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For those who love fashion but not the price tag, eco-footprint or space they take up, some designers and websites may have a solution: digital clothes. Digital or virtual clothes are digital files of clothes that you buy and “wear” online. For most brands, you’ll either simply download an app to “wear” or “try on” the clothes virtually or wait for the company to send you Photoshopped photos of you in your new digital clothes.

Some of these clothes only exist virtually as 3-D renderings or files and therefore can only be “worn” online; however, some sites and apps allow you to try on real, physical clothes virtually to help you determine if you want to actually buy them.

The price range and quality of these digital clothes, as popular YouTuber Safiya Nygaard recently discovered, can vary. And some of the “fake” clothes can have high price tags, such as this digital dress that sold for $9,500. However, other designs, like this digital hat, are only $1.

We’ve rounded up some of the most popular digital clothing brands to find out just how far the range of digital fashion reaches, both in terms of budget and styles. Whether you’re looking for a sleek Zoom outfit or an Instagram-worthy Met Gala masterpiece, here are some of the latest digital clothes offerings from a variety of popular digital clothing sites and designers.

Note that costs and availability are accurate as of publication.

DressX: Biomimicry Look digital clothes

1. DressX: Biomimicry Look

This look is a digital jumpsuit designed with biomimicry crystals, and wearers will have crystals and illuminating strings hanging off the jumpsuit and suspended in midair.

DressX: Vincent van Gogh Starry Night Digital T-Shirt

2. DressX: Vincent van Gogh Starry Night T-Shirt

Don’t have room for another T-shirt in your closet? DressX has a series of digital ones based on various painters, including this Starry Night-inspired one.

The Fabricant: The RenaiXance Rising digital clothes

3. The Fabricant: The RenaiXance Rising

While you can’t buy this one-of-a-kind item anymore, this example shows another use of digital clothes: an expansion of nonfungible tokens, or NFTs, an increasingly popular way artists and designers are making money in the digital space. In fact, this dress appeared on the cover of Vogue Singapore’s September NFT issue. These NFT, auction-based digital clothes are great for fashion collectors who are also interested in high fashion and unique runway looks.

The Fabricant: Soorty digital clothes

4. The Fabricant: Soorty

Don’t have thousands of dollars for a digital dress? The Fabricant has a storefront called FFROP, which are free digital clothes for those who may be interested in building a digital closet but don’t want to commit yet. They have more everyday streetwear looks in this section, such as the pictured Soorty dress, as well as some more eye-catching designs, such as a vest made out of bubbles.

Republique: Floating Bubble Ball Gown digital clothes

5. Republique: Floating Bubble Ball Gown

If you’re looking for a digital special occasion or prom dress, this dress may be for you! It even comes in a variety of colors, including multi-colored (pictured here), mint and white. You can even get a matching vest for your dog!

Republique: Patchwork Wings and Boots digital clothes

6. Republique: Patchwork Wings and Boots

These denim wings and matching jeans will be sure to catch the eyes of your social media followers! (If that’s too unrealistic for you, this virtual jean hat for just $3.40 may be a better fit.)

Tribute Brand: Red Cypraea digital clothes
Tribute_brand / Instagram

7. Tribute Brand: Red Cypraea

Tribute Brand shows off their virtual clothing on Instagram, which is where they anticipate you’ll most likely want to post this Photoshopped dress!

Tribute Brand: Blue Pink pants digital clothes
Tribute_brand / Instagram

8. Tribute Brand: Blue Pink

If Tribute Brand’s mermaid pants gave you all the feels, you’ll love this digital find! The full-length mermaid gown is complete with gill-like sleeves and a tail.

XR Couture: Mythical Mermaid Gown digital clothes

9. XR Couture: Mythical Mermaid Gown

If Tribute Brand’s mermaid pants gave you all the feels, you’ll love this digital find! The full-length mermaid gown is complete with gill-like sleeves and a tail.

XR Couture: Metallic Suit digital clothes

10. XR Couture: Metallic Suit

This metallic suit can be dressed up for a night “out” (or, well, to make your followers think you went out!) or for a more professional virtual photoshoot.

En Replicant: Àrà (1)

11. En Replicant: Àrà (1)

Unlike many of the more extravagant and expensive digital designs on this list, you can get (or get a photo of you in, we suppose…) this floor-length dress for only $20.

En Replicant: ISDKV ran digital clothes

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