Do you know the official motto for these 10 cities?


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How’s your city slogan trivia talent?

Certain cities are famous for a reason. Los Angeles is the “City of Angels,” Portland’s slogan is “Keep Portland Weird,” and Chicago is known as “The Windy City.” 

These catchy mottos attract tourists and residents alike to their cities — even persuading some people to settle down and buy their first or second home there.

Do you think you have what it takes to guess all 10 slogans? Click through and see if you can guess all of them correctly!


1. He’s an easy one to start. Fill in the blank to complete this iconic city slogan.

“What happens in _______, stays in ________.”

Las Vegas

Answer: Vegas

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” was created by the Las Vegas tourism department way back in 2003, as a way to brand the city as somewhere you could do more than just gamble. While it may not encourage the best money habits, it’s certainly attracted people to the city!

Chocolate Avenue
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2. This town’s motto is ‘The sweetest place on Earth.’

Hershey's Kiss
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Answer: Hershey, Pennsylvania

“The sweetest place on Earth” has been Hershey’s slogan since the early 1990’s. Milton Hershey (founder of Hershey’s Chocolates) created this place as a utopia for his workers. There’s a museum, an amusement park, a grand hotel and more! 

Atlantic CIty, NJ
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3. For a period in the early 2000s, which city used ‘Always turned on’ as their slogan?

Atlantic City
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Answer: Atlantic City, New Jersey

“Always turned on” was an attempt to brand Atlantic City with an edgier, “adults-only” image similar to that of Las Vegas. It’s since been changed to “Do AC.”  

Rock band playing
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4. Give this one a try:

 “________ rocks!”

Cleveland skyline

Answer: Cleveland, Ohio

“Cleveland rocks” is a fitting name for the city that is home to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame, and was used in the opening montage of Drew Carey’s his famous television show. 

Vaquero with Texas flag
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5. ‘Where Yee-haw! meets Olé!’ is which border town’s catchy slogan?


US/Mexico border in Eagle Pass, Texas
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Answer: Eagle Pass, Texas

“Where Yee-haw! meets Olé!” has been the town’s slogan since the 1990s, and is a nod to the city’s location along the Rio Grande River at the border of Mexico and The United States. 

Congress Avenue in Austin, Texas
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6. Fill in the blank to complete this one:

“Keep _________ weird.”

Austin, Texas, mural
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Answer: Austin, Texas

The slogan first came on the scene in 2002 and is credited to a librarian named Red Wassenich. “Keep Austin Weird” was designed to promote local business in the city, and a year later, the slogan was also adopted by Portland, Oregon!

Mack Truck
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7. Which city used to refer to itself as ‘The truck capital of the world’ because Mack Trucks were headquartered there from 1905 to 2009?

Allentown, Pennsylvania
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Answer: Allentown, Pennsylvania

During this period of time, this was the “Truck capital of the world,” thanks to the Mack Trucks factories that were located within the city limits of Allentown is also known as “The Silk City,” “The Queen City,” and “A-Town.” 

new york

8. Can you I.D. ‘The city that never sleeps?’

New York

Answer: New York

Also known as “The Big Apple” in addition to “The city that never sleeps,” New York city earned this moniker by being packed full of attraction and wonder, and as a place where side hustlers can work through the night. Even the subway never closes! 

Philadelphia love statue

9. Which city markets itself as “The city of brotherly love?”

Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Answer: Philadelphia

This nickname is also the literal translation of “Philadelphia,”  with phileo translating as “to love,” adelphos translating to “brother.” The city was founded on Oct. 27, 1682, and was named Philadelphia by William Penn.

Woman in garden
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11. Every city is known for something and this one prides itself on being known as ‘The bedding plant capital of Connecticut.”

First Congregational Church of Cheshire, Connecticut
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Answer: Cheshire, Connecticut

“The bedding plant capital of Connecticut” has had a long connection with farming and agriculture since people first began living here. There are as many as 400 million plants here, with 300 different varieties! 

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How’d You Do?

1-3: It could be worse; you could live in a town that’s known as the poison oak capital of the world.

4-7: Not bad! Just try not to let the ones you missed keep you up at night.

8-10: Like Cleveland, you rock!

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