Beware of porch pirates this holiday shopping season!


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The biggest shopping period is almost upon us, with a little over half the population saying they will shop the pre-holiday sales, but should they be worried about the safety of those items?

Almost one in four (23%) adults say they had a package stolen in the last 12 months, according to a recent survey conducted by Finder. This equates to about 59.7 million adults.

82% of those who had a package stolen claimed it had a value of at least $50, meaning looking at porch pirates pilfering products worth $5.2 billion at a minimum*.

And if you’ve had a product stolen in the past, you’re probably worried about that happening again, with a combined 65% expressing at least some worry about their holiday purchases this year — 17% of which is extreme concern.

But under three-fifths of those who’ve dealt with package thieves in the past say they plan to mitigate further thefts with “security of package” insurance.

Wild West for package thefts

If you live in one of the Pacific (32%) states (Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington), you’re 40% more likely to report having a package go missing in the last 12 months than the average US resident (23%).

On the other side of the coin, just 17% of those living in New England said they had a package go missing.

Women far more likely to report having a stolen package

Women (27%) are far more likely than men (18%) to say they had a package stolen in the last 12 months and are also slightly more likely (66%) than men (64%) to be concerned about their holiday purchases in 2023.

Close to two-thirds (57%) of stolen items reported by men were valued at over $100, compared to less than half (47%) for women, which could explain why men (63%) are a little more likely than women (57%) to say that they’re either going to insure their packages, buy a security system or both.

Younger generations more likely to fall victim to porch pirates

With 68% of Generation Z saying they will be hunting for bargains this holiday season, it is no surprise they’re also the generation most likely to say they were the victim of a porch pirate in the last 12 months at 37%. Just 9% of boomers said they had a package stolen in the last year.

Gen Y was the generation that reported the most items that were stolen, with a value of more than $100, a combined 57%.

How can you protect yourself against porch pirates?

If you will be shopping the sales this year and want to protect your purchases, rather than using your debit card, check if your credit card offers purchase protection. Purchase protection can protect your item from a range of misadventures, from it being stolen, lost or damaged in transit. All three major card issuers — Visa, MasterCard and American Express — offer some form of protection depending on your card. So, check out the terms and conditions to see if you’re covered.