Cornbread donuts are a thing & we feel confused

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I am from the south. I am a fan of southern food (but isn’t anyone with taste buds?). I have never even considered a world in which cornbread donuts are a potential reality.

And yet this is the world we find ourselves in today because Dunkin has released a brand spanking new menu item, the cornbread donuts. And yes, there are cornbread Munchkins too.

Yep. Cornbread donuts. Just like your southern grandma did not used to make.

But… but…they sound really good.

In their related press release, the Massachusetts-based company said, “Dunkin’ is expanding its bakery case with a new comfort food staple. Cornbread Donut and MUNCHKINS features a unique, sweet & savory corn-cake base glazed for the perfect sweet and savory bite.”

And we do love a sweet and savory treat, don’t we? It has definitely been the trend for the last few years (see salted caramel, which no one dislikes unless they are completely mad. Mad I tell you!) and Dunkin has hopped on that bandwagon, but with what seems to be a completely unique product.

There are a few recipes online for Cornbread Donuts (the cornbread donuts and fried chicken sound especially good!). But Dunkin seems to be the only place you can try them without trashing your own kitchen.

The cornbread donut isn’t the only new menu item. There is also a wicked sounding Tomato Pesto Grilled Cheese (that pesto is nut free), a yellow cake batter signature Latte and a mango pineapple Dunkin Refresher.

All the new items sound perfect as the heat of summer rolls toward us. So while a Texas summer is too hot to do much of anything else, you can believe we will be looking for occasions to hit up Dunkin to try their new items.

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