6 great high-tech wedding gifts


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Starting a new life can be tough on young couples and their budgets. That’s why wedding registries are a great way for people to stock up on things they need when building a home together. There’s also no reason that couples can’t request ways to bring their home into the smart era. 

That’s where these six high-tech wedding gifts come in:

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1. Smart speakers

6 great high-tech wedding gifts

Google Home Hub, Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod… There are countless smart speakers and displays to choose from. Any couple who adds one to their registry will need to consider how much they want guests to spend, as well as the device’s size, space and smart assistant.

Google Home Hub is a solid choice for Android users at about $150. Amazon Echo devices can be linked to Amazon accounts, which can make organizing shopping lists easier for Prime members. Meanwhile, you might want to consider an Apple HomePod if you’re in the Apple ecosystem.

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2. iRobot Roombas

6 great high-tech wedding gifts

There are quite a few iRobot Roombas on the market today, some of which can empty their own dust bins. You can manage these little cleaning bots with a smartphone app. The Roomba 616’s $300 makes it a great item for the registry.

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3. Air Monitors

6 great high-tech wedding gifts

Clean air is a true home necessity. Luckily, air monitors are easy to install and can reveal more than just how much dust is hanging around. They can also identify allergens and pollutants.

The Awair can read the temperature, humidity and carbon monoxide in your home for just $189. Additionally, the monitor can link up to Alexa and Google Assistant, making couples who also request a smart speaker even more interconnected.

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4. Amazon Fire TV

6 great high-tech wedding gifts

Fire TV allows you to access tens of thousands of channels and apps with just a small remote. You can pick the Amazon Fire TV Stick for $40, or the new Amazon Fire TV Cube for $120.

Both devices are compatible with Alexa, and the Cube even packs Echo Dot functionality. Plus, if you have a Prime membership, you can stream Amazon originals right to your TV.

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5. Google WiFi

6 great high-tech wedding gifts

Routers can be confusing and frustrating, but Google WiFi is anything but. The device comprises multiple units that build a mesh network of connectivity.

You can buy a single unit for about $100, or a bundle of three for about $256. Another option is Portal, which costs $150 and sports impressive speeds.

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6. Samsung 65″ Q8C TV

6 great high-tech wedding gifts

Registering for a $4,800 television may seem like a big ask, but this is one is the exception to that rule. Plus, this may be one of those ideal registry gifts that could be perfect for a group gift.

The Samsung 65″ Q8C TV comes with Amazon Video, Spotify, YouTube and Netflix. You can also connect the TV to a SmartThings hub and Samsung smart home devices, such as the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator.

Check out The GearBrain, our smart home compatibility checker, to see products that work with Samsung SmartThings.

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