Disney’s Tiana’s Palace shares house gumbo recipe for National Gumbo Day

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Maybe National Gumbo Day doesn’t have the same éclat as Thanksgiving or New Year’s Eve, but you know what? It does have gumbo, and that makes it worth celebrating in our book.

And, in honor of National Gumbo Day, Disneyland chefs are sharing their recipe for Princess Tiana’s House Gumbo.

As Disney fans know, Tiana’s Palace is one of the newest additions to Disneyland’s New Orleans Square. The much-anticipated restaurant offers casual eats in a themed setting that mirrors Tiana’s restaurant in “The Princess and the Frog.” The flavors of New Orleans inspire the menu, and Disney says the restaurant tries to source its ingredients from Louisiana whenever possible.

And now, you can recreate one of Princess Tiana’s most popular recipes at home: Disney Chef Toby Hollis has shared the restaurant’s recipe for the House Gumbo.

Disney chefs took their inspiration from Leah Chase herself for this gumbo recipe. Chase is the famous chef behind the iconic Dooky Chase restaurant in New Orleans, as well as the real-life inspiration for Princess Tiana. (After making Princess Tiana’s gumbo recipe, be sure to check out Chase’s authentic Creole gumbo z’herbes (pronounced “gumbo zairbz”) recipe, too.) She died in 2019, but her culinary legacy continues.

Below, Chase’s daughter Stella Chase Reese welcomes Disney fans into Dooky Chase’s restaurant, then introduces Disney Chef Toby Hollis, who will show you how to prepare Princess Tiana’s House Gumbo:

“Everyone loves gumbo, because gumbo is a dish where everyone can be creative,” Reese says. “Happy National Gumbo Day!”

The House Gumbo recipe calls for chicken thighs and andouille sausage, as well as onion, peppers, celery and okra. You’ll also need a variety of fresh herbs, plus spices and hot sauce. The dish is served topped with white rice.

Since Tiana’s Palace’s opening day on Sept. 7, hungry Disney-goers have poured into Tiana’s Palace for a taste of New Orleans. Of course, the House Gumbo recipe has been a popular order, and this hearty gumbo has received favorable reviews from fans who say it has a bit of a kick.

Vegetarians can order Princess Tiana’s 7 Greens Gumbo, which features okra, yams, sweet potatoes and heirloom rice. Or, if you’re an omnivore but if you love your veggies, you can order the 7 Greens Gumbo and ask for the chicken and sausage to be added.

And you can learn more about life of Leah Chase by reading her biography “Listen, I Say Like This” or try out more of her recipes with her “And Still I Cook” cookbook.

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