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Twitter is officially fifteen years old. Over the past decade and a half, Twitter has been there for the best and worst moments around the globe.

From Twitter users issuing the rallying cries of revolution and live-tweeting tense moments in the midst of protests to sharing humorous anecdotes about life and live-tweeting the series finale of Supernatural, Twitter users have been able to share their lives with friends and strangers alike. 

We have done the unthinkable a consolidated the past fifteen years into fifteen iconic tweets that really capture the essence of the social media platform that Jack Dorsey created. 

The 15 Most Important Tweets in Twitter’s 15 Years

The Oscar Selfie

No list about the history of Twitter would complete without the inclusion of the selfie that broke the internet. Back in 2014, talk show host Ellen DeGeneres shared a celeb-filled selfie at the Oscars, and over 2 million people hit the like button. You would think that with a hit tweet like this, people would have been excited about the potential reach a single tweet could have. But the Twitter stock fell nearly 38% in the two months that followed.

Dad, Interrupted

Long before the world was trapped in the internal loop of Zoom calls and virtual meetings, Professor Robert Kelly’s adorable daughter decided to make herself known during his interview on BBC News.

The Zola Thread

You have probably seen an ad or two for the newly released movie Zola, but did you know where the inspiration for this movie came from? It all started in 2015 in a now-deleted thread. The 148-tweet saga captured the internet’s fascination, and now you can experience it in its full glory as a major motion picture.

R.I.P Mr. Peanut

On a more somber note, 2020 got off to a weird and rough start when Planters announced that their iconic Mr. Peanut brand mascot had died. Yes, they did, in fact, stage the death of a fictional character as part of a marketing stunt. People were understandably confused and, in hindsight, chose to jokingly blame Planters for the weird year that followed. But, unfortunately, their marketing scheme only got nuttier too.

A Baby Nut is Born

A month after the premature death of Mr. Peanut, an ungodly creature was born. Literally sprouting out of the grave of Mr. Peanut, Planters introduced the world to Baby Nut. A comically terrifying-looking baby peanut that has since terrorized nut-lovers everywhere. And yes, he was reborn because of the Kool-Aid Man’s tears.

The Dress

The dress is discussed around the world. Early in 2015, a Tumblr user posted a picture of a dress, and it got picked up by Buzzfeed and tweeted with a simple question accompanying it: What Colors Are This Dress? Some people saw black and blue, while others saw white and gold. The post ended up gaining over 37,000 million views on Buzzfeed, and people were still unable to come to an agreement on the dress.

The Bey-Baby

During the 2011 Video Music Awards, Beyoncé’s revealed that she was pregnant after performing on stage. The reveal made waves across the internet as fans reacted to the major announcement. She told the crowd: “I want you to feel the love that growing inside of me,” before she performed her song, “Love on Top.” The announcement allegedly led users to tweet nearly 9,000 tweets per second (TPS) as they reacted to the news.

“Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That” and “Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife”

These two moments originated as video clips pulled from the news but became a phenomenon on Twitter. As a result, both quotes are built into the framework of internet culture, and they can still be heard today on Twitter.

Antoine Dodson’s infamous “Hide You Kids, Hide Yo Wife” phrase went viral in 2010 after an interview in Huntsville, Alabama, about a break-in at his home, which unfortunately resulted in his sister being assaulted in bed. Kimberly’s “Sweet Brown” Wilkins’ catchphrase “Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That” also originated during a tragedy, following her harrowing escape from her burning apartment complex in 2012.

A Prophetic Tweet

On November 4, 2014, Twitter user @RaysFanGio tweeted out what he believed would happen during the 2016 World Series. It’s not exactly statistically impossible to guess something like this. However, it had been 108 years since the Cubs had won the World Series. He also said the Cubs winning would lead to the apocalypse, so uh… That’s something.

11:00 AM 11/11/11

Speaking of other weird things on Twitter. People were really freaking out over November 11th, 2011. After all, it was a once-in-a-lifetime date. But writer Mike Drucker pointed out that every day we experience is a “once-in-a-lifetime” date. Ironically, he posted it at 11:00, just to really nail the point home.

The Health Star

This one may not be “monumental,” but it was a pretty funny pun shared by Star Wars fans across Twitter.

Adele Dazeem

Another iconic Oscar moment involved a major name flub. In 2014, John Travolta accidentally gave Idina Menzel an entirely new persona — Adele Dazeem. It was an honest mistake but funny enough to linger in the public consciousness for a while.

Gangnam Style

PSY’s “Gangnam Style” was a wildly popular song back in 2012, and it should come as no surprise that it ended up paired with a lot of major releases that year. One moment that captured the attention of Twitter happened to feature X-Men’s Hugh Jackman pulling a Wolverine next to the singer. It was a very 2012 moment that hasn’t been fully forgotten.

A Friday Anniversary

Last year the singer Rebecca Black commemorated the tenth anniversary of her single “Friday,” which took many users back in time to a simpler time where the most we had to worry about was whether or not “Friday” was a good song.

The Bottom Line

Countless memorable moments have originated on the “Bird App,” and there are bound to be even more as Twitter moves in the direction of its next big milestone. Fifteen years, 330 million, and more memories than a single article could ever encompass.

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