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Many busy parents find that a traditional 9-to-5 job isn’t the best option while they’re raising young children. Working for yourself can provide more flexibility and control, as well as better work-life balance. But there are trade-offs.

Let’s take a look at some of the best self-employed jobs in 2022. We’ll also provide tips on finding a self-employed job that helps support a family’s needs.

At one time, self-employed business people typically worked out of a storefront or office with a small staff. Today, many self-employed individuals work from home with no employees. They deliberately keep their operation small to maintain flexibility in their schedule (and keep overhead costs down). Solo entrepreneurs usually have a strong background in a specific service they can offer to clients, such as accounting, marketing, or graphic design.

There are a number of different ways self-employed workers get paid. For instance, they may identify as an independent contractor when they work for larger businesses. They can also start a sole proprietorship or a partnership with another entrepreneur.

Because of the amount of time spent attracting and communicating with clients, self-employment may not be the best choice of job for antisocial people.

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Examples of self-employed jobs for parents

Self-employed jobs can be logistical, analytical, creative, or involve a skilled trade. Parents may pursue self-employed work as a freelance writer or a lawyer.

As long as the work can be done independently, there’s virtually no limit to the type of services someone can offer when working for themselves.

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Tips to finding self-employed jobs for parents in 2022

Parents who are considering self-employment should first ask themselves these questions:

  • How much do I hope to make per hour?
  • How many hours per week do I want to work?
  • What is my strongest skill set?
  • What services can I offer based on that skill set?

Parents have two options for pursuing work. One, they can apply for posted contract or freelance roles that seem like a good fit for their skills and scheduling needs. Or they can advertise their services and work on attracting clients.

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Difficulties parents can encounter when looking for self-employed jobs

One element of self-employment that many people struggle with is making the transition to boss. Parents who have a lot of responsibilities on their plate may find it especially hard to create a structured workday, or to make time between projects to source new clients.

Many self-employed people find it tough to promote themselves or set appropriate rates. Another money challenge: Budgeting with a fluctuating income.

All of these things get easier over time, but the early days of self-employment can be challenging. If money management is a concern for you, check out these financial planning tips for freelancers.

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Pros and cons of self-employed jobs for parents

There are advantages and disadvantages to working for oneself.

What are the best self-employed jobs? The fact is, what’s best for one parent may not be right for another. Consider a broad range of possibilities before you settle on one. The following jobs were chosen because they offer flexibility and high wages.


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1. Business Consultant

Average hourly pay: $39

A business consultant helps other businesses improve a select area of their business (such as their marketing department) or their business as a whole. Consultants can provide support to sales, finance, operations, HR, IT, and other areas. While business consultants can book time to work with clients in a way that fits their schedule, they will often need to do so during business hours since so much of their work involves client communications.

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree, master’s degree (preferred), or a certification from a business consultant association.

Schedule Flexibility [1-5]: 3


  • Advising clients
  • Creating business plans
  • Improving employee performance

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2. Software Developer

Average hourly pay: $37

Software developers write and test code for clients when creating systems software, apps, video games, and other products. Many clients need temporary or ongoing support in this area, which can provide software developers with a lot of flexibility. Developer roles usually appear on lists of ideal jobs for introverts.

Requirements: Knowledge of programming languages.

Schedule Flexibility [1-5]: 4


  • Writing code
  • Testing code
  • Project planning

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3. Virtual Assistant

Average hourly pay: $31

Supporting clients as an administrative assistant virtually. Because so much of this work can be done via email, and immediate responses aren’t expected, virtual assistants can often choose their own hours.

Requirements: Office skills

Schedule Flexibility [1-5]: 4


  • Scheduling calls
  • Providing email support
  • Booking travel plans

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4. Editor

Average hourly pay: $28

Editors polish writing projects across a variety of industries and media formats. This work can be done independently from home, but may require virtual meetings during traditional office hours.

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree and industry experience.

Schedule Flexibility [1-5]: 4


  • Writing copy
  • Editing copy
  • Mentoring writers

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5. Copywriter

Average hourly pay: $26

Similar to editors, copywriters can work from home and do their work independently. Many writers are hired on a freelance basis, which gives them the option of taking on more projects when they have the time.

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree and industry experience.

Schedule Flexibility [1-5]: 4


  • Crafting headlines
  • Writing technical guides
  • Creative writing

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6. Web Designer

Average hourly pay: $25

Web designers create websites for clients from scratch, update existing website designs, and provide ongoing website support. This work can be done independently, but does require meeting with project stakeholders during business hours.

Requirements: Knowledge of design programs, and HTML and CSS programing languages.

Schedule Flexibility [1-5]: 3


  • Build and design websites
  • Enhance user interface (UI) and user experience (UX)
  • Bring client vision to life

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7. Career Coach

Average hourly pay: $22

Working as a career Coach can create really flexible working hours for parents because many clients want to book sessions on nights and weekends when they aren’t working.

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree or master’s degree (preferred)

Schedule Flexibility [1-5]: 5


  • Advising clients on job search process
  • Helping clients plan career trajectory
  • Resume consulting

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The Takeaway

Being self-employed can be very rewarding — especially for parents. Working for yourself can make it possible to have flexible working hours and to work from home. Almost any service can be offered on a freelance or consulting basis. The key is to evaluate your skills and give yourself time to build a client base. Challenges may include creating your own workday structure, making time for administrative tasks that aren’t billable, no paid time off, and a fluctuating income.

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How can a stay-at-home mom make money in 2022?

There are plenty of ways a stay-at-home mom can earn an income from home in 2022. One popular option for busy moms who need a flexible schedule is working as a virtual assistant on a part-time basis. These roles make it possible to work from home during times when children are napping or at school.

What is the best job to have as a parent?

There is no one best job for a parent to have, but there are some very desirable traits that appeal to most parents. Moms and Dads are likely to value job opportunities that have flexible schedules, are remote, and have a high enough wage to support a family.

What job can I do from home with a baby?

Nowadays, many job opportunities are remote, which can make it possible for people to work from home with a baby. Some parents may choose to create their own job by going the self-employed route. Others may pursue careers as a virtual assistant, bookkeeper, copywriter, web designer, or another role that they can perform from home.

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