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You know when you’re an extrovert. So does your employer. If your vibrant personality doesn’t feel like a good fit with your current job, you may want to join the 26% of workers who report that they want to leave.

We’ve rounded up dozens of fulfilling jobs that pay well and welcome extroverts. Because sometimes, the grass looks greener elsewhere because it really is.

Extroverts are known for their outgoing personalities that are energized by interactions with other people. They often enjoy the spotlight and seek attention. Employees with this type of personality thrive in roles that would be pure misery for antisocial people.

If this sounds familiar, pat yourself on the back: Being an extrovert often gives candidates a leg up in job hunting. Research shows extroverts are 25% more likely to land top jobs than their introverted peers. And remember, it’s never “too late” to make a job transition.

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Common Characteristics of Good Extrovert Jobs

The right job can make you feel more fulfilled in and out of the office. Extroverts are wise to look for jobs that offer:

•   Interaction with people

•   Frequent opportunities for communicating or persuading

•   Room for risk-taking

•   Opportunities to work with a larger team

•   Public recognition for good performance

•   Outlets to express positive energy

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Here are some ideas of where you can start looking for fulfilling jobs that pay well. Our criteria in highlighting these jobs were frequent interaction with people, opportunity to manage teams, recognition for good performance, and outlets to express positive energy. And high pay doesn’t hurt.

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1. Registered Nurse

Average salary: $92,871

Primary duties: Provide patient care and education. Patients and loved ones really appreciate an extrovert’s positive energy and communication skills.

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2. Nurse Practitioner

Average salary: $118,040

Primary duties: Diagnoses and treats illnesses in patients. Like doctors, NPs may order prescriptions and procedures to improve the health of a patient.

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3. Physical Therapist

Average salary: $84,755

Primary duties: Helps injured people with pain, mobility, fitness, and overall function. Extroverts may enjoy demonstrating exercises and seeing progress in patients.

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4. Physician Assistant

Average salary: $121,530

Primary duties: Practices medicine under the supervision of a licensed doctor. May prescribe medication or diagnostic tests.

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5. Surgical Technician

Average salary: $108,807

Primary duties: Assists with surgeries, prepares the operating room, and organizes equipment. Best for an individual who can calmly assist under pressure.

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6. Dentist

Average salary: $208,809

Primary duties: Provide preventative dental and surgical care for oral diseases and tooth decay. Sees many patients every day. Great dentists combine precision technique with the ability to reassure nervous patients. Here’s one job where paying off student loans shouldn’t be a problem.

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7. Dental Hygienist

Average salary: $90,523

Primary duties: Under the supervision of a dentist, cleans teeth and helps with preventative oral care and education for patients. As with dentists, a positive, reassuring attitude is key.

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8. Medical and Health Services Manager

Average salary: $101,340

Primary duties: Directs medical and health services, including hiring staff, creating work schedules, working with finance managers, and developing goals for a department or organization. Managers need strong egos to take charge and get employees to fall in line. (You might also be interested in Is $100,000 a Good Salary?)

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9. Sales Representative

Average salary: $70,935

Primary duties: Sells products and services for businesses. High-energy, extroverted individuals often do well getting people to buy whatever they’re selling. Sales reps who work on commission can earn big bucks.

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10. Marketing Manager

Average salary: $133,380

Primary duties: Develops a client base for a business, works on the brand image, oversees creation of marketing materials, and performs market research. Manages teams that implement the vision of the company. Positions range from staff jobs on salary vs. hourly pay for freelancers.

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11. Industrial Engineer

Average salary: $95,300

Primary duties: Designs systems that integrate people, resources, equipment, and processes for building products or providing services. Engineers tend to be the center of attention while building systems for an organization.

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12. Financial Manager

Average salary: $131,710

Primary duties: Responsible for the financial activities of an organization, including financial reporting, investments, and decisions that drive profitability. Managers oversee teams of people and the financial direction of an organization. (The next best thing to a personal financial manager? This spending app.)

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13. Human Resources Manager

Average salary: $77,743

Primary duties: Responsible for the management of an organization’s talent recruitment, training, retention, compensation, benefits, and adherence to state and federal employment law. (These folks help determine entry level salaries.) Dynamic personalities in HR help companies attract high-performing employees to an organization.

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14. Chief Executive Officer

Average salary: $131,398

Primary duties: Coordinates, directs, and manages the business activities of a company. Responsible for large groups of people and programs. CEO is typically not a job for introverts, though there are high-profile exceptions to that rule.

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15. Real Estate Agent

Average salary: $93,714

Primary duties: Assists with the buying and selling of real estate. Advises clients throughout the process, on pricing, marketing, contracts, financing, and negotiation. Charismatic agents can make very competitive pay.

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16. Police Officer

Average salary: $56,205

Primary duties: Protects life and property, keeps the peace, interacts with the public, investigates crimes, and files reports. While the starting salary isn’t huge, extras like holiday pay, night-shift differentials, and overtime can push salaries over $100,000. Some departments are even offering signing bonuses.

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17. Talent Manager / Agent

Average salary: $116,410

Primary duties: Manages the business interests of artists, performers, and athletes. Works in booking, contract negotiation, and money management. Superior communication and negotiation skills required.

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18. Producers and Directors

Average salary: $79,000

Primary duties: Direct the business and creative endeavors of visual productions for television, stage, and film. This is show business, baby!

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19. Construction Manager

Average salary: $98,890

Primary duties: Directs construction projects, including timelines, scheduling subcontractors, managing budgets, responding to delays, finding resources, developing relationships, and ensuring work complies with legal requirements.

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20. Architect

Average salary: $90,002

Primary duties: Combines structural requirements and client preferences to design beautiful and functional buildings and interior spaces. Works in a team with many other professionals. Bringing a vision to life can be incredibly rewarding for architects.

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21. Mechanical Engineer

Average salary: $95,300

Primary duties: Addresses problems through the creation of mechanical and thermal devices. Works in teams to research, design, manufacture, and test tools, machines, and engines.

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22. Public Relations Professional

Average salary: $62,800

Primary duties: Create and maintain a positive public image for clients through traditional media networks and social media platforms. Great communicators will perform above expectations in this job.

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23. Social Media Specialist

Average salary: $56,770

Primary duties: Learn social platforms and engage followers. Build a brand’s reputation through images and text shared with the public. It’s one of those jobs that doesn’t require a college education. It can also be a fulfilling part time job.

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24. Sales Manager

Average salary: $142,390

Primary duties: Direct sales activities for an organization. Develops new markets, trains sales representatives, coordinates distribution of a product or services, and creates goals for the department. Pursuing shared goals and collaborating with many people make this a great job for an extrovert.

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25. Sales Engineer

Average salary: $103,710

Primary duties: Sells technical, complex, or scientific products or services to businesses. Persuasive individuals with a technical background are best suited for these roles. Also called software sales or technology sales.

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26. Computer Systems Analyst

Average salary: $99,270

Primary duties: Also called systems architects, analysts design computer systems for organizations to help them operate more efficiently.

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27. Pilot

Average salary: $134,630

Primary duties: Responsible for the safe operation of aircraft. Files flight plans, communicates with air traffic controllers and monitors weather conditions. May operate helicopters or planes as commercial or private pilots. High-achieving, extroverted personalities can do well. You may also want to read our tips on paying for flight school.

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The Takeaway

Extroverts can do any job they set their mind to, but the most fulfilling jobs for extroverts are the ones where their work can be seen and appreciated by others. Extroverts gravitate toward careers that demand high performance, often under pressure: medicine, sales, finance, even the C-suite.


What job is best for extroverts?

While there’s no one job that is best for everyone, extroverts tend to find jobs that harness their drive to perform and their superior people skills most fulfilling.

Do extroverts make more money than introverts?

Extroverts often make more money than their introverted peers. One study reported extroverts earned $12,000 more per year than their introverts.

Can part-time jobs be fulfilling?

Part-time jobs can be fulfilling. They may also allow you extra time to yourself. To find a fulfilling part-time job, search websites where this is a primary feature, such as Indeed.com.

Do fulfilling jobs ever pay well?

Fulfilling jobs can pay well. If you don’t want to sacrifice your financial well-being to enjoy a rewarding occupation, pay attention to salary reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. They can reveal where high-paying jobs and industries are.

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