Apartment rents in Italy in 2023: The most and least expensive places to live in for renters


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In 2023, the average rent in Italy per month for a 2-bedroom apartment is $1,100 per month, following a 13% increase from a year ago. In Euros, the average monthly apartment rent in Italy is €1,000, equaling a price per square meter of €13.5 to lease a rental apartment.

It is about 35% cheaper to rent an apartment in Italy versus the United States, where the monthly average rent is around $1,700 for an apartment similar in size.

Rent prices for a long-term lease in Italy vary depending on the region and the city. The most expensive region to lease an apartment in Italy is Aosta Valley, with an average rent of $1,700 per month, followed by Lombardy and Tuscany, where an average apartment goes for $1,500 per month.

The most affordable Italian regions to rent in are Basilicata, Umbria, and Sicily, where you can find a rental apartment for about $600 per month.

Here are the average monthly rent prices in US Dollars in each of Italy’s regions: 

Perugia Italy

Here are the average monthly rent prices in Euros in each of Italy’s regions: 

Rent prices in Italy by city

Italy has many beautiful and great places to live in, from the sophisticated north to the sunny south. Larger cities offer more opportunities for jobs and entertainment, and thus are typically more expensive to rent in.

Smaller towns can offer a great quality of life at a more affordable price, but that’s not always the rule. Some popular, touristic small towns in Italy can be quite expensive, as is the case with Massa in Tuscany, while some large cities are surprisingly affordable, like Perugia, Umbria or Brindisi, Puglia.

If you’re looking for long-term rent in Milan, expect to pay the highest price in the country. The average 2-bedroom apartment in Milan as of 2023 rents for around $1,900, having increased about 15% compared to a year ago. Apartments closer to the city’s center tend to be much higher than that, going as high as $3,000-$4,000 per month depending on the exact location and quality of the apartment.

However, if you compare Milan rents with large cities in the US, renting here can be considered more affordable. The average rent in San Francisco is around $3,300, in Los Angeles $2,700 and in New York $4,700.

Florence is the second most expensive city to rent in Italy, at $1,600 per month for a 800 square foot apartment. The city has seen an annual increase of 22% in rents comapred to the previous year.

Florence Italy Spring

Bologna is the third most expensive large city in Italy, with an average monthly price of $1,500 for a 2-bedroom apartment. Rent prices in Bologna have risen by 10% year over year.

Renting an apartment in Rome costs on average $1,200 per month for 800 square feet. However, rent prices in the Italian capital can vary widely depending on the neighborhood you want to live in.

Here’s how much it costs to rent an apartment in Italy’s largest cities:  

  1. Rome $1,200
  2. Milano $1,900
  3. Naples $1,100
  4. Turin $900
  5. Palermo $700
  6. Genoa $700
  7. Bologna $1,500
  8. Florence $1,600
  9. Bari $900
  10. Catania $700
  11. Messina $600
  12. Padua $1,000
  13. Prato $900
  14. Brescia $800
  15. Perugia $700

See how much it costs to rent an apartment in 2023 in 100 Italian cities: 


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  • The average rent of a 800 square foot apartment was estimated to be approximately a 2-bedroom apartment and was calculated by multiplying the price per square foot in USD by 800
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  • Amounts may be rounded

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