7 smart moves for living in an uncertain economy


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An uncertain economy could put a strain on your finances. But, economic uncertainty also equals opportunity. If you approach things strategically, you could actually come out of ahead.

We’ve put this list together to help you thrive financially even in an uncertain economy. These are all simple ways you can reduce debt, cut your bills, and insure against unknowns starting today.

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1. Invest in Apple or Amazon for just $1

7 smart moves for living in an uncertain economy

Stock shares in companies you trust, such as Apple or Amazon, can be very expensive for beginning investors to buy.

The good news is, Stash allows you to start investing with just $1 and you can buy fractional shares so you can afford to get a piece of companies that are household names. You can also find useful tools and guides to help build you a portfolio.

For a limited time Stash will give you $5 to invest when you make your first investment.

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2. Leave your family up to $1 million (starting at just $5 a month)

7 smart moves for living in an uncertain economy

Life insurance is an essential purchase if you currently have anyone who depends on you or if you plan to have a family in the future. By getting insurance, you can help make sure your family doesn’t suffer financially if something happens to you. A policy could help you make sure your spouse can pay off your mortgage, your kids can pay for college, or your aging parents can get help from a professional caregiver if you aren’t there to assist them.

Buying life insurance doesn’t have to be difficult. Bestow allows you to apply for a policy online in just five minutes. You won’t need to worry about a doctor’s visit or doing tons of paperwork, and policies start at just $5 per month. Shop for coverage today with Bestow so you can help protect your family.

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3. Put your money to work with a high yield savings account

7 smart moves for living in an uncertain economy

With so many savings account options to choose from, it can all be a bit overwhelming. Factors like APY, minimum balance, and fees are incredibly important when making your decision. You could get stuck with a low yield or hidden fees. Luckily, we’ve made it easy for you to pick the best option to start earning interest today! 

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4. Save up to $610 on car insurance

7 smart moves for living in an uncertain economy

Car insurance can be expensive, so you want to make sure you’re not overpaying on your current premium.

It’s easy to search and compare quotes with Provide Insurance. Think of it as Kayak, but for car insurance.

They can help match you to insurance carriers and regional agencies to help you save on your car insurance. Provide can save drivers up to $610 per year compared to their current insurance premiums.

It takes less than 5 minutes to fill out the form and you’ll receive a list of matches that show you online, email, and potentially phone quotes.

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5. Add up to $500 to your savings with Truebill

7 smart moves for living in an uncertain economy

Truebill has helped save its members over $50,000,000 on their bills without much time and effort.

With the help of Truebill, you can automatically negotiate your internet and phone bills down without lifting a finger.

They work with all major providers – including Comcast/Xfinity, Verizon, AT&T, Time Warner, and DirecTV – so you can finally stick it to the cable company!

Open an account today and see how much you could be missing out on.

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6. Turn old receipts into gift cards

7 smart moves for living in an uncertain economy

With Fetch, you just snap a photo of your grocery receipt after you shop and get points that can be used for gift cards. Points can be redeemed for e-gift cards from Target, Amazon, Kohl’s, Sephora and hundreds of other stores.

It’s super simple – no pre-selecting offers or scanning barcodes required! Just submit a photo of your receipt within 14 days after your shopping trip and you can cash out for a reward as soon as you’ve earned at least $3.

BONUS: You’ll get 2,000 points bonus when you enter this referral code: BUZZ before you scan your first receipt.

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7. Build a $1,000 Emergency Fund Without Even Thinking About It

7 smart moves for living in an uncertain economy

If you don’t have an emergency fund yet, it’s not too late to start saving with Digit.

The Digit app works by automatically moving money from your checking account to savings, and it always makes sure you still have enough in checking to cover day to day costs. It works so well that they’ve already helped their members save over $1 billion.

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