50+ Fresh Spring Recipes for a Light & Bright Packed Season of Eating


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Light, bright and packed with peak seasonal ingredients, these Spring recipes taste fresh and are delicious! From asparagus to rhubarb, read on for a rainbow of recipes that’ll take you from breakfast to dessert this Spring season.

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The Season of FRESH!

Spring is the ultimate season for fresh produce. Bright and refreshing, these veggie-forward dishes will make you feel light after those heavy winter meals. In-season herbs, greens, vegetables, and fruits all take center stage in this roundup of 53 delicious spring recipes. Here, you’ll find everything from spring appetizers to fresh and exciting spring dinner ideas. Don’t miss out on all that warmer weather has to offer with these mouthwatering easy spring recipes!

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What are Spring Recipes?

  • Seasonal produce: Spring recipes typically focus on using fresh, seasonal ingredients like greens, asparagus, peas, lemons, strawberries, and other springtime favorites. It’s a great time to enjoy cold and crunchy salads as a meal rather than as a side.
  • Lighter meats: Consider switching out heartier meats for lighter fare like chicken, seafood, and vegetarian recipes. And be sure to include tacos and power bowls in your regular meal rotation as they can often be quicker to make than other meals.
  • Grilling recipes: Dust off your grill and get that flame going again. The great thing about grilling season is that you can cook your entire meal outdoors – everything from proteins to vegetables and fruits can be cooked outdoors.
  • Little or no-heat: If you prefer to minimize heat, you’ll love my one-pan dishes or the fuss-free air fryer recipes. And if spring is hotter than usual this year, you will love these no-cook recipes that feature everything from overnight oats to hearty salads and refreshing cottage cheese ice cream bars. You don’t need heat at all in order to make nutritious food.

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Tips for Making Spring Recipes

  1. Go big and go green! Spring is the perfect time to incorporate as many greens into your meals as possible. Leafy greens like cabbage and spinach are in peak season, and fresh herbs are much easier to find – or even grow on your own. To make life easier, once you’ve bought your greens, wash, cut, and store them so that they can be eaten at any time. 
  2. Shop local if possible. Spring is an ideal time to shop at your local farmers market or plan to visit farms in your area. The benefits are endless. The ingredients are delicious and you get to know exactly where your food is coming from.
  3. Know your asparagus. For maximum juicy, grassy flavor, look for firm stalks that stand up straight, have smooth skin and tight heads. Asparagus benefits from little to no cooking so be sure to brush up on how to cook asparagus so you avoid a mushy texture. Cut asparagus raw into thin slices and pile on crostini or thinly shave for a fresh salad.
  4. Store rhubarb properly for best results. Rhubarb is a classic spring ingredient. As many know, rhubarb leaves are toxic. Store, trim, and discard any leaves or roots and wrap them loosely in a plastic bag before storing them in the fridge. Rhubarb also stores exceptionally well in the freezer, so you can chop it up and save it for a little taste of spring in mid-winter. Wait to wash rhubarb until you’re ready to use it.
  5. Generously garnish with fresh herbs. One of the easiest ways to make any dish pop with flavor is to top it with fresh herbs like parsley, basil, or green onions. You can take it up a notch and really give it great flavor with fresh lemon zest.

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Best Spring Recipes

Whether you’re looking for an easy menu to entertain your friends this weekend or in need of a light and fresh recipe for your family – you’ve come to the right place. This collection of the best spring recipes has something for everyone. Starting with vibrant spring appetizers and ending with spring desserts that will leave you wanting more, these recipes showcase the best of the season’s produce, flavors, and cooking techniques.

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Fresh Spring Appetizers

  • Smoked Salmon Platter – This appetizer is a classic for a reason. The presentation is stunning and all the refreshing accompaniments are delicious. If you’re looking for crowd-pleasing spring appetizers – this one is a winner!
  • Mezze Platter – Colorful and full of flavor, this Mediterranean-inspired spread offers a wide range of healthy and delicious options that can be customized to suit your preferences.
  • Spanakopita Triangles – These Greek appetizers are bursting with flavor. This is one of those classic spring appetizers that will surely impress your guests. A seasoned spinach and feta cheese filling tucked into phyllo pastry that is oh-so-good!
  • Whipped Cottage Cheese with Veggies – Let those vibrant seasonal veggies shine next to a bowl of light and refreshing dip like this whipped cottage cheese. It’s easy to make, infused with aromatic herbs and garlic, and oh-so-creamy!
  • Deviled Eggs – When it comes to traditional spring appetizers, deviled eggs are at the top of the list. They’re a delicious appetizer that’s perfect for any occasion!
  • Butter Board – Fresh berries, honey, and nuts top softened butter for a unique, tasty, and one of the best easy spring recipes you’ll make. Serve with some crusty bread, and watch it disappear!
  • Shrimp Avocado Salsa – Loaded with protein and flavor, this twist on avocado salad is made with perfectly seasoned shrimp, creamy avocado, zesty onion, fresh cilantro, and tangy lime – all combined together into one healthy and easy-to-make spring dish!
  • Vegetable Spring Rolls – Add this to your repertoire of spring appetizers. It’s full of colorful seasonal veggies rolled up in rice paper and served with a creamy peanut sauce. Fresh, tasty, and one of the best vegetarian spring recipes!

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Easy Spring Recipes for Breakfast or Brunch

  • Easy Vegetable Frittata – A seasonal frittata is a great way to use up leftover vegetables. This is one of my favorite meals that can also be part of your roundup for spring dinner ideas. It’s perfect any time of the day. Serve it for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner!
  • Lemon Ricotta Pancakes – Soft, fluffy, and so fresh, these ricotta pancakes offer a bright new twist to your weekend pancakes. They look and sound fancy but are simple to make using mostly pantry items.
  • Strawberry Mango Smoothie – This smoothie is bursting with tropical paradise flavor. One sip of this will send you to sunny summer days. Made with strawberries, mangoes, oranges, carrots, and almond milk, it’ll quickly become one of your go-to easy spring recipes.
  • Strawberry Pancakes – Chopped fresh strawberries are stirred into vanilla pancake batter and then cooked until golden, buttery, and deliciously perfect! It’s so tasty and sweet that it can even be served as part of your lineup for healthy spring desserts.
  • Lebanese Omelette – Made with aromatic herbs and vegetables, this vibrant omelette is satisfying and full of flavor. It’s a unique take on a classic omelet that brings in all the seasonal herbs, including green onions, cilantro, parsley, and lots of flavor.
  • Breakfast Egg Wrap – Filled with nutritious ingredients like avocado, arugula, and tomatoes, this egg wrap is hearty, tasty, and gives you a boost of energy to start your day right. Serve it as part of your tasty spread of easy spring recipes, or enjoy it on the go!
  • One Pan Oven Baked Oatmeal – Naturally sweetened with bananas and packed with fiber-rich rolled oats, blueberries, and heart-healthy chia seeds for a perfect no-fuss hot oatmeal that’s ready to feed a crowd on busy spring mornings.

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Fresh and Bright Lunch Recipes

  • Asparagus Soup – Add this light soup with seasonal asparagus to your repertoire of refreshing vegetarian spring recipes. It’s quick, easy, and a healthy recipe for this time of the year.
  • Strawberry Arugula Salad – This spring salad has a delicious combo of flavors, textures, and pure freshness. Sweet strawberries, peppery arugula, crunchy pecans, and salty feta come together in the most delightful salad.
  • Vegetarian Avocado Sandwich – If you’re looking for a quick but satisfying bite that you can whip up in the middle of a spring day, this sandwich is your answer. It’s made with creamy feta, avocado, and all your favorite salad toppings and offers perfection in every bite.
  • Roasted Beet Salad – Take advantage of this humble root vegetable that grows in cooler months between fall and spring. Roasted beets are served over a bed of arugula, making it a fresh and light salad.
  • Beet Orange Salad – This easy salad will make a nice addition to other spring dinner ideas or make a serving for lunch. It comes together quickly and pairs well with other easy spring recipes.
  • Healthy Potato Leek Soup – Velvety smooth and so delicious, this creamy potato soup is soothing, comforting, and is one of the best vegetarian spring recipes. Made with leeks, potatoes, broth, sour cream, and lots of flavor, it comes together so effortlessly in one pot.
  • Spinach Pasta Salad – Loaded with penne pasta, fresh baby spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes, and feta cheese, this spring salad is full of color and texture and so refreshing alongside other spring recipes for dinner, lunch, or just because.
  • Lebanese Fattoush Salad – This traditional Middle Eastern salad is fresh and bright made with seasonal vegetables and topped with the iconic fried pita bread. It’s perfect to pair with chicken tawook or beef kafta.
  • Healthy Tuna Salad – This lightened-up version of a classic is made with Greek yogurt and loaded with celery. It’s great served as is, on top of greens, or tucked between bread. It’s one of those easy spring recipes that you’ll be reaching for all season long.
  • Avocado Shrimp Salad – Made with simple ingredients and zesty lime olive oil dressing, this salad is high in protein and packed with nutrition. It’s a great meal to enjoy in the middle of the day because it comes together in minutes and is light yet satisfying.

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Spring Recipes for Dinner

  • Sheet Pan Lemon Garlic Salmon – Healthy protein, carbs, and fiber all done on one sheet pan? Yes, please. This is the perfect weeknight meal when you’re looking for something easy and nutritious. It’ll easily become one of your go-to spring dinner ideas!
  • Lemon Ricotta Pasta – Add this to your refreshing list of vegetarian spring recipes. It’s flavorful and an easy weeknight dinner that comes together in 20 minutes using simple pantry staples.
  • Grilled Lamb Chops – Whether you’re planning a weekend BBQ or simply want to treat your family to a special meal in the middle of the week, this simple grilled lamb chops recipe has you covered. Serve with a simple side and pasta dish and you have a meal worth celebrating!
  • Garlic Tuna Pasta – Easy to make with basic pantry staples, this garlic lemon tuna pasta is a 10-minute meal that’s loaded with Mediterranean flavor. Enjoy as is or serve with other spring recipes for dinner.
  • Spinach and Feta Stuffed Chicken – Give your spring dinner ideas an upgrade with this juicy chicken breast perfectly seasoned and baked to perfection. Stuffing chicken breast with a blend of cheeses, veggies, and spices is the ultimate way to serve this hearty cut of meat.
  • Skillet Chicken with Couscous – Made in a single pan with just 10 minutes of prep and 30 minutes of cooking time, this will quickly become one of your favorite easy spring recipes.
  • Pesto Pasta with Chicken – Perfectly seasoned and grilled chicken breast paired with herbaceous pesto pasta makes a quick and easy meal that comes together in 30 minutes. It’s also a great way to use up any leftover chicken.
  • Lemon Parsley Baked Cod – Baked with zesty lemon and vibrant parsley, this cod is one of my favorite spring dinner ideas because it’s easy to make, packed with flavor, and pairs excellently with other spring recipes for dinner!
  • One Pan Chicken and Potatoes – Quick to prep, this one pan chicken and potatoes is a great go-to spring dinner recipe that feeds a crowd. The chicken always comes out perfectly juicey and the clean up is a breeze!
  • Healthy Coleslaw – Pair this with some hearty spring recipes for dinner for a well-balanced and tasty meal. Its crisp and crunchy texture combined with a tangy better-for-you dressing makes it an ideal side dish, adding a burst of color and flavor in every bite.

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Vegetarian Spring Recipes

  • Hummus Pasta – The star of this dish, hummus, enhances the pasta, creating a velvety smooth, creamy finish with an added boost of protein. It’s one of those unique spring dinner ideas that are light yet satisfying and irresistibly delicious.
  • Pasta with Peas – Bursting with fresh spring flavors and ready to serve in less than 30 minutes, this pasta with peas is a perfect family meal that everyone will love. Enjoy the ease and taste of this mouthwatering pasta dish!
  • Zucchini Orzo Soup – This vibrant soup is packed with an array of fresh vegetables, including zucchini, carrots, and tomatoes. It’s one of those hearty vegetarian spring recipes that you’ll be returning to time and time again.
  • Vegetarian Lemon Rice Soup – You will love this spring soup. It offers a zesty vegetarian twist on a classic chicken soup, combining the tangy flavor of lemon with the hearty comfort of rice.
  • Tomato Rice Pilaf – Made with brown rice, fresh tomatoes, and Mediterranean spices, this is the perfect side to accompany other spring recipes for dinner. Easy, flavorful, and oh-so-delicious!
  • Bulgur Chickpea Salad – Soaked bulgur wheat is tossed with fresh seasonal vegetables and protein-packed chickpeas for a tasty, hearty, no-cook salad. This simple yet satisfying salad will become a staple from your list of vegetarian spring recipes.
  • Mushroom and Peas Risotto – You’ll be pleasantly surprised that this fancy meal comes together effortlessly. It’s creamy, cheesy, and perfectly flavored with golden mushrooms and springtime peas. It’s one of my favorite spring dinner ideas and will become yours too!
  • Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie – This meatless version of a classic comfort dish is one of those cozy and comforting meals that’s good year-round. Here, we swap out the meat for mushrooms, quinoa, and a rich gravy sauce.
  • Eggplant Lasagna – Perfectly cheesy, with a rich tomato and ricotta filling, it’s hearty and satisfying. It’s an excellent meal on its own or paired with other irresistible spring recipes for dinner.

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Delicious Spring Desserts

  • Carrot Cake Cookies – Soft, chewy, and cakey with tangy cream cheese drizzle, these spring cookies will satisfy your sweet tooth. Made with carrots and spices, these cookies are a playful twist on your favorite springtime cake.
  • Strawberry Cupcakes – Topped with pink cream cheese frosting, these berry cupcakes will easily become one of your favorite spring desserts. They’re kid-friendly, mom-approved with no artificial colors or flavors.
  • Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp – This is the ultimate spring dessert filled with a sweet and tart fruit filling and topped with a buttery golden crisp topping. It’s quick and easy, not too sweet, and irresistibly delicious!
  • Lemon Ricotta Cake – Bursting with fresh lemon flavor and a perfectly moist crumb, this is one of those must-try spring desserts that you simply can’t resist. The creamy ricotta adds richness while the lemon keeps it bright and refreshing.
  • Vegan Lemon Pudding – As soon as winter turns to spring, bright, fresh, zesty lemon desserts become a must! If you don’t want to crank up the oven for spring cookies or cakes, you will love this no-bake, no-oven, no-hassle recipe for a delightful sweet treat.
  • Carrot Banana Bread – Simple to make and delicious to eat, this carrot bread is perfectly moist and full of rich flavors. It’s the perfect addition to your repertoire of spring desserts and a delightful twist on classic banana bread.
  • Semolina Pudding – This irresistible Middle Eastern dessert is a creamy and sweet pudding that is made from semolina, milk, sugar, and a touch of orange blossom water. It’s one of my favorite spring desserts that is perfect for both celebrations and casual get-togethers.
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Dip – One of the easiest desserts isn’t always spring cookies, cupcakes, or crisps but this chocolatey, rich and velvety, peanut butter dip. Serve with seasonal fruits like strawberries, sliced bananas, or vanilla wafers!
  • Fruit Pizza – This is one of those spring desserts that looks fancy but is totally easy to whip up. Start with making a large cookie dough crust, top with cream cheese frosting, followed by all your favorite spring fruits. Fun, unique, and delicious for kids and adults alike.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What food is popular in spring?

In the spring, people tend to gravitate towards lighter meals with lots of fresh herbs and produce. As the weather warms up, fresh fruits and vegetables become popular and lighter proteins such as chicken and fish are commonly prepared. You’ll also find grilling becomes a popular cooking method as people start to enjoy outdoor dining.

Can I make spring recipes year round?

These dishes, whether you’re looking for spring appetizers, desserts, or spring dinner ideas, can easily be made year-round. However, the individual ingredients will be at their prime and most flavorful during the spring season. Additionally, purchasing fruits and vegetables in their season is also more cost-effective.

What are seasonal fruits and vegetables in the springtime?

Some seasonal spring fruits include strawberries, rhubarb, and some varieties of stonefruits like apricots and peaches. For vegetables, asparagus, peas, artichokes, radishes, carrots, and broccoli often make the cut. These fruits and vegetables are not only flavorful but they make the bulk of easy spring recipes that busy families can easily and quickly prepare at home.

Welcome warmer weather with these fresh and delicious spring recipes, filled with favorite seasonal ingredients like rhubarb, asparagus, strawberries and so much more! I hope this roundup of everything from sweet spring cookies to hearty spring recipes for dinner inspire you with new and vibrant ideas to try this spring.

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