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With no ounce of exaggeration, tea is the most consumed drink throughout the world right after water. Tea has been around for thousands of years and has been profoundly influenced by numerous cultures spanning across the globe. There are so many different varieties of tea and ways to consume the beverage due to the many regions that have adopted the drink. All in all, tea definitely doesn’t seem like a beverage that will be fading into irrelevancy at any time in the near future. 

For anyone interested in stocking up on quality tea blends for the house or branching out into the world of alluring botanicals, herbs, and spices of exotic teas to diversify your tasting palate, you will be sure to find this list of gift cards for tea merchants to be incredibly helpful. Try something brand new or go with what you’re accustomed to – the possibilities when it comes to brewing a good cup of tea are endless. 

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1. Harry & David

A heartfelt tea gift that shows how much you care

Buy a Harry & David gift card

Everybody appreciates receiving a gift basket filled with their favorite treats, which can range from decadent chocolates and cakes to fresh fruits and bottles of well-balanced wine. There are even baskets designed for lovers of coffee and tea, since both beverages are coveted by many around the world. Harry & David is one gift retailer that provides a varied selection of tea gift boxes, assortments, and related accessories. 

A tea gift basket or box can be the perfect remedy to someone’s bad day. If you know anybody going through a rough time and failing to set aside time to take care of their own needs, you can show them that you care about their well-being with a thoughtful tea-themed gift. Aromatic floral notes and lively citrus flavors may end up working as a mood-booster, helping to brighten up the day. Harry & David also sells adorable tea infusers, such as the umbrella and koala tea infusers, as well as a convenient syrup dispenser for tea drinkers who prefer things sweet. 

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2. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Order a cup in-house or take home your own to brew

Buy a gift card for The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is a coffee shop chain with locations spread from coast to coast, stretching from California to New York. Customers can find exceptional coffee and an array of wonderful whole leaf gourmet tea options, featuring blends cultivated from the best tea leaves from places like Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Japan, and China. Any tea lover will be certain to enjoy a cup of deliciously brewed tea sold by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. 

Using whole leaf tea is always the preferred method of brewing tea. A whole leaf tea blend retains much of its natural properties, contributing to a flavorful cup of tea that is superior to alternative brewing methods. Since shoppers will only find whole leaf tea options for sale at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, they are guaranteed to always craft the perfect cup. Some teas currently offered by this retailer include black tea, chai, fruit infusions, herbal infusions, matcha powder, green tea, and plenty of refreshing iced teas. 

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3. Tea Drops

Get a flavorful cup of tea in a matter of moments 

Tea drinkers who prefer not to wait for their favorite blend of tea to steep for the appropriate amount of time will be excited to hear all about Tea Drops. With one dissolvable little capsule made up of organic whole leaf tea, folks can conjure up a cup of tea that tastes just as good as if it were brewed as normal. 

Discover whimsical shapes and a variety of tempting tea flavors when you shop the Tea Drops catalog. Browse options for hot and iced brews including fun flavors like peppermint, chocolate earl grey, Thai, turmeric, cranberry pie, pumpkin spice, citrus ginger, and strawberry matcha. Tea Drops also offer tea sampers, custom tea boxes that are curated to each individual’s preferences, tea latte kits, boba drinks, wellness drops for relaxation and digestion, and plenty of teaware so you can always sip with style. 

What’s not to love about Tea Drops? From fantastic boba drinks to simple cups of soothing hot tea, you can find all the ingredients you need to create your ideal cup of tea. Find out if Tea Drops is the right tea retailer for you.

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4. Kroger

One visit to this retailer gets you what you need 

Buy a Kroger gift card

You can shop for all of your basic grocery needs at Kroger, from dairy and deli meat to pantry staples like cereal, potato chips, oatmeal, and nuts. For anyone who needs to stock up their household with an array of good teas at a great price, Kroger has plenty for you to choose from as well. Bottles of sweet iced tea, kombucha, green tea bags, organic chai, latte concentrates, and more tea varieties are available at your neighborhood Kroger. 

Stepping into the tea drinking world can seem like a lot when browsing the numerous gourmet tea options available at specialty shops and via curated online merchants. For a simple, straight-forward approach to tea, Kroger has pretty much everything a casual tea consumer could ever want. Energize yourself with caffeinated teas, boost your mood, ease your stress, center yourself, and optimize your health all with different tea varieties offered at a Kroger shopping center.

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5. The Chai Box

Chai that is good to drink and good for you

Are you a devoted lover of all things chai, or do you perhaps have a friend or relative who swears by chai? If so, The Chai Box may be just what you’ve been needing in your life to elevate your tea drinking experience. Unlock a curated blend of authentic chai ingredients, recipes, and concentrates crafted with exquisite spices from India all in one customer-friendly box. 

All tea blends offered by The Chai Box have distinct health benefits to match your personal wellness needs. From improving your digestive tract and boosting immunity to aiding you in your weightloss journey and reducing blood sugar levels, The Chai box has plenty of chai blends to choose from. Some of the loose leaf tea blends available include notes of lavender, cardamom, rose, hibiscus, and orange peel. Handcrafted chai concentrate is also available in sweetened and unsweetened batches for an easy and convenient chai drinking experience; whip up masala chai lattes, tea, smoothies, and more in moments. 

Learn more about The Chai Box and see if it’s the right fit for you. 

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6. Williams Sonoma

Quality kitchenware and premium beverage products 

Buy a Williams Sonoma gift card

Primarily a kitchenware and home furnishings retailer, Williams Sonoma may turn out to be an ideal destination for picking up your next tin of premium tea blends. Among the many gourmet food and beverage options for sale at Williams Sonoma, there are plenty of loose leaf teas, tea bags, herbal infusions, honey, accessories, and much more. Don’t forget about the Fortnum & Mason hampers either, which are thoughtful wicker basket assortments comprised of several wonderful items to create a memorable experience wherever you go. 

Williams Sonoma sells many other products to aid anyone’s tea drinking experience. If you do not wish to purchase a hamper or decorative tea tin, you may enjoy perusing cute tea infuser designs, such as a pair of mittens or a mini teapot infuser. Williams Sonoma also offers tea infusing wands, electric kettles, tea makers, and classic stove-top tea kettles. Find everything you need for having the ideal tea time and anything else to satisfy your kitchen needs at Williams Sonoma. 

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7. Peet’s Coffee

Superior loose leaf tea and silken tea pouches

Buy a Peet’s Coffee gift card

Peet’s Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster and retailer primarily based in the San Francisco Bay Area, with a majority of their stores concentrated within the state of California. There are currently more than two hundred retail locations in operation throughout eleven different states, including Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Nevada, Virginia, and Tennessee. If you ever happen to be passing by or traveling to a state with a Peet’s Coffee, then you definitely don’t want to miss out on trying one of their delicious hot or iced tea blends. 

There are many great tea options available at Peet’s Coffee, from handcrafted beverages that can be purchased in-store to retail tea blends that you can brew in the comfort of your own home. Tea blends at Peet’s Coffee are made of high quality tea leaves, fruits, herbs, and spices to form a drink that is distinct in its flavor profile and unparalleled in quality. Some tea options you’ll find for sale at Peet’s Coffee include orange blossom, mint melange, masala chai, wild berry hibiscus, earl grey, organic matcha, and white orchard. 

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8. Art of Tea

Where you purchase your tea makes a difference

Don’t you wish there was an online-based tea shop where you could order delicious tea varieties and have them shipped straight to your front door? It’s a good thing that’s what the Art of Tea is for!

This award winning tea company is based in Los Angeles and does business as a tea importer and wholesaler, connecting customers to some of the finest blends of loose leaf tea, packaged teas, tea gifts, teaware, tons of accessories, and more. The Art of Tea has many indulgent loose leaf tea varietals to be enjoyed during any time of day, from early morning into nightfall. There are many options such as caffeine-free, single origin, herbal tea, black tea, green tea, iced tea, blooming tea, and yerba mate.

The Art of Tea also features a monthly tea subscription service where recipients can immerse themselves into the world of tea and expand their tasting palate with tea varieties from various regions. It’s the perfect subscription for both casual tea drinkers and dedicated tea enthusiasts. 

Check out the Art of Tea here

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