Here’s how many Americans think Biden is responsible for rising inflation


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Nearly half of Americans think President Joe Biden is highly responsibility for the current inflation trend, according to a YouGov and The Economist survey reported by Statista.

The survey, conducted between April 30 and May 3, found that 46% of Americans surveyed believed that Biden has “a lot” of responsibility for America’s inflation. In comparison, about a quarter of respondents thought Biden did not have a lot of responsibility for the current inflation rate.

As of March, the U.S. monthly inflation rate was 8.5%.

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Here are the full results to how Americans responded to the question, “How much responsibility does Joe Biden have for the current trend in the inflation rate?”

  • A lot: 46%
  • Some: 30%
  • Not much: 25%

YouGov and The Economist asked 1,481 adult Americans this question via an online survey. You can find more information about the survey here.

Statista also recently reported that 36% of Americans think President Joe Biden was highly responsible for the current trend in the U.S. unemployment rate. Just 27% of Americans believed Biden had little responsibility for the unemployment rate.

Another survey by Statista and YouGov found that the majority of Americans (39%) believed that Biden was a very weak leader. Only 16% of surveyed adult Americans thought Biden was a very strong leader. Additionally, in a survey of U.S. adults in May 2022, just around half of the respondents held an unfavorable opinion of Biden. In comparison, 12% had a somewhat unfavorable, and 39% had a very unfavorable opinion.


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