Freshen up with Miller Lite’s new beer-flavored breath mints

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Miller Lite is kicking off 2024 with a new product that is unlike anything the brand has created before.

To make sure everyone has a “fresh start” to the new year, Miller Lite has created mints, which offer the taste of beer but also the added freshness of mint. Miller Lite says that once the mints are chewed, you will taste beer — but you’ll also have fresh breath. The mints are designed to “leave your breath feeling fresh and taste buds feeling hoppy.”

The mints do not contain alcohol, so they can be eaten at anytime and are fine for those that don’t drink or are participating in Dry January.

The Miller Lite Beer Mints go on sale for $5 on Miller Lite’s website beginning Jan. 12 for a limited time, while supplies last.

A glass of Miller Lite beer, a can of Miller Lite beer and a container of Miller Lite beer mints.

Miller Lite

$5 at Miller Lite

While beer mints certainly appear to be a new invention, Tic Tac has been making drink-inspired mints for a few years now, including some that taste like Sprite and Coca-Cola.

While the Coca-Cola Tic Tacs launched in 2019, the Sprite version was new last year and is still available alongside their other flavors like Fruit Adventure, Tropical Adventure and Strawberry & Cream.

sprite tic tacs

Tic Tac

8 for $26.10 at Amazon

Other drink-flavored foods released recently include Harry Potter butterbeer jelly beans and M&M’s white chocolate strawberry shake candies, which are back for Valentine’s Day. You can even get your hands on Icee-flavored cereal from Kellogg’s that not only tastes like the slushy drink but also provides a cooling sensation.

There is also a reverse version of the food-that-tastes-like-drinks trend, with everything from Peeps-flavored beer to Eggo waffles-flavored creamer for those that prefer their drinks to taste like food instead.

Have you tried any of these food-and-drink mashups?

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