7 ways to simplify your subway commute in 2019


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The only thing worse than a long commute is a public transportation commute, which can be uncomfortably crowded, often cold (or hot) and surely not in your control. However, devices and apps can help you ease the stress of any long commute, whether you’re traveling the New York City subways or are on a bus in Los Angeles. They may even turn your travels into the best part of your day. For audiophiles, binge watchers and gamers alike, these are seven must-have devices for any public transportation ride.

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1. Sony noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones

Any great day starts with a great soundtrack, and with Sony noise-cancelling headphones, your perfect day is one pump-up playlist away. Made for noisy commutes on trains and buses, these headphones assure superb sound quality and audio isolation. With their Bluetooth connection, you can stream without worrying about wires getting caught on anyone next to you.

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2. Headspace

Loud tracks, weird beeping noises, an old lady talking way too loud on her phone — getting to work can be just as stressful as the workday itself. Take some time with this meditation app, Headspace, to de-stress and prepare for your day. Be careful though; meditating on the subway is for advanced users and can take time to master.

Available for iOS and Android, the app is designed to manage your emotions and increase focus. You can cycle through the free programs, but you’ll have to pay a fee to access the big-ticket items.

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3. Spotify

Although Spotify is well-known for its extensive cache of music, the service now offers a huge list of podcasts. Get your news fix with The Daily, laugh your way to work with My Brother, My Brother and Me, or listen to cultural commentary on Still Processing. Spotify also offers a premium subscription that lets you download these podcasts and music when you undoubtedly lose your signal in the subway tunnels.

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4. NeatPack

With all of your electronics — and their respective needs to charge — this backpack allows you to re-juice your phone and carry your tech in style. I know I always need a recharge after I binge-watch Netflix or play puzzle games on the subway. Armed with a USB port, you won’t have to dig into your bag for the cord to your portable charger anymore.

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5. Two Dots

Not unlike Headspace, this colorful, minimalist game makes hours of your life disappear as you get lost in its gentle soundtracks. With countless game modes and new treasure hunts available every week, Two Dots makes you forget about your commute as you complete satisfying combinations.

The app also doesn’t always require an internet connection, so you can play away in the tunnels and it’ll automatically save when you’re out. An inconsequential challenge, this game allows you to wake your brain up in a fun, relaxing way.

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6. Verizon Ellipsis Jetpack

No matter how good the train says the Wi-Fi is, it’s almost always ten times slower than you need it to be — and it never works in the tunnels. If you’re trying to get some work done on your way in or are simply streaming your favorite show, you will need reliable wireless, which you can definitely get with the Verizon Ellipsis Jetpack.

With the Jetpack, you’ll have access to private, password-protected and high-speed Internet that’ll definitely help you finish your late spreadsheet or find out the latest twist on American Horror Story.

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7. iPad Pro 11

Watch, play and read on the iPad Pro 11‘s 11-inch display, which lets you enjoy all of your favorite shows on a bigger screen than an iPhone. It’s bigger than your smartphone but still sleek enough to carry without adding too much weight. This tablet also has about nine hours of battery life — far longer than your commute.

Getting ready for a long day of work can be stressful enough, and there’s really no time to relax except when you’re on your commute. Why not upgrade your ride and be a bit more tech savvy? You may find yourself looking forward to that subway ride every morning.

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