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Americans love their coffee.

In fact, the National Coffee Association found that 62% of Americans drink coffee daily, and the average coffee fanatic drinks three cups a day. To find out which cities are best for coffee lovers, WalletHub gathered data from the 100 largest U.S. cities and ranked them from most to least friendly for coffee lovers. They then based final scores on data like the number of coffee shops, coffee houses and cafés per capita and the average price per pack of coffee to rank which of the 100 cities were best for coffee fanatics.


WalletHub compared America’s 100-most populated cities on the following metrics, which were then weighed and graded on a 100-point scale:

  1. Average Price per Pack of Coffee: Full Weight (~7.14 Points)
  2. Average Price of a Cappuccino: Full Weight (~7.14 Points)
  3. Average Spending on Coffee per Household: Full Weight (~7.14 Points)
  4. Share of Adult Coffee Drinkers: Full Weight (~7.14 Points)
  5. Note: This metric measures the share of adults who reported drinking “ready-to-drink” coffee in the past six months. “Ready-to-drink” includes already prepared coffee found in the cold section of grocery stores.
  6. Share of Households that Own Coffee Makers: Full Weight (~7.14 Points)
  7. Note: This metric includes households that own electric coffee grinders, coffee makers (single-cup/pod-brewing) and/or espresso/cappuccino makers.
  8. Affordable Coffee Shops, Coffee Houses & Cafés Rated 4.5+ Stars per Capita*: Double Weight (~14.29 Points)
  9. Coffee Shops, Coffee Houses & Cafés per Capita*: Double Weight (~14.29 Points)
  10. Coffee & Tea Manufacturers per Capita*: Full Weight (~7.14 Points)
  11. Coffee Shops with Free Wi-Fi per Capita*: Full Weight (~7.14 Points)
  12. Donut Shops per Capita*: Full Weight (~7.14 Points)
  13. Google Search Traffic for the Term “Coffee”: Full Weight (~7.14 Points)
  14. Note: Search traffic was measured as a share of the national average.
  15. Presence of Coffee-Centric Events: Full Weight (~7.14 Points)

Cities also received an additional point if they hosted at least one coffee-centric event.

You can find Wallethub’s full methodology online.

30. Dallas

Total Score: 46.48

29. Cincinnati, Ohio

Total Score: 46.78

28. Anaheim, California

Total Score: 48.35

Tied-26. Houston

Total Score: 48.72

Tied-26. Chicago

Total Score: 48.72

25. Sacramento, California

Total Score: 49.52

24. Austin, Texas

Total Score: 49.72

23. Atlanta

Total Score: 50.21

22. Las Vegas

Total Score: 50.31

21. San Jose, California

Total Score: 50.38

20. New York City

Total Score: 50.39

19. Irvine, California

Total Score: 50.55

18. Washington, D.C.

Total Score: 50.68

17. Jersey City, New Jersey

Total Score: 51.15

16. Oakland, California

Total Score: 51.53

15. New Orleans

Total Score: 52.31

14. Long Beach, California

Total Score: 52.4

13. Denver

Total Score: 53.09

12. Los Angeles

Total Score: 53.79

11. Minneapolis

Total Score: 54.24

10. Boston

Total Score: 55.36

9. San Diego

Total Score: 55.8

8. Miami

Total Score: 55.89

7. Tampa, Florida

Total Score: 56.87

6. Honolulu

Total Score: 58.61

5. Pittsburgh

Total Score: 58.82

4. Orlando, Florida

Total Score: 60.12

3. Seattle

Total Score: 62.07

2. San Francisco

Total Score: 63.4

1. Portland, Oregon

Total Score: 64.29


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