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While the promise of what’s to come in 2023 can’t be certain, one thing is for sure: there’s bound to be a color or two that reigns supreme throughout the year.

It’s equally safe to assume that said colors will dominate many palettes throughout the year, from fashion to interior design. That’s great news for anyone who relies on color as a form of self-expression — it can do so much to liven up a closet or a home but can be equally powerful in transforming the tone and energy of a certain space. Something as simple as a colorful area rug or a tablecloth can do so much to help you see your living space through a new lens.

If one of your goals for the new year is to incorporate more color in different ways, you can be sure that the year’s biggest and brightest shades will play dominant roles in some way or another. Many major paint producers release their own annual color of the year, which naturally paves the way for a slew of similar hues that tend to enjoy popularity for the remainder. Here are some colorful ideas to keep in mind.

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1. Juicy Orange

Talk about a pick that’s out of left field. During this time of year, you might be more focused on shades like red and green. But amid the festive colors emerges a hint of citrus on the horizon. A form of juicy orange promises to enjoy plenty of the spotlight in the coming year, largely because it’s so vibrant, uplifting, and playful all at once.

Optimistic colors like this make a great addition to the home, particularly in darker rooms where a splash of interesting detail can make all the difference. Even centering The Firecracker on a cocktail table in an otherwise monochromatic living area can be dramatically effective in livening up the space and lending it a breezy quality to balance its inherent restraint.

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2, Soft “Beige”

In the lead-up to 2023, you can expect a good combination of reserved and raucous colors to vie for the spotlight. The good news is that there’s room at the table for both types of colors, including one of the more interesting takes on neutral that’s emerged in quite some time: soft blush with a hint of beige, or “bleige.” Think of it as a pink-tinged sand, a creamy-meets-golden color that’s at once calming and elegant.

This type of color may serve as an apt choice for your walls if you’re thinking of moving away from traditional white but don’t necessarily want to veer into typical beige and ivory territories, either.

What’s nice about bleige is that it offers the best of both worlds, introducing a touch of color to your space without overwhelming the room. It feels neutral yet has a spark of something more detailed beneath the surface. With its dainty blush roses, The Manor exudes the same elevated charm — and looks right at home in any bleige-toned room.

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3. Rich Teal

On the opposite end of the spectrum is deep teal, a rich and vivid jewel tone that offers a touch of sophistication and drama. It’s perfect to paint an accent wall if you want one focal point to balance an otherwise lighter color scheme. It’s also a dynamic color that will pop when used sparingly in larger spaces. For example, you could implement a teal-toned area rug in a living room filled with notes of champagne, gold, or white. The contrast is strong but more refined than edgy.

The jewel-toned color also makes a fantastic addition to your home from a decorative perspective. With pops of purplish teal peeking out from Double The Cyan, the arrangement nods to the wonders of Mother Nature while simultaneously providing a preview of one of the year’s most eye-catching colors. In this setting, it’s more subtle in its approach — but because the color is so rich, it will steal attention no matter where it’s placed.

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4. Deep Raspberry

One of the biggest paint producers in the world has anointed a charming shade of raspberry its 2023 color of the year. It’s fresh and juicy, as expected, but also has a warmer element to it that makes it even more approachable and easy to incorporate into the home. If you happen to love colors that dazzle, you will undoubtedly be pleased by the way deep raspberry picks up the pace in your home and introduces some elevated energy to your space.

You can use it in many different ways, which is a big part of its appeal. Sure, you could paint an entire room that color, but you could also take a more minimalist step and limit the new color to just the trim or the ceiling for a different look. Raspberry throw pillows tossed on a neutral ivory or grey couch can also have a bold impact on your room. Have a look at The Midnight, rich in wonderfully eye-catching lilies that brim with personality and bring their tasteful silhouette to any area in the home. This bouquet can brighten up anything from an entryway to a bedroom.

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5. Earthy White

Nearly every year, some variation of white takes its place among its more colorful counterparts. In 2023, you’ll find that it’s not quite a crisp, brisk white, nor is it a creamy ivory — it’s a shade somewhere in the middle, embracing a certain earthy quality that lends it its inherent versatility. What’s lovely about such a restrained variation of the popular neutral is that you can incorporate it in virtually every room in the home.

Use it to bring contrast to a space that’s primarily darker in tone, like an all-black or all-blue room. This color is cozier, like what you’d spot in a farmhouse kitchen, and it has the capability of bringing a bit of down-to-earth charm to any room. The Pearl offers a hint of the color’s appeal in flower form, introducing a relaxed hue and interesting texture to anything from the side table in your bedroom to the desk in your home office.

There’s a lot to love about the colors that make their way to the head of the class every year, and because they’re so versatile that it’s easy to find hues that connect with you on a deeper level. Whether you favor something neutral, something bright, or something in the middle, you’re sure to find a hue that gives your home the style upgrade of your dreams in 2023.


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