7 ways VR and AR can scare your friends on Halloween


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Imagine being immersed in a virtual world of ghouls and goblins realistic enough to make you think you’re in a horror film. Why bother trick-or-treating when the real fun can be had with VR? Forgo a costume and check out these 7 Halloween VR and AR apps:

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1. Dread Eye Remastered: $1.49

If being tied to a chair in a house of horrors sounds like your kind of Halloween, do it up with Dread Eye Remastered and scare yourself senseless. Dark, dreary and dreadful, this virtual horror movie is sure to give you nightmares. Dread Eye Remastered works with the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift.

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2. Slasher: $0.99

What’s Halloween without a murder mystery? Slasher for the HTC Vive makes sleuthing as scary as an on-screen scream fest. This choose-your-own-adventure game is chock full of intrigue and excitement as you play a reporter investigating a serial killer. Pop on your headset and get into the Halloween murder madness as only VR can provide.

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3. Don’t Look Away: Free

As implied by its name, Don’t Look Away for Samsung Gear VR is about locking eyes with a spine-tingling ghost. It’s you against this scary spirit, so stand your ground against the ghoul and see if you can tolerate the terror. Just remember… Don’t look away.

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4. Face Your Fears: Free

If there’s ever a time to face your fears, it’s Halloween. Why tackle fears in real life when the VR version is far freakier, though? Face Your Fears immerses you in a world of phobias that can make anyone lose their cool. This spooky experience is available on the Oculus Rift.

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5. Halloween Trick or Treat: Free

Consider Halloween Trick or Treat for the Oculus Rift the waste-free version of the real thing. Collect candy the high-tech way as you dodge a town full of ghosts and goblins. For fun that will make you feel like a kid again, hitting up homes in the virtual world couldn’t be sweeter.

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6. Night Terrors: $2.99

Playing off of the legend of Bloody Mary, Night Terrors unleashes demons, ghouls and other terrifying creatures right before your eyes. Instead of playing on a virtual reality headset, you can use this app to create your own haunted house with just your smartphone’s camera.

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7. Pumpkin SculptrVR: Free

Carving pumpkins is fun, but messy. Create the perfect jack-o’-lanterns in virtual reality with Pumpkin SculptrVR. Available for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, this app allows you to carve creative shapes and set your pumpkins aglow. Save a trip to the pumpkin patch and spend Halloween doing something magically modern.

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