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Is your teen asking you for extra cash for new clothes, shoes, or a new phone? Whether you’re a teenager looking for a job or a parent looking for ways their teen can make money and learn essential life skills, we’ve got some great ways for teens to use their talents and skills to earn money.

Below, we’ve put together a list of ways your teen can make money both online and offline. For offline work, they will need reliable transportation, whether it is public transportation, a bike, a car, or a ride from an adult. Safety and responsibility are key elements here. Next, set a reasonable hourly rate or price for their services. Help them decide up front what they will and won’t do, and make sure the terms are clear before they begin their gig.

Before you get started, review the labor laws in your state, as well as special laws for minors. If you’re looking for online jobs for teens, beware of scams and stay involved throughout the process. Despite how safe or easy it looks, stay involved with your teen’s work to ensure a pleasant experience for all. For online gigs, get a PayPal account on behalf of your teen.

1. Help others with chores

It’s no secret that people of all ages dread doing chores. Why not have your teen do some extra chores and make some money? Start with your neighborhood. Tell friends and family to spread the word, and post it on social media as well.

2. Dog walking

Dogs need to be walked, and people don’t always have time to walk their dogs as often as they would like. Your teen can get exercise, keep the dogs happy, and get paid. Your teen could make decent money walking dogs each week.

3. Babysitting

If your teen is responsible and old enough to babysit, this might be a useful gig. Start with asking family members if your teen can babysit younger nephews and nieces. It is a huge responsibility, and your teen should understand what to do in the event of an emergency, and be sure to follow the parents’ directions. Your teen can offer to babysit on nights and weekends, or during the summer.

4. Lawn mowing & yard maintenance

Your teen could offer to water the grass and tend to flowers and plants once or twice a week for some extra cash. Neighbors could also use help with their lawn care and landscaping. Your teen should know how to operate a basic lawnmower. For less intense activities, your teen could rake and bag leaves in the fall or shovel snow in the winter if you live in a colder climate.

5. Tutoring

If your teen is doing well in subjects like algebra, calculus, and chemistry, there are probably classmates that could use some help for a set fee. There might also be students at other schools who need tutoring. Just check your local organizations, church, family, or parent groups and pitch the idea to people that have children that need help in school.

6. Organize homes & garages

If you have friends or neighbors that complain about clutter and lack of organization, your teen could go through their home, garage, or office and get everything organized in no time at all. Estimate the hours and set an hourly rate or a flat fee, and your teen can get to work.

7. Fast food jobs

Many reputable fast food chains and local fast food restaurants hire teenagers and offer an hourly wage, free food, and a true learning experience.

8. Restaurant jobs

Many sit-down restaurants employ teens as hosts, greeters, cashiers, and busboys. Check your favorite restaurants for availability, and be sure to check online as well.

9. Grocery store jobs

Grocery stores also have many different jobs available for teens, such as positions for baggers, stockers, or cashiers.

10. Lifeguard positions

Teens who are good swimmers are perfect candidates for lifeguard positions. Just make sure they are ready to go through Red Cross and certification requirements.

11. Housesitting

If you know of neighbors, family members, or friends that will be out of town, your teen can be a house sitter to watch over their home while on vacation. They might want your teen to be there for a few hours each day or stay there while they are gone. Just be clear about expectations and instructions before setting the price.

12. Wash cars, boats & RVs

Teens can start by asking family or friends if they can wash their cars for a fee. If you have neighbors who own recreational vehicles such as boats and RVs, your teen can earn even more for washing and cleaning them. Offer a reasonable rate that gives your teen a good hourly wage.

13. Minor painting and repairs

Your teen can make extra cash by painting and recoating wooden fences. Your teen can also make extra money by doing minor repairs around the house for neighbors and family members.

14. Clean houses

Traditional cleaning services add up quickly, and many people would gladly hire teenagers to do the job for a reasonable price. Be sure to outline what is included in the gig and what supplies will be provided, and set a price accordingly.

15. Deliver the local newspaper

Contact local papers to see if they hire teens for paper delivery routes. You can also check your local newspaper’s online employment listings.

16. Garage sales & Facebook local yard sales

Put your teen in charge of yard sales to help get rid of used household items, books, DVDs, and clothing. Also, list the yard sales on Facebook for local sales. With yard sales, stay nearby to supervise payment and watch over the cash box. With Facebook local yard sales, accompany your teen and avoid having them meet with people alone.

17. Sell beverages & baked goods

There are a number of places where your teen could sell drinks and snacks to local residents, such as busy street corners, bake sales, or garage sales. These types of businesses are especially successful in the summer or during busy event times. When we go to the local state fairgrounds, there are several vendors on the sidewalk selling bottled water and other packaged snacks. Be sure to get familiar with your state’s ordinances and laws about food sales first. Also, beware of situations in which your teen might need a permit or license.

18. Sell art & other creations

If your teen is crafty or creates printables or designs, they can sell their creations on Etsy, Redbubble, or Cafepress. These companies often print designs on items such as t-shirts, tote bags, and iPad covers.

19. Pet sitting

Your teen can care for pets while your neighbors and friends are at work or on vacation. Dogs require regular care, while other pets might require a few check-ins throughout the day. Decide on prices and types of pets by determining how much time your teen will spend caring for them.

20. Run errands

Busy people could use help with running errands, whether those errands are grocery shopping, picking up dry cleaning, or mailing packages. Figure out what services your teen will offer and set a reasonable price or hourly rate.

21. Movie theater jobs

Movie theaters regularly hire teens as ticket takers, ticket sellers, cashiers, and maintenance workers. Check local theaters and job listings to see if they are hiring.

22. Work at a recreation center or local YMCA

Your teen can get a job at a recreation center setting up tables and working in the office. Check out opportunities at your local YMCA for flexible hours or summer jobs.

23. Retail & seasonal jobs

Teens can spend their free time at retail stores working at cash registers and organizing clothing and merchandise. Retail work can be full-time, part-time, or seasonal.

24. Work as a golf caddy

Public and private golf clubs as well as country clubs hire teens as golf caddies for guests that play golf.

25. Work for U-Haul or help others move

U-Haul hires workers as young as 16 in some states. Most job descriptions require applicants to be at least 18 years old. Remote jobs might also be available, depending on where you live. If your teen has access to a truck, they can also help friends and family move to a new location.

26. Survey focus groups

If your teen qualifies, they can be selected for focus groups and be paid for their opinions. Most focus groups are held at a private location with a panel of qualified participants. At the end of the session, which usually lasts a couple of hours, participants get paid up to $100 for their time.

27. Direct sales

When you think of direct sales, Avon might come to mind. Most of these options are great for female teenagers. There is an upfront investment for a starter kit, but there is potential to grow the business with commission sales.

Avon is great for teens 13 and up. Skincare companies such as Origami Owlettes and Nuskin also permit preteens to sell their products. Nail product companies such as Gel Moment and Perfectly Posh are great for teens to sell to their friends that love a good manicure.

28. Recycling cans & bottles

Your teen can take discarded soda cans and glass bottles to the local recycling center to get paid for cans and bottles.

29. Declutter household items & sell them on Amazon or eBay

Your teen can gather items from family and friends and sell them on Amazon and eBay for quick cash.

30. Social media & newsletter for family and friends

You probably have some entrepreneurs in your family, so why not have your teen help them with their businesses while make some extra cash? Teenagers can be great at writing newsletters, creating graphics, and writing engaging emails for your business.

31. Web & graphic design

Good graphics are an essential for business owners, but they are also equally important for social events. Teens can advertise their services to parent groups. Also visit local businesses and see if they are in need of flyers, updated logos, pamphlets, or other graphics. Teens can whip up a professional looking website in a matter of hours at a reasonable cost.

32. Photoshop & photo editing

Aside from web design, teens who are experienced with Photoshop or PicMonkey can create high quality photos for business or personal use. Whether it’s touching up wedding photos for a family member or creating cool graphics for a business, teens can make serious money with their Photoshop skills.

33. Digital file & audio file conversion/editing

With webinars, podcasts, and other digital media soaring in popularity, skills in editing audio and video content are in demand. Most editing software is low cost or included with your computer if you have an iMac.

34. Start a blog

Blogging can be lucrative for teenagers who can make a small investment in web hosting and a paid theme. In the long run, some teens make hundreds, if not thousands per month from blogging.

35. Perform online research

Small and large companies alike spend thousands of dollars researching their competitors and market conditions. Your teen could create reports and spreadsheets, and find contacts based on clear instructions. Just be clear about the scope of the task and the information needed.

36. Take online surveys

Teens can easily make money by completing surveys from the comfort of their couch. Swagbucks can help teens make money to pay for necessities. Inbox Dollars will pay people to watch videos, play games, and take surveys. Other websites such as American Consumer Opinion, Opinion Outpost, Survey Club and Pinecone Research lets people earn anywhere from $3 to $50 per survey. Sites like Slice The Pie let teens review music and earn money.

37. Create a gig on Fiverr

Tell your teen to make a list of their talents, then go to Fiverr and see which gigs are performing well, and let them create a gig. Be sure to have a valid PayPal account, and make sure your teen finishes the work within the deadline. Ask for positive reviews and feedback to build their gig and profile page so that they can offer extras and climb the ranks of top sellers.

38. Social media manager & ad campaigns

With the popularity of Facebook, Instagram, and other social media, people will hire teens to manage their social media accounts and web content. Search for these jobs online, and reach out to your entrepreneur friends to see if they could use extra help. Teens can also run ad campaigns like Google Ads for businesses and social media ad campaigns via Instagram Ads and Facebook Ads.

39. Create YouTube videos

A lot of teens are making a shocking amount of money by making YouTube videos. The key is for your teen to create content they enjoy creating, learn about monetizing the channel, and be consistent.

The bottom line: Be safe and make money

These ideas should give you and your teen a good starting point for them to make money. Be sure that your teen is responsible and does high-quality work. These skills will help them become successful adults. Aside from that, keep your teen safe by staying involved in the process and being accessible in the event of an emergency.

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