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Would you like to experience the beauty, culture, and history of an Italian odyssey to the island of Capri, Italy? Boasting stunning sights and attractions to explore, this unique destination offers something for everyone. From awe-inspiring clifftop hikes and picturesque rocky coves to charming hillside towns steeped in tradition, visitors will be enchanted. Read on to discover more about Europe’s “Isle of Enchantment.”

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Where is Capri?

Capri is an Italian island in the Tyrrhenian Sea off the Sorrentine Peninsula, on the south side of the Gulf of Naples. Capri, with some 14,000 residents, has been a tourist destination since Roman times. Its rugged landscape with jagged cliffs reaching up to 600 meters gives it a distinctive beauty.

The harbors on the island of Capri are Marina Grande and Marina Piccola. The latter is the main transportation port for ferries traveling to Naples, Sorrento, and Ischia as well as some hydrofoils connecting with many other areas in Italy.

What is Capri famous for? 

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1. The Piazzetta

Sitting at the heart of this picturesque island is The Piazzetta, a place of beauty, intrigue, and adventure. It offers something for everyone with several bars, coffee shops, restaurants, and souvenir stores lining both sides of its cobbled streets. You will find locals milling around it selling artworks and trinkets while tourists take selfies against its iconic backdrop.

The Piazzetta comes alive during summer months when visitors flock to its terraces to seek respite from Capri’s Mediterranean sun. They come here to drink coffee while admiring distant views over the sea toward Mount Solaro or even watch local fishers sorting through their daily catch along the harbor.

From The Piazzetta, you can board boats to other islands within the Bay of Naples. Of course, there are far more colorful attractions than just sightseeing when visiting The Piazzetta. Its easy-going atmosphere provides the perfect opportunity for those wishing to explore the culture and customs of this beautiful corner of Italy.

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2. The Blue Grotto

The Blue Grotto is a stunningly beautiful cave filled with glowing, aquamarine-colored water. Many visitors make their way here to experience this unprecedented moment of awe-inspiring delight. Easily accessible by boat off the coast of Capri Italy, it is one of the most memorable spots in Europe, known for its electric atmosphere and majestic limestone edifice.

Once inside, revelers take in sparkling pools surrounded by sheer rock walls and archways that cascade with light. The shimmering beauty within the grotto provides an atmosphere of tranquillity that fills one’s senses with stunning, surreality. One can admire the blue shining out at them, reflecting light off vigorous sea life below such as schools of tropical fish or schools of Marlin.

The Blue Grotto truly is a magical experience. With its hypnotic subterranean charm and unique sights, one feels as though they have been transported into an enchanted land far from the troubles of reality. Its otherworldly atmosphere is perfect for a romantic evening or just taking in the views with friends and family.

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3. The Gardens of Augustus

The Gardens of Augustus is one of the most exquisite and captivating attractions in this idyllic Mediterranean paradise. Formed by the German industrialist Friedrich Alfred Krupp in the early 20th century, its terraces provide a vantage point over the blue waters of the Gulf of Naples.

The grounds consist of grapevines and lush lawns surrounded by centuries-old stone walls that enclose beautiful flowering plants and a variety of begonias, which transform these gardens into something truly breathtaking. A visit is an absolute must.

Walking the paths of The Gardens, tucked away in narrow ravines among ancient ruins bounded by terraced cliffs, will be a feast for the eyes. The Gardens are sprinkled with Roman statues and architectural wonders. With its lush vegetation, winding pathways lined with hillside villas, and captivating views from every direction, this experience will stay with you forever.

Best things to do in Capri Italy 

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1. Via Krupp

Although Capri is known for its beautiful, azure waters, the slopes of Via Krupp provide another mesmerizing view that cannot be missed. Built in 1902 by industrialist Friedrich Krupp, the via has become a favored spot to take photographs of idyllic Mediterranean scenery juxtaposed against ruins from ancient Roman times.

Via Krupp spans three-quarters of a mile, providing tourists with hundreds if not thousands of fascinating photographic opportunities. The sprawling vistas provide an excellent opportunity for travelers to observe and marvel at awe-inspiring surroundings enveloped in nature’s beauty.

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2. Faraglioni rocks

The Faraglioni rocks are limestone stacks off the coastline, suspended in a magical and mysterious atmosphere. They were formed by ocean waves crashing onto the rock faces over thousands of years; the same forces created hundreds of caves, tunnels, and grottos on these captivating rocks.

All three rock formations are named. The first, Stella, is still connected to the land. The second, called Faraglione di Mezzo, is separated from the first by a body of water. The third is called Faraglione di Fuori or Scopolo. Those formations have become the symbol of the island, offering a breathtaking view from any direction. From May to October, visitors can take boat tours around the formations for up-close encounters.

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3. Boat trips

Capri has long been known for its boat tours in the Tyrrhenian Sea, and it is easy to grasp why they are so popular. The spectacular views, crystal-clear waters, amazing wildlife, delights of fresh seafood platters, and little coves to visit provide an experience that will stay with one forever.

The best way to enjoy this Mediterranean paradise is aboard traditional wooden boats, which offer comfort and convenience while providing an environmentally friendly sailing experience. Visitors can book a one-hour, half-day, or full-day trip that can take them around the entire island, allowing for splendid sights where tourists can dive into the unique colors found only in the Mediterranean Sea.

No visit to Capri would be complete without one, and the boat trips can be tailored to fit any budget, timetable, and individual preference. Find a tour operator who will arrange everything for you with qualified experienced staff that ensures top-quality customer service from picking the right vessel and sailing safety to selecting dockside seafood platters and visits to local taverns.

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