Whoops! Drunk cop impersonator pulls over off-duty cop


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Some people have all the luck. And then there’s this guy…

According to news reports out of California, Clemente Martinez decided the best thing he could do in the early morning hours of March 6 was to impersonate a police officer and pull over other people’s cars to “warn them about the dangers of drunk driving.”

Oh! And did I mention he was allegedly legally drunk while he was doing this? That’s the part that makes a bad mistake a ridiculous mistake.

But wait. It gets worse.

Martinez didn’t pull over just any old person. He pulled over an off-duty sheriff’s deputy. A sergeant, no less. And that’s funny.

How,  you may ask, did Martinez pull over a car — any car — successfully? Well, according to a report from KSBW.com, he had attached blue-and-red lights to his front grill which obviously took time and what we assume was the non-drunk intention to pull cars over and present himself as a police officer.

After the fake traffic stop, Martinez was arrested for impersonating a police officer and, according to the report, when Greenfield, California, police looked at his past record they found five DUI’s and a suspended license

And that is not funny at all. Catch the whole news report from KSBW here.

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