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If you’ve ever wished you could be a part of the “Pure Imagination” that is Willy Wonka’s candy factory, is offering an experience you will not want to miss.

In celebration of the holiday season and the release of Warner Bros. Pictures’ “Wonka” hitting theaters Dec. 15, is offering the chance to stay in a hotel room inspired by the film and decked out in all things sugary and sweet.

Park Lane New York in New York City and Viceroy Santa Monica in Los Angeles are each offering a Wonka’s Sweet Suite for two guests on a first-come, first-served basis beginning Dec. 13. While the rooms are a bit different, both have been transformed into what describes as a “sugary wonderland” inspired by the film.

Along with an overnight stay, the experience also includes “all-you-can-treat” experiences and “edible amenities” like limited-edition Wonka Magic Hat Gummies, life-sized chocolate treats, a replica of the tree in Wonka’s candy shop and even a chocolate bar bed topped with marshmallows.

You’ll also receive tickets to see “Wonka” in theaters, vintage posters and stamp wallpaper inspired by Wonka’s travels, candy-inspired beverages and more. If you happen to be a member of’s loyalty program, Genius, and are at a level two or three, you’ll also receive a free “chocolate-infused breakfast.”

Willy Wonka hotel suite, hotel room inspired by Willy Wonka

If you’d like to book the room, you’ll have to be the first one to do so on Dec. 13 at noon EST. Priced at just $12.15 (a nod to the day the film is released), the stay will take place on Dec. 15-16.

If you’re able to book one of the rooms, you will be responsible for the rest of your travel arrangements, so make sure you can quickly pack your bags and head to New York City or Los Angeles. Itineraries and airport transfers through are included.

Willy Wonka hotel suite, hotel room inspired by Willy Wonka

Would you love to stay in a hotel suite inspired by Willy Wonka?

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