Air fryer recipes that aren’t actually terrible for your health


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Love your air fryer but not how unhealthy a lot of air fryer foods are? These clean eating air fryer recipes are fast, easy, and made with healthy, real-food ingredients, from scratch!

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1. Cheese Sticks

I gave these cheese sticks a shot because I happened to have some in the cheese drawer of my fridge that needed to be used up. It was a package of regular, full-fat cheese sticks. I unwrapped them and got to work making a clean breading mix.

Now, most people will use bread crumbs for a recipe like this, but I just didn’t have any handy. But that didn’t seem to affect the outcome of the final dish. They were delicious. In fact, my kid hates cheese and he actually gave these a thumbs up. I take that as pretty high praise these days.

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2. Fish N’ Chips

I made these Clean Eating air fryer fish ‘n chips with almond flour to keep the carbs down. But you can certainly substitute with whole grain flour and/or whole grain bread crumbs instead. In fact, the best way to substitute would be a 1/2 cup whole grain flour and 1/2 cup whole grain bread crumbs. But the choice is yours! Either way, these were delicious, and I felt like I had enjoyed something just a little bit sinful.

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3. Roasted Chickpeas

Recently, I found such a can in the back of the fridge, and to my surprise, it was still good! I opened it in time to save the beans!

So I thought I’d try out the air fryer again and see how it does with roasting beans. These clean-eating, air fryer roasted chickpeas were one of the best snacks I’ve made in a long time. My son couldn’t get enough of them and very nearly finished the entire can. Even the dog enjoyed a stray bean that got dropped on the floor. So these were definitely a hit, and this mom is happy that yet another can of beans didn’t go to waste. Yay me!

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4. Roasted Brussels Sprouts

I’ve been having a blast experimenting with this new air fryer of mine. You can read my air fryer review here on my air fryer site where I talk about reasons to get one as well as reasons to NOT get one. But if an air fryer is a good fit for you, then you simply must try Brussels sprouts at least one time. 

The air fryer cooks these little, mini cabbages to perfection each and every time. They end up roasted to delicious crispiness on the outside and are cooked al dente on the inside. They maintain their beautiful color as well as the majority of their nutrients. It’s a delicious win-win, and you won’t have to deal with that awful smell you get when you steam them. Ick.

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5. Green Beans

These fried green beans are a marvelously simple side dish that you “fry” in your air fryer!

Yes, I said simple. Seriously simple! If you can push the buttons on your air fryer, you can make this recipe.

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6. Chicken Breast

This air fryer chicken breast recipe is stuffed full of delicious yumminess!

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7. Pork Chops

This air-fried pork chops recipe is a wonderfully lean way to enjoy pork for dinner!

The spices are simple, basic spices that most people already have in their pantry. The process is simple enough and all you have to do is cook whatever side dish you want to enjoy with your pork chops while they cook!

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8. Chicken Wings

This air-fried chicken wings recipe is simple, delicious and easy to make. It’s perfect for game day or a guys night!

It only takes minutes to prep for the air fryer and cleanup is minimal. The flavors are simple yet tasty and they pair well with just about anything you plan to serve them with! They look great on a party table too, and if the guys are coming over, you won’t get any complaints when they are chowing down. Serve with your favorite game day sides and everyone is sure to be happy with the party food supply! (Sshhhhh! They don’t need to know these are on the healthier side!)

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9. Sweet Potato Fries

Why sweet potato fries, you may ask?

  • They are a totally affordable side dish.
  • One large potato can make enough fries for two people.
  • They are high in vitamins B6 C and D.
  • They are a good source of magnesium and potassium.
  • They are far easier on blood sugar levels than white potatoes.

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10. Apple Fries

Apple fries are the absolute best recipe for Fall, for apple lovers!

Autumnal flavors come together to make a delicious and healthy snack or dessert. Apple fries are so yummy! They are definitely considered healthy snacks for kids and adults alike. They make great after-school snacks that won’t ruin dinner too!

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11. Tuscan Chicken Thighs

These Tuscan chicken thighs can be made three different ways. But no matter how you make them, they cook up fast and easy. Prep takes less than 10 minutes!

Whether you cook these in an air fryer, bake them in the oven or grill them on the barbecue, these delicious chicken thighs are sure to be a dinnertime hit.

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12. Cajun Zucchini Sticks

Delicious air fryer Cajun zucchini sticks you never have to feel guilty about eating because they are air fried, not oil fried!

Need a healthy snack that won’t ruin dinner but still hits the spot? These zucchini sticks could be the answer. And you get the added benefit of all that zucchini! Yay veggies!

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13. Teriyaki Chicken Kabobs

This easy recipe for Teriyaki chicken kabobs makes a great option for dinner tonight! Served on their own or over rice, and the whole family will enjoy this chicken dinner.

I love this recipe because you can prep it up to three days ahead of time. Simply store the meat and veggies separately, then pour on the marinade when you’re ready to start cooking! It’s a super easy meal that cooks up fast for busy weeknights.

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14. Apple Chips

If you’re in need of a delicious snack, air fryer apple chips could be just what you’re looking for!

Crispy apple chips are becoming more popular these days and for good reason. They aren’t just a sweet snack all by themselves. They can pretty much replace corn chips in your eating plan! They go great with salsa, are tasty as nachos and are wonderful dipped in queso!

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More air fryer recipes

Looking for more air fryer recipes? You can find more online or check out the author’s book Clean Eating Freezer.

And if you’re still not sure if an air fryer is right for you, read this air fryers review!

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