5 best smart devices for your dog


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Taking care of a dog can be difficult — dog owners must remember not only to feed their furry friend, but walk, play with and protect them, too. These six smart gadgets can make being a pet parent easier.

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1. Wuf Smart Dog Collar

The Wüf Smart Dog Collar features GPS tracking, virtual fences and training resources. It can even tell you how much exercise your dog is getting every day. You’ll also never lose track of your pooch as long as it’s wearing this device. 

The Wüf can be pre-ordered for $165 and will cost $200 once it hits shelves. The company is enclosing a micro USB charger with every pre-order.

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2. Petcube Bites

The Petcube Bites combines a monitoring device with a treat dispenser. Its treat “flinger” contains up to two pounds of snacks and can throw them up to six feet away. 

The Petcube Bites‘ camera streams HD video and sports a wide-angle lens. The device also features two-way audio so that you can interact with your dog remotely. The Petcube Bites costs $249, though dog owners can opt for a cheaper, dispenser-free version of the gadget.

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3. PetSafe SmartDoor

The SmartDoor ensures that your pet is the only animal that can access your house. The device consists of an electronic dog door and a collar-mounted sensor — the door only unlocks when your pet is close enough to use it. The SmartDoor costs $95 and can sync with up to five sensors.

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4. Petnet SmartFeeder

The $149 Petnet SmartFeeder lets you control your dog’s meals from your smartphone. It can analyze your pet’s physical activity and dispense the appropriate amount of food. This automatic feeder stores up to seven pounds of food and is compatible with both Nest cameras and Amazon Alexa.

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5. GoPro Fetch

This $40 dog harness allows you to record everything that your pooch sees, though an actual camera is not included. You can use a GoPro camera to stream or upload footage, which can be handy if you’re curious about what mischief your dog gets into.

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