26 everyday things you can ‘flip’ for a profit


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Flipping for cash is one of the easiest-to-start side hustles. Anyone can do it, and you can literally start right now; you will make money from day 1.

Perhaps you have some things to sell that are lying around your house, or you can go around your area and check for items you can buy and flip for extra cash.

You don’t need any certifications for this, plus on-the-job training is best in this case.

The basics are: you buy something, and you sell it at a higher price. That’s it.

Flipping has become more and more popular over the last couple of years. Basically, Gary Vee showed up and stole the show.

While many people currently know they can make extra money flipping items, they are not yet sure what the best and easiest items to flip for profit are. Once you know what you can flip for extra cash, you will be addicted, and there’s no way to stop you!

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What Are The Best Items To Flip For Cash?

When we are looking at the best items to flip for profit, there are a couple of categories that make you the big bucks. Here are they:

  • Rare items – items that are in a niche market make a great flip! The smaller the market, the fewer people know what things are worth. When people are looking for a specific item, they know what it’s worth, and they are willing to pay for it.
  • Items taking up lots of space – the bigger the item, the fewer people want to flip it. They don’t want to deal with the logistics. That makes people often want to get rid of large items at low prices. Big items aren’t the easiest to flip for profit, but people are willing to pay money for them once you have them.
  • Items that need repair – little people, are handy nowadays. They rather throw or give away something than repair it. If you’re a little handy and you can do minor repairs on appliances, you can flip those items for a profit later.

If you want to start up a business with little money, or even no money, here are the best 30 products to sell, recommended to you by many top flippers.

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1. Baseball Cards

One of the best things to buy and sell is baseball cards. If you follow Gary Vee, the guy from the video I showed you earlier, he is BIG on baseball cards. He started his business by buying and selling baseball cards. If you know what the cards are worth, you can make a huge profit.

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2. Books

Books are an easy way to start selling. It is very low barrier, and little knowledge is required. You can go to yard sales, thrift stores, and library sales to find books to resell.

If you find the first editions of books or put-together book sets, you can make a bigger profit. It’s not a requirement, simply a recommendation. For example, the Harry Potter series is an evergreen series that will always stay popular.

Do you want to start by buying books for free? Sign up for Rakuten & get a free $10 gift card simply by signing up. You can use that cash to buy a book – whether you want to keep it or resell it for extra cash is up to you.

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3. Furniture

Furniture is one of the best items to resell for profit. I have a friend who makes thousands and thousands of dollars reselling furniture as a great side hustle.

Many people want to get rid of their furniture as it is taking up a lot of space, meaning that you can pick up many items for free. That means there is a great way to make a decent profit from the start.

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4. Bicycles

Perhaps I’m biased because I live in a country where the average person has more than one bike standing in their garage. I have owned half a dozen bikes in my life. It’s effortless to sell a bike. Plus, I never sold my bikes with a loss.

Bikes can be great for buying and reselling. There are always many people searching for a decent bike, so if you find one, you can be sure to sell it for a good price.

Sometimes you need to do a little bit of cleaning or minor repairs to make sure you sell it for the maximum price.

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5. Video Games & Consoles

Old video games and consoles are a booming market. People want to keep playing the games they played in their childhood – it brings back good childhood memories. Games like Rollercoaster Tycoon, for example.

Video games aren’t just for kids. Many adults will spend their time playing video games, and they would LOVE to play video games from their childhood. That means video games are always in high demand!

Video games and video game consoles are easy to find on yard sales or thrift stores. Flip them and sell them for a much higher price to make a nice profit.

Do you want to start by buying video games for free? Sign up for Rakuten & get a free $10 gift card simply by signing up. Use that $10 to buy your video game.

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6. Vintage Electronics

Vintage electronics are getting more and more popular in the resell realm. People still want to use vintage electronics like Walkmans, cassette players, and VCRs.

There are still many people who want to get rid of them as well, so go to eBay or Facebook Marketplace and you may find some items & make a profit.

Before you sell it, make sure it works! 7. Power Tools

Power tools can be quite expensive to buy new, so many are looking into the second-hand market. Plus, people love to get the latest power tools, which is why they will get rid of their old ones.

This is where you come in. You get used power tools from the sellers, and you connect with the buyers. When you need a specific power tool to fix a couple of things in your home, many people find it okay to use something second-hand.

Here, again, it is important that you make sure it works before you sell it!

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7. Yard Equipment

Yard equipment is very easy to find for a low price. People want to get rid of it when they get a new version, move, or do not work optimally.

If you go for the tools that need some little repairs, you will make the biggest profit.

Plus, if you clean the tools before selling them, they look great & you can cash them out within no time!

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8. Rugs

Beautiful rugs are very popular nowadays. You can sell it to someone who wants to brighten their home, or you can sell it to collectors.

If you can find a special rug or a rug that is a couple of decades old, you can list it online and make a great profit off of that.

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9. Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture can be great to resell when you find something that still looks good. It’s something that many people will disregard when they’ve already used it.

That means it’s often easy to get outdoor furniture for a very low price or even for free. That means there could be big money here for ya!

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10. Watches

Watches are a whole different game. There are many collectors out there who collect mechanical watches or vintage watches. The older, the better, if they work, of course.

If you know a little about watches, this is a great way to make some money on the side. If you know how to do minor repairs, you’re golden.

Most of the time, all the watches need are a little polishing and perhaps a new battery. As with many flipping items, make sure they work before you buy (or sell) anything.

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11. Vintage Jerseys

Vintage jerseys are VERY profitable to flip. Do you have any old jerseys lying around that you don’t use anymore? You’re potentially sitting on a goldmine.

If you list the item online, you will attract buyers who are big fans of that sports team. That means they want to pay for it and you will make a very decent profit!

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12. Vintage Picture Frames

Did you know that many people are looking for vintage picture frames? Vintage is very up and coming for the last couple of years. Something that is good quality and looks beautiful can be worth a lot.

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13. Lego

Lego is a great item to flip for profit. There are many people who are looking for old lego sets in good condition. Plus, many people are getting rid of their lego when their kids grow up.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to match the buyers and sellers!

When you run into them, check if they are in good condition and the selling price is decent – go for it!

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14. Collectibles

People who are collecting something are often crazy about something and don’t mind paying a price for that. If you have something that has a very good fanbase or people who are very passionate about collecting the item, you find that you can easily sell them for a profit.

This includes antiques, post stamps, coins, you name it.

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15. Records & Record Players

While records and record players may be old-fashioned to some, they are invaluable and vintage to others. Recently records have become more and more popular.

You can find record players at yard sales, together with boxes full of records.

Because of the high demand and supply, this is one of the best things to buy and sell for profit.

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16. Photography Gear

When you have an eye for good lenses and cameras, this may be the thing to resell for you. Lenses can be used for many years if they are of high quality. Plus, some people actually like the old-school cameras where you need to put in a film roll.

People who have photography as a hobby are willing to spend money on it, so use that to your advantage and start reselling!

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17. Strollers & Baby Items

Strollers and baby items, in general, are great to resell. There are always people who want to sell the baby gear they don’t need anymore, and there are always people looking for baby gear.

Specifically, strollers are one of the best things to flip for profit. They often have a high upfront cost, and they are mostly in good condition.

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18. Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals or plush toys can bring in some great cash. Whether it’s for kids or for collectors, they are willing to pay for it.

Many people want to think back to the good old memories they had with their plush animals. The majority of the people had a favorite stuffed animal when growing up, probably gifted from someone they loved. They want to have that stuffed animal again and think back to the good old times.

Don’t underestimate this; people are paying big bucks for this!

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19. Vintage Swimwear

Vintage swimwear is HOT right now. Look for bathing suits, skirted suits, swim caps, and men’s trunks.

Before you buy them, check them and make sure that the seams aren’t sagging or the item is stained.

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20. Clothes & Shoes

Clothes and shoes are easy to flip for profit. HOWEVER, it really depends on the cloth brand and the condition.

You may be surprised how many clothes and shoes from expensive brands you can find at a yard sale. You probably have to dig through a lot of stuff that’s worth nothing, but if you keep looking, you will find what you’re looking for!

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21. Concert Tees

Concert tees can be one of the easiest things to flip for profit. The bigger the fan base of the band is, the bigger your profit. Plus, if you find vintage concert tees of bands that aren’t around anymore, you will make a much bigger profit.

Even if your vintage concert tee has some stains of little holes in it, they will still sell most of the time simply because people can’t get the item anymore.

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22. Vintage Cabinet Knobs

Vintage is liked by money nowadays, and DIY is even more popular. If you can find some beautiful vintage cabinet knobs, you can bring in an awesome profit. Many are looking for that kind of vintage things to upgrade their house.

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23. Snow Gear

When you want to go for a skiing or snowboarding trip, the outfit is very expensive. That means there is a great resale market for snow gear.

Check out snow bibs, snow pants, snow jacks, or snow overalls. Branded items may have a higher resale value.

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24. (Sports) Hats

Hats are items that are often found at garage sales or thrift stores. If they are profitable highly depends on the ones you find.

Be on the lookout for popular band hats, sports team hats, wool hats, or trapper hats.

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25. Websites

Website flipping is a huge opportunity to make money online – who knew filliping websites would be one of the best items to flip for profit?

You can easily buy websites from Flippa and resell them again. While it is a huge opportunity, I wouldn’t say it’s easy. Website flipping is most suitable for people who have experience with websites themselves or are in the websites flipping business.

Curious what your website might be worth today? Check it below with Flippa’s Valuation Bot!

You could also decide to get some experience first by starting a blog.

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26. Services

The ultimate hack is flipping services – this is something amazing. You get a client’s project, hire a freelancer from Upwork or Fiverr, and do the work for you.

The thing is that your rate is higher than the person who does the job for you, giving you a margin on that. Do this only when you know what you’re doing in terms of the service you’re flipping.

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How To Make Money Flipping

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Where To Find Things To Flip For Profit

There are a couple of great places where you can find the best items to flip for profit. Here is a shortlist:

  1. Thrift stores – thrift stores can be a great place to check. Some things for sale are very much below market price, and you could flip for profit.
  2. Yard sales – when people host yard sales, they simply want to get rid of their stuff. Use this to an advantage and negotiate the price down for anything that is interesting for you.
  3. Flea markets – flea markets are a place to buy things cheaper than cheap. Just check the conditions of the things you’re buying!
  4. eBay, you can find great things for sale on eBay, you may have to look a little closer, but you can find them!
  5. Facebook Marketplace – a huge online marketplace where you can find the things you’re looking for. It is a great platform if you are looking to sell items locally. Create a detailed listing for items that you want to sell quickly.

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Where To Resell Things To Flip For Profit

If you want to flip things for profit, there are a dozen of platforms out there. Here are the best ways to flip a product for profit:

  • eBay – eBay is a very good place to start. There is free traffic, great prices, and it is a reliable platform. They do charge a fee, depending on what kind of product it is – see details here.
  • Facebook Marketplace – the Facebook Marketplace is an easy way to check out listings in your area or list your items. Millions of people are using the platform, and it’s very convenient.
  • Facebook Groups – besides Facebook Marketplace, local Facebook Groups can be a great place to list your items as well. You can sell your product to the locals, don’t need to deal with shipping, and communication is easy.
  • Etsy – with Etsy, you can list your vintage products. They charge $0.15 per listing, and they have millions of clients from all around the world, so no need to market your product.
  • Amazon – Amazon is the place to go if you want to sell, especially books. They drive some great traffic to your product, which will make it sell quickly.
  • Any local website – there are many local selling websites all around the world. In the Netherlands, we have Marktplaats, which means marketplace. Many people buy & sell their products there.

Choose any platform you like to flip items online!

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How To Start Flipping Items

Now you know buying and selling can be a great way to make some extra money. You know what items you can sell, and you know where you can sell them.

Here are a couple of steps to get started:

  • Sell things that you have lying around your house – this will have zero upfront cost.
  • Reinvest any money that you make – use the money from your profit to buy new items.
  • Flip what you know – from this list of best things to flip for profit, take the items that you are a little familiar with, and learn more about them. Check comparable prices and know a good deal when you see one.

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Best Items To Flip For Profit – Additional Tips

The basics of flipping are very important. If you stick to them, you will have no issues flipping things for a profit.

Here are my additional tips:

  • Get the items you want to flip for extremely cheap or for free.
  • If there is something you want to flip for a higher price, make sure you know what to sell it for.
  • If you pay too much for an item, you will have less profit.
  • Only buy what you can afford – don’t invest all your money in one single product, which means you can’t do anything until that product is sold.
  • Know what questions to ask the buyer, no surprises for you!
  • If you find one item that you know something about and is easy to flip, try to focus on that.
  • Prepare your item for sale – here are 5 small things you can do to sell your items faster.

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Do I Need Money To Get Started?

Simply put: no. You can pick up items for free or start selling items from your own home. If you decide to invest some money, the process of flipping for profit will go a whole lot faster. You need little money to get started, but $50 can already help you out a lot.

It’s simply a pain if you need to wait until your items sell, so you can use that money to buy new things. It’s not an issue, but it will simply take a little bit longer to build things up.

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How Much Money Can I Make From Flipping?

For the flipping business, you get out what you put in. When you’re looking to make a little bit of extra cash, you can flip small. When you want to make a full-time income flipping, you can go BIG. The sky is the limit; people are earning $100,000+ with flipping items in profit.

You can take the hustle as seriously as you want it to be. Making a couple of hundred dollars per month could be your first goal; if you want to build in that, a couple of thousand may be your next.

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How Can I Make This My Full-Time Income?

If you want to make a couple of thousand dollars per month, your best bet is to sell items that sell for a high price. When you’re making a $5 profit per item, making $3000 per month can be tough. When you make around $500 profit per item, $3000 profit per month doesn’t seem so far away.

Focusing on higher-priced items is the best and fastest way to make flipping your full-time income. You need to get familiar with the items you’re buying and selling, plus you need to be able to finance the upfront investment to buy these items.

After that, the sky is the limit!

Flipping things for profit is a great way to earn some extra income. It’s easy, anyone can do it, doesn’t require much upfront investment, and your income potential is high.

It doesn’t mean you don’t need to put in the work, or this is a get-rich-quick scheme. Knowledge and passion about the product you’re selling can go a long way.

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