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Getting married? Consider this before hitching your bank accounts, too

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“Should we merge our bank accounts or keep them separate once we’re wed?” Many couples wrestle with this decision. Recently there’s been a trend toward keeping …


Do you have more car insurance than you really need? Here’s how to tell

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Figuring out just how much car insurance you really need can be a challenge. At minimum, you’ll want to make sure you have enough car insurance …

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10 ways tech is making aging easier (or trying to)

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As a species, humans are living longer. In fact, the average lifespan has more than doubled over the last two centuries. But as it becomes no biggie to …

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Getting through the first big holiday after a loved one’s death

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A few years ago, my father passed away just before Thanksgiving. That holiday season passed in a blur.  A strange swirl of questions went through my mind: …