Build-a-Bear has an ‘adult’ site now & it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day


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Or, at least, you have to be 18 to enter Build-a-Bear’s latest undertaking.

Would you like to sip Beary Seltzer with a stuffed dog named Barkliegh in high heeled boots and an “It’s wine o’clock somewhere” T-shirt?

How about a spa day and some champs with a stuffed bunny named Pawlette?

Have I got the website for you!

Build-A-Bear, the original bear building workshop, is apparently no longer satisfied that every child in the country starts yelling and screaming when they see a Build-A-Bear shop.

Now, they’re coming for us adults.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Build-A-Bear has unveiled its newest product line that will surely make the to-do over Tickle Me Elmo look like a couple of old ladies sipping tea and playing mahjong. Brace yourself, it’s…


Build-a-Bear Bear Cave site

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Complete with an 18 and over only website, which actually leads you to believe the bears are a  lot more adult themed than they actually are.

And they don’t just have drinking buddy creations. Oh no, not by a long shot. There are also  designs for, shall we say, more adult pursuits, like The Devilish Happy Hugs Teddy sporting nothing but a cape, devil horns, silk boxers and a smile. Partially dressed stuffed animals have never seemed so exposed.

These new “adult” stuffed animals and accessories can all be found on Build -A-Bear’s website, kind of suggestively named “The Bear Cave,” where you can see bears with themes ranging  from the sugary sweetness of Disney to the action-packed bears of The Matrix … and, of course, the aforementioned come-hither collection.

And you must be 18 to even see them, much less shop them, which is probably appropriate.

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