6 People Who Shouldn’t Be Driving, Period


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Have you ever wondered how many auto accidents are caused simply because a driver involved just shouldn’t be operating a motor vehicle? It’s got to be the majority, we’re sure. From people who can’t see the brake lights in front of them to folks who aren’t in their right minds anymore, here are six people who should stay off the road unless they’re in the passenger seat. 

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1. Anyone Under the Influence

Obviously, we know. But it has to be said. Whether you are under the influence of marijuana, alcohol, or another substance that can impair your judgment, vision, or cognitive function, you should leave your keys on the counter and call for a ride. In 2023 alone, 10,511 people died due to drunk driving, which shakes out to 28-30 people dying every day as the result of a drunk driver. 

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2. People with Heavily Impaired Vision

You’re supposed to be able to pass a vision screening in order to get your license, but let’s be real — even if you do at that time, there’s the chance that somewhere in the in-between, your vision might plummet, making you a danger to yourself and everyone else on the road. Know your limitations and live by them.  

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3. People with Severely Impacted Cognitive Abilities

From dementia to extreme sleep deprivation, if your brain isn’t functioning at full capacity, stay out from behind the wheel of your car. As well all know good and well, driving is not a mindless task and requires you to be sharp and aware at all times to stay safe.

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4. Those Who Have a Rap Sheet of DUIs

Sure, there are laws to regulate how many DUI charges you can get and still maintain your driver’s license, but not everyone with a suspended license stays off the road. Once you cross a certain threshold, there have to be measures to make sure you don’t drive under the influence again and add to your existing pattern.

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5. Some Elderly Folks

We are not saying that once you hit age 80 you should automatically have your right to the road revoked. We are suggesting that certain older people would probably be better off getting a ride from someone else. That is, if their mental or physical condition is in the zone of “not fit to drive safely.” We hate to be the ones to say it, but we aren’t the only ones saying it, guys — statistically speaking, for every 1,000 car accidents, 96.61 of them involve an elderly person.

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6. Jerks With Road Rage Track Records

If you can’t keep your temper while you’re merging onto the highway or keep your panties out of a bunch when someone is going a bit too slow in the fast lane, and those things have been proven with legal road rage charges, things should shake out just as they do when you’ve had one too many DUIs. Be a jerk to whomever you want on the imaginary roads of your “Grand Theft Auto” video game, but that behavior shouldn’t fly in real life. 

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