Dolly Parton’s ‘Jolene’ at half speed is a thing of beauty


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I am haunted … and it’s so good.

Dolly Parton’s classic “Jolene” is one of the best and most beloved songs in the lexicon of country music. It’s great, and I’m not being partial just because Jolene and I are both stunning redheads.

There is this Norwegian YouTuber who goes by the screen name OdinsVlog, and he has taken the originally amazing “Jolene” and made something completely different out of it. Not better because not much could be better, but something totally different.

He took “Jolene” and slowed it down. Yes, like we used to do as kids when we all had access to  a turntable and cranked the speeds up to see what our favorite songs sounded like as sung by Alvin and the Chipmunks or slow it way down and pretend like the whole world was in slow motion (You should really see me slow motion dance to Nick Gilder’s ‘“Hot Child in the City” before you judge).

But this is special.

He slowed “Jolene” down to 33 rpms, and it is a whole different song. Dolly’s pure, beautiful

soprano voice slows down into something more akin to KD Lang’s dulcet mezzo soprano’s tones, and what was her simple request becomes something much deeper and darker. It becomes a plaintive cry from the heart of the singer. Not only do Dolly’s warbling tones translate, they elevate, and you can hear the trills she is known for in such detail that they demand your admiration for her unbelievable (in an Andrew Dice Clay way) talent.

This version of “Jolene” is haunting, and it is too beautiful to be missed.

Haunt your own brain with the video below.

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