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In terms of popular grilling season, summer clearly takes the lead, as most U.S. respondents of a Statista survey said they can’t even imagine the hot season without barbecues. When it comes to their favorite holiday to have a barbecue, it is particularly the Fourth of July that made it to the top.

And when it comes to the different types of barbecuing devices, most American consumers prefer to use gas grills. Charcoal grills are another famous choice among U.S. respondents, and even though pellet grills are considered less common, they still saw high levels of annual sales growth.

Here are the most popular foods to barbecue amongst U.S. consumers, as per this Statista survey.

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8. Other

Share of respondents: 4%

Image Credit: tomalu / istockphoto.

7. Cheese

Share of respondents: 9%

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6. Fish/seafood

Share of respondents: 27%

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5. Vegetables

Share of respondents: 50%

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4. Sausages

Share of respondents: 53%

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3. Hot dogs

Share of respondents: 77%

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2. Burger

Share of respondents: 86%

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1. Meat/steaks

Share of respondents: 88%

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Data was collected from the United States; July 19 to 20, 2017; there were 824 respondents and were 18 years and older. The survey measured respondents who had a barbecue within the last year and what they grilled. The survey was published on Statista in 2020.

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