Apple cider whoopie pies will be your new favorite fall dessert

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Apple cider doughnuts, you’ve met your match!

Apple cider whoopie pies are the dessert you have to bake this fall. These soft cookie sandwiches are the perfect marriage of sweet vanilla and spiced pumpkin.

Our favorite version of apple cider whoopie pies is this recipe from Parsley and Icing. Made with apple cider, apple butter and fall spices like ginger and nutmeg, these whoopie pies taste like everything we love about fall.

Once baked, the whoopie pies are coated in cinnamon sugar. You can choose between two fillings: bourbon caramel buttercream or brown sugar cream cheese icing. Or, if that sounds like an impossible choice, make both so you can have two different kinds of apple cider whoopie pies.

The end result is a grown-up, elegant dessert that deserves a starring role at your fall get-togethers, whether you are hosting your book club or throwing a Halloween party. Find the full recipe at Parsley and Icing.

Whoopie pies are believed to have originated in Pennsylvania Dutch country back in the early 21st century. One legend says that resourceful women wanted to find a way to use up leftover batter and frosting. So instead of just discarding it, they created little cookie sandwiches. The cookies got their name because when their men opened their lunch pails and saw the special dessert, they cried “Whoopie!”

How cute is that?

Looking for other apple cider whoopie pie recipes? Try this version from Delish. It features fresh orange zest, fresh nutmeg and a pinch of cloves, which really puts those fall flavors forward when combined with apple cider and apple butter. These whoopie pies are then filled with salted caramel cream cheese.

We also like this standard version from the New York Times’s Samantha Seneviratne. Nothing fancy here: It’s just a cozy cream cheese filling sandwiched between rich apple cider cookies that are lightly spiced with ginger and nutmeg.

Of course, you can always just keep the cookies as they are and skip the cream cheese filling route. They won’t be pies, but we guarantee they’ll still make you want to yell, “Whoopie,” too!

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