Dolly Parton brings down the house with this question about her hair

When asked about her hair, Dolly Parton is totally honest with a fan and it is truly wonderful.


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I have sought the higher powers, consulted the all knowing oracle, shaken the Magic 8 Ball, and shouted my question to the heavens…

“Is Dolly Parton the most adorable creature that has ever trod this earth?”

All signs point to yes.
Of course she is. OF… COURSE…SHE… IS! Has the woman ever, for one moment, been a normal human level of adorable? No. No, she has not. She always transcended what we, as mere mortals, have achieved when we pointlessly attempt to be better than we are. She IS better.

Oh, come on. You know it’s true.

Take a look at this little tiny, super short, itty bitty clip. Then tell me what you see…

Did you see it? Did you see what she did?

A grown woman, a celebrity, just admitted, on TV, in front of recording devices no less, that she wears a wig, and it’s the most precious thing I have ever seen that didn’t involve baby animals or babies. It’s unbelievable. If anyone, ANYONE, other than Dolly Parton had even dreamed, even thought of dreaming, of making such an admission….? Well, search “wig fail” and see for yourself. It is not often a topic to which the word adorable can be appropriately applied.

But, we love Dolly Parton and she deserves it. She is the best parts of us all rolled up into a tiny, perfect, adorable package and it’s a package full of gifts she shares often and well, and, as we have seen year after year, through her actions, through her charity work, The Imagination Library, The Dollywood Foundation, the My People Fund, on and on, through the gift of her humor and amazing talent, by the way she has shared her joy and light with us for decades in a way only she could, we know, without question, Dolly loves us too.