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The idea of waking up to sunshine and a more relaxed way of living every day is certainly appealing. For many moving to Greece seems out of reach for fear they will not be able to find jobs in Greece as an English speaker and learning Greek beyond the conversational level is a huge challenge.

There is absolutely no reason to stop dreaming about a wonderful new life in Greece as there are a surprising number of jobs for English speakers in Greece.

Legal requirements to work in Greece

If you find suitable work in Greece and decide that you would like to move there, keep in mind some general requirements. Before arriving in Greece, you will need to apply for a Type D Visa if you are from a non-EU or non-EEA country. This type of visa allows you to stay in Greece for more than 90 days and must be obtained prior to your arrival in Greece.

Work visas can be obtained from the Consular Section of the Greek Embassy in the country of your residence. It is important to check that your passport is valid for at least another 90 days after the expiration of your visa and you must have medical insurance cover for the same length of time.

On arrival in Greece, you will need to apply for a residence permit as well as a work permit that allows you to legally work in Greece. Your employer will apply for this on your behalf as the work permit is linked to your employer and it is occupation and location-specific. Your employer must start the application for your work permit within the first 30 days you start work in Greece.

Documents needed to work legally in Greece:

  1. D visa from your country of residence
  2. Your passport must be valid for at least three months after the expiration date of your D visa
  3. Copies of your residence permit application
  4. Recent passport photographs – taken in the last six months
  5. Proof of travel medical insurance covering the period of your D Visa
  6. A medical fitness certificate
  7. Proof that you do not have a criminal record (available from the police department in your country of residency)

What jobs are available in Greece for English speakers?

There are many job opportunities for English speakers to work in Greece because tourism is key to the country’s economy. Jobs related to travel and tourism are constantly available in both the main cities and resorts on the mainland and islands. Importantly, they are often entry-level jobs so they do not require any experience.

Some American corporations employ staff members for their company locations in Greece. This can be advantageous, as the salary paid is at American levels.

Likewise, all the American computer hardware and software companies including Microsoft, Compaq, and Apple, have operations in Greece so if you are experienced in these fields, it may well be worth applying directly to the company to see if they have any positions to fill in Greece.

There are also opportunities to work in Greece with major international companies such as Adidas, HP and TTEC as they all have ongoing efforts to develop their footholds in the Greek market, with customer service roles frequently available.

There are also a small number of remote jobs available where you will be required to occasionally travel into the office which will be in a major town or city.

If you are English-speaking but also speak Dutch or German, you will have an advantage as both of these languages are also regularly required for work in Greece.

What are the average wages in Greece?

According to the most recent data, the average monthly salary in Greece is around €1,200 ($1,300) with the average cost of living for a single person being €600 ($650) per month.

The best jobs for English speakers in Greece

1. Tour guides and reps

Typically, this type of work in Greece is available for the summer season months of May – October with all the main tour operators, with the bonus that many of them are British.

Accommodation is often provided and the role is perfect for those who enjoy meeting different people. The work is varied, but very demanding and the hours can certainly be long, especially if you are coordinating transfers from the airport and the flight gets delayed.

Other aspects of the work include welcoming visitors, providing them with information and booking trips and excursions for them, dealing with any medical problems that arise, and any complaints about accommodation or conflict between individuals.

2. Wedding coordinator

Some foreign couples choose beautiful Greece for a destination wedding. This is a really lovely job but opportunities are few and far between. Wedding Coordinators are usually working for a British tour operator or wedding planning company in such stunning beach locations as Crete or Santorini.

The role of the coordinator is to help the wedding couple at every stage from completing the necessary paperwork on their arrival in the resort and booking the venues through to organizing transportation, photographers and flowers. During the summer season, this can be an extremely busy role and definitely suits people who remain calm and work well under pressure.

3. Hotel animator

There are a number of hotel jobs on the Greek islands that are open to English speakers for the summer season and these include working as an animator or running the hotel’s children’s activities. As a high percentage of the hotel’s guests are English-speaking, lively extrovert English speakers are perfect for this work in Greece.

4. English Teacher

More than 51% of Greeks speak English and it is taught as the first foreign language to school students. English is considered very important both for the country’s tourism and because English is the international business language.

There are often openings to teach English in some of the larger Greek schools. There is always a demand for private English lessons but unfortunately, it is unlikely you will be able to get a work permit for independent work.

5. Private babysitter or nanny

This much sought-after work in Greece is not advertised that frequently, but vacancies do appear. Besides speaking perfect English and having childcare experience, employers may also ask that you have been properly trained in your home country and have a current First Aid certificate. Each job is slightly different, depending on the family’s individual requirements.

5. Bar staff and waiters


There are many job opportunities of this kind in Greece for English speakers during the summer season – both on the mainland and also on the islands. Unfortunately, many of them are cash-in-hand on the black market as work permits are not often given for this type of work.

As appealing as it may sound, it is not advisable to work without a work permit, as the chances of being caught are high and will result in your immediate deportation.

Where to look for the best jobs for English speakers in Greece

Searching for a job online is the easiest option, but it is essential that you check websites daily for new job ads. The number of applicants for most jobs is high as Greece as a working destination has really increased in popularity in recent years.

Examples of job search websites in Greece:

  1. Job Find
  2. Linkedin
  3. Jobs Greece
  4. Glassdoor

In addition to being able to submit application forms online, many job interviews are now conducted using Zoom, Teams or similar video conference software.

If you have the opportunity to work in Greece for a company from your own country, it is well worth asking if the company offers any form of relocation package. Some companies will refund the visa application fees that have been paid and offer support to help you obtain your tax number, register for social security and open a Greek bank account.

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