Dolly Parton has her cake and eats it too (courtesy of Duncan Hines)

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Does Dolly Parton EVER rest? Does she even sleep?

Dolly is always up to something but have you seen what she’s up to now? She is partnering with Duncan Hines to introduce a new line of cakes inspired by her favorite recipes – including a banana cake that she recently enjoyed for her birthday.

This partnership is not really a shock, though. I mean, Dolly is kinda like a cake herself. All decorated and fancy on the outside and soft and sweet and warm on the inside, and I am absolutely certain that she always smells like buttercream frosting.

This partnership feels right to me.

Dolly has never been one to sit around. She describes herself as a “work horse dressed up like a show horse.” and that seems appropriate because she works a LOT. She has more jobs than i can list here, with unexpected credits like film producer (She has her own production company, Sandollar Productions) and more familiar ones like philanthropist. Plus, in general she is always bringing joy to the people who love her… and everyone loves her. You know, having everyone love you can’t always be easy. A lot of pressure to not let people down. Frankly, I don’t know how she does it, but she does do it, every day, with style and grace. Always.

Yes, Dolly always seems to have a full plate… full of cake.

Get your own full plate of Dolly here, courtesy of CBS Mornings and Gayle King: