serve cocktails, wine, and beer to customers. Bartenders at higher-end establishments make most of their money in tips.

Requirements: No formal educational credential


  • Mix and serve drinks
  • Offer beverage recommendations
  • Track inventory

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10. Skincare Specialist

Median Pay: $38,060 per year plus tips

Job Growth Outlook: 9%

Job Description: Provide face and body treatments to clients in a spa or salon setting.

Requirements: State-approved cosmetology or esthetician license


  • Assess clients’ skin needs
  • Offer skincare services like facials
  • Consult on skincare regimens

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11. Dentist

Median Pay: $159,530 per year

Job Growth Outlook: 4%

Job Description: Diagnose and treat dental problems.

Requirements: Doctoral degree


  • Treat patients’ gums, teeth, and mouth
  • Create treatment plans
  • Check for cavities and other dental issues

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12. Registered Nurse

Median Pay: $81,220 per year

Job Growth Outlook: 6%

Job Description: Provide patient care.

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree and professional licensing


  • Provide care in hospitals, physicians’ offices, home healthcare settings, and nursing care facilities
  • Communicate with patients about their needs
  • Educate patients and the public about health conditions

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13. Waiter

Median Pay: $29,120 per year plus tips

Job Growth Outlook: -3% (decline)

Job Description: Take customer orders and serve food and drinks. Waiters at higher-end restaurants and catering companies can make a decent salary and excellent tips.

Requirements: Relevant work experience


  • Take orders from customers
  • Serve food and drinks
  • Keep a clean and organized work environment

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14. DJ

Median Pay: $20.46 per hour

Job Growth Outlook: -4% (decline)

Job Description: Act as an emcee for events such as weddings and award ceremonies. Popular DJs can earn hefty appearance fees for a few hours of work.

Requirements: Relevant work experience


  • Play music
  • Create playlists
  • Host events

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15. Political Scientist

Median Pay: $128,020 per year

Job Growth Outlook: 7%

Job Description: Study the origin, development, and operation of political systems and plan political strategies.

Requirements: Master’s degree


  • Study political systems
  • Create reports and presentations
  • Consult on strategy

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16. Advertising Sales Agent

Median Pay: $58,450 per year

Job Growth Outlook: -7% (decline)

Job Description: Sell advertising space to businesses. Many sales agents work on commission and can bring in high incomes.

Requirements: Relevant work experience


  • Sell advertising space for radio, television, newspapers, and other media platforms
  • Meet sales quotas
  • Maintain client relationships

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17. Real Estate Broker and Sale Agent

Median Pay: $52,030 per year

Job Growth Outlook: 3%

Job Description: Assist clients in the buying and selling of real estate. Successful agents can make big commissions on home sales.

Requirements: High school diploma or equivalent


  • Help clients find properties
  • Negotiate sales contracts
  • Host open houses

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18. Interpreter and Translator

Median Pay: $53,640 per year

Job Growth Outlook: 4%

Job Description: Convert information from one language into another.

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree


  • Translate between languages for a variety of organizations
  • Speak simultaneous translations during meetings
  • Translate documents, such as books and business materials

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19. Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Manager

Median Pay: $138,730 per year

Job Growth Outlook: 6%

Job Description: Plan advertising and marketing efforts to generate interest in a business’s products and services.

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree


  • Develop marketing campaigns
  • Create special promotions
  • Oversee the creation of advertisements

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20. Flight Attendant

Median Pay: $63,760 per year

Job Growth Outlook: 11%

Job Description: Assist passengers and respond to safety issues and emergencies.

Requirements: High school diploma or equivalent and certification from the Federal Aviation Administration


  • Navigate safety issues
  • Serve food and beverages
  • Assist with putting away luggage

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21. Lawyer

Median Pay: $135,740 per year

Job Growth Outlook: 8%

Job Description: Advise and represent businesses, government agencies, and individuals on legal matters.

Requirements: Law degree and passing a state bar exam


  • Advise clients
  • Represent clients in court
  • Review and draft contracts

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22. Physical Therapist Assistant

Median Pay: $57,240 per year

Job Growth Outlook: 19%

Job Description: Help patients regain movement and manage pain after an illness or injury

Requirements: On-the-job training


  • Set up equipment
  • Care for patients
  • Work with physical therapists to help patients make progress

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23. Marriage and Family Therapist

Median Pay: $56,570 per year

Job Growth Outlook: 15%

Job Description: Work with couples and families to resolve relationship challenges.

Requirements: Master’s degree


  • Provide counseling to patients
  • Help mediate conflict
  • Offer mental health support

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24. Interior Designer

Median Pay: $61,590 per year

Job Growth Outlook: 4%

Job Description: Work with individuals or businesses to plan, source, and arrange decor.

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree


  • Make indoor spaces functional and aesthetically pleasing
  • Consult with clients
  • Choose essential and decorative objects

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25. Career Counselor

Median Pay: $60,140 per year

Job Growth Outlook: 5%

Job Description: Help clients choose a career path.

Requirements: Master’s degree and licensure for career counselors and advisors in some states


  • Guide clients toward appropriate career paths
  • Interview prep
  • Review resumes and cover letters

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The Takeaway

There are many jobs for extroverts that pay well, from business roles to creative performers. Many jobs don’t offer traditional salary or hourly wages; instead, a large portion of income is made through commission or tips. Some of the jobs we list require college degrees or professional certifications, but many only require a high school diploma or on-the-job training.

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