Apple alternatives: 5 wireless chargers to try as AirPower languishes


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As the dust from another iPhone launch event settles, Apple’s own wireless charger, the AirPower, is still nowhere to be seen.

In fact, the device is less prevalent on Apple’s website now than before the iPhone XS and Watch Series 4 launched. Searching for “AirPower” on returns only a list of legal trademarks and no product.

A year after promising a device that could wirelessly charge multiple devices at once, Apple seems to have all but forgotten about it.

Thankfully, the accessory industry has jumped at the opportunity to develop a wireless charger and is now sprinting toward the gate that Apple left unlocked. Some of these wireless charging mats can power up to three devices, and they all look similar to the missing AirPower.

Here is a selection of alternatives to the Apple AirPower:

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Wuloo Wireless Charger: $46.69

This charging mat looks similar to the AirPower and can charge three gadgets at once. It uses the same Qi wireless charging technology as iPhones, Apple Watches and most other such devices. It also features a magnetic panel that is designed to keep an Apple Watch in place.

The Wuloo’s left charger has an output of 10 W for fast wireless charging, while the right charger has a slower 7.5 W output. (Note: the standard power adapter sold by Apple for the iPhone is 5 W, while its standard laptop power adapter is 12 W.)

AirPods cannot be charged on this device, as Apple has yet to debut an AirPod case that has wireless charging capabilities.

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Vego Wireless Charging Pad:$45.99

This charging pad is similar to the Wuloo and can power three devices at once. However, it does not feature a magnetizing panel.

Any device that is placed on a Vego pad can charge quickly if you use the right cable and plug the pad into a fast-charging wall outlet. The Vego is also offered in silver if Apple-like white isn’t for you.

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Conmdex Wireless Fast Charging Pad: $36.99

This three-in-one charger has enough space to power up to two smartphones simultaneously. It also features a central mount for your Apple Watch.

Each charging area has a status light that illuminates when a mounted device is being charged and when that device’s battery is full. The charger also comes with its own wall outlet.

iPhones can charge at 7.5 W, while smartphones from other manufacturers — like Samsung — can fast-charge at 10 W. Apple Watches can charge at 2 W.

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Beacoo Charging Stand: $24.98

Although it isn’t a mat, this stand provides a convenient place to charge your iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods while taking up the same amount of space as an AirPower. This stand does not actually charge your devices, but rather feeds your current charging cables neatly into place. As such, it’s more of a cable management system than a true charger.

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SliceCharge: $68 (down from $139)

This crowd-funded project is due to debut in October and offers an AirPower-style charging mat, as well as a case for charging AirPods. Its mat has enough space to charge three devices at once and at a rate of 7.5 W. SliceCharge claims that its device can completely recharge an iPhone X in less than three hours.

Available in red, white or blue, this charging mat has a retail price of $99 but is currently being offered for $49. The AirPods adapter currently costs $19 (usually $29), and is compatible with any Qi wireless chargers that you may already own.

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