5 ways to jazz up your winter indoor workout

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Working out outside becomes less enjoyable when the temperature drops and daylight hours shorten. That doesn’t give you the excuse, however, to skip a chance to get your heart racing. Here are five ways to help you stay fit even when cold weather tries to knock you off of your game.

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1. Apple Watch Series 4

Apple’s latest wearable starts at $399 and is a fitness dream. The Apple Watch Series 4 includes several features that make it a solid workout tool.

You can use the watch to challenge friends to fitness competitions or to remind you to log each workout when you start. This feature is key for anyone who is trying to stay in shape, and is a great way to keep track of your fitness level. One of the apps even features new yoga routines.

The watch still contains standard tools that measure your daily activity, exercise time and other metrics. Apple says that the watch will be able to take an EKG by the end of 2018.

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2. Nokia Body+

The $99.95 Nokia Body+ can help you keep your body strong and not dread getting on the scale during the winter months.

The device can connect to a Health Mate app and can also sync to Apple’s Health app. You can receive customized readings based on your weight, height, age and gender. The device can also divulge your fat mass, body water, BMI and other important measurements.

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3. Vi Sense

The $149 Vi Sense is a wireless set of earphones with a personal trainer crammed inside. The wearable sounds pretty good and can be used for both outdoor and indoor fitness routines.

You can link Android and iOS devices to Vi, as well as apps like Spotify Premium, Apple Health Kit, Strava and Google Fit. You can also use the device to listen to music stored on your phone.

Vi’s chief allure is its built-in trainer function. The device’s artificial intelligence tracks your workouts and can push you to gun for that final set of reps. It will tell you when you’re hitting your fat-burning zone and can even play rhythms to keep your workout on track. The device can also be used to make phone calls.

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4. Liftium

You can’t log weightlifting in an Apple Watch, and it can be difficult to do with a pen and paper. Liftium lets you record all of those details and create your own workout routines for just $2.99. You can track workouts, sync to an iPhone and send data to HealthKit.

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5. Hyfit Gear

Hyfit is a set of resistance bands that function like a mobile gym. The setup includes a wrist tracker that can read your reps, keep track of the resistance you’ve set on the bands and monitor your heart rate, among other functions.

Users can set the resistance bands at a weight anywhere from 22 to 44 pounds. Additionally, the wrist tracker includes wireless charging and eight hours of battery life. The device’s companion app even features workout videos. Hyfit can currently be pre-ordered for $119 instead of the eventual store price of $199.

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