6 best tech gifts for your coworkers


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Do you have a fantastic boss or a super coworker who deserves something nice? These six smart devices can make great gifts for your workmates without breaking your bank account.

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1. Smart assistants

Voice assistants can be just as handy at the office as at home. Both the $39.99 Echo Dot and the $49.99 Google Home Mini can hand out meeting reminders, look up information and link to other devices.

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2. Flux chargers

Flux is a battery charger that connects to USB, microUSB and lightning ports. The $29.95 model contains up to 4,000 mAH, while the $59.95 version can hold 10,000 mAH. Your coworker can also use this device to charge their laptop if they have a USB-A or USB-C adapter handy.

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3. LIFX smart lights

Lifx bulbs are easy to use because they fit into standard sockets and don’t need a control hub. The $60 Lifx bulb can also be dimmed and even change colors thanks to its smartphone app.

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4. Rocketbook

Rocketbook is the notebook of the future. The $25 Wave notebook allows you to take notes, upload them to any device and erase the notebook’s contents by nuking it in the microwave (no joke). These notebooks only work with Frixion pens, three of which cost $7.

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5. Tile Slim

This Bluetooth-enabled tracker can be tucked into a folder, a wallet or an errant stack of papers. The Tile Slim works like a homing device, allowing you to track whatever it’s inserted into with a smartphone app. Tile recently added a Siri Shortcut, too, which makes the device even more useful for iPhone owners.

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6. Smarter Coffee

The $200 Smarter Coffee isn’t exactly white elephant material, but it might make a great office-wide gift if you’re feeling particularly generous. The Smarter Coffee is a combination grinder and brewer that comes in red, black or cream. You can use the device to set your coffee’s strength and even how finely you want your beans ground. This coffee maker is also compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and IFTTT (if this, then that) technology.

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