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If you’re struggling to come up with unique gift ideas for that special someone, I’ve found over 20 gifts that will please even the most finicky recipient. From tasty cheeses to a wide array of self-care options, there’s something special for everyone.


Boards & Co. Mini Me Cheese Board Kit ($85)

Foodies will be all about this kit of delicious small-batch cheeses and accompaniments. The cheeses, pairings, and useful tools come in a ready-to-gift box with a pairing info sheet, flavor profile guides, and ideas for composing the perfect cheese board.

Farmer Jones Farm Flowerhouse Tea Experience Box ($95)

There are plenty of lovely tea-tasting sets, but I particularly like this one because it contains a mix of black and green teas in elegant packaging, along with a selection of fresh herbs and edible flowers can be brewed on their own or combined with the teas to create custom blends. Teas include: Black Tea Malvaceae, Green Tea Oryza, Black Tea Rutaceae, Rooibos Tea Fabiaceae, and Green Tea Lamiaceae.

Whistlepig Whiskey Sparkle Maple Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit ($74.99)

This pairing of 100% Piggyback Rye Whisky and Barrel-Aged Sparkle Maple syrup makes for a sophisticated gift for a lover of fine mixed drinks.  The high-proof and extended-age Rye is smooth and elegant and the rich Vermont maple syrup contains a festive sparkle for eye-catching cocktails.



Bode I Box ($62)

For anyone who loves grooming products, this unisex set of multi-functional, organic, and beautifully scented products in chic minimal packaging makes an ideal gift. The set includes an aromatherapeutic body wash, a nourishing shampoo/conditioner, a hair/body soap, and a hair/skin balm. The hair/skin balm is a standout – it comes in a stick and is a great on-the-go product to smooth flyaways, and soften unruly beards and rough elbows alike.

+PlusCBD Calm & Sleep Holiday Survival Kit ($52.49, a $69.99 value)

The Holidays can be stressful – CBD to the rescue! This festive bundle includes the brand’s

best-selling Calm and Sleep CBD gummies. The Calm gummies are strawberry lemonade-flavored and contain 10mg CBD as well as relaxing L-Theanine and 5-Hydroxytryptophan. The Sleep gummies are raspberry-flavored and contain 10mg CBD with sleep-inducing ingredients like Magnolia, Lemon Balm, and Melatonin. Both gummies are vegan and free of soy, gluten, THC, and artificial sweeteners.

Brandefy Skin Let It Glow set ($59, value $78)

Brandefy creates its products based on requests and feedback from its audience.  This unisex bundle, which is for all skin types, includes full sizes of the brand’s top-selling brightening 15 percent Vitamin C Serum and lightweight, hydrating Water Cream.

 [ comfort zone ] ESSENTIAL BEAUTY SET ($80)

This beautiful, ready-to-gift holiday set includes three generously sized tubes of skincare essentials; the Essential Face Wash to cleanse the face and remove makeup and impurities, the ultra-moisturizing Hydramemory Mask, and the Hydramemory Cream Gel, which is a nourishing Hyaluronic Acid moisturizer.

Nurtured Nine Snowed In Pregnancy and New Mom Holiday Gift Box ($75)

This ready-to-gift box is packed with items to help your favorite mom-to-be or new mom feel pampered and nurtured. The box includes a lovely-smelling candle, sherpa-lined sleep mask, lavender & rose bath bomb, soothing sheet mask, and more.


WaterField Designs Packable Tote ($89)

This sturdy Packable Tote is an on-the-go staple, whether it stays in the car or gets tucked into a suitcase for travel. The roomy tote is water-resistant, lined, durable, and easy to clean, and the pockets feature waterproof zippers. It folds into its own interior pocket when not in use. Available in several colors.

Crystalyn Kae Rose Gold Leather Gift Set ($89)

Crystalyn Kae Rose Gold Leather Gift Set ($89)

For the girl who loves glam, this leather accessories set will add some glam to her day.  Available in Rose Gold, Pewter, and Bronze, the set includes a wristlet, business card case, cord organizer, and braided keychain. Crystalyn Kae products are made with responsibly sourced materials.

Modern Gents The Stealth Carbon Fiber Ring ($69.99, originally $299)

If the hubby longs for a badass ring (or needs a replacement of a lost wedding band), this scratch-resistant, lightweight black carbon fiber ring is undeniably cool. The Moderns Gents site has lots of cool gifts for both men and women so be sure to shop around!

MyMedic MyFak Sidekick ($55.96, originally $69.95)   solo or sidekick

Every home needs a good first aid kit, and the Sidekick is well-stocked for most emergencies, including burns, blisters, aches & pains, and even dehydration. What’s extra cool about it is that it’s also great for use on the go. It comes with a metal clip for attaching to a backpack or suitcase and has extra space for customization. Available in six colors.

Pretty Rugged Faux Fur Scarf ($60)

This scarf is made of ultra-soft faux fur with a waterproof SatinTex lining for those wet winter days. Its clever design makes it easy to secure, and there is a hidden pocket on the underside for her cell phone and other valuables. Available in Silver Mink, Black, White, and Leopard. I’ll be wearing mine all winter!

Rothy’s Universal Pouch ($95)

This stylish, machine-washable travel pouch is made in Rothy’s signature stretchy fabric and it’s the ideal size for smaller must-haves, like grooming products, snacks, or tech accessories. Available in several colors and patterns, including both feminine and masculine styles.

Style & Home

Happy Earth Apparel Stormy Night Bundle ($95, $137 value)

This pre-wrapped bundle of well-designed, gender-neutral and eco-friendly items from this NJ-based brand includes an organic cotton quarterzip top, a reversible beanie, stainless steel water bottle, and colorful, waterproof stickers (great for decorating a laptop or hard case luggage). There are several other cool bundles to choose from.

Sterling Forever Advent Calendar – Bronze Tier ($100. Larger sizes are also available)

This 5-day advent calendar is such a fun gift to give and receive! You’ll have over 20 beautiful pieces of jewelry to choose from, including necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets, in the metals of your choice. Ultimately the retail value is far greater than the price you pay, and you’ve created a really fun 5-day experience for your giftee!

Nine Arches ($69.99, now $59.99)

This beautiful, hand-illustrated game was created by a New York Times bestselling author and Fortnite game designer and was funded in 6 minutes on Kickstarter. The game is packed with prompts and adventures that will inspire fun at home or on the road. Nine Arches is for ages 13 and up and can be played by 1-9 people (or groups).

Velvet Eyewear Style Box ($85)

This woman-owned sunglass brand takes the guesswork out of your purchase by offering a set of three 100% UV protection sunnies designed for specific face shapes or style preferences, i.e. 60’s style, Cat Eye and more. The Cat Eye box is my personal fave.

The Wine Savant Diamond Whiskey Decanter l With 2 Diamond Glasses ($55)

This statement-making decanter and glasses set is a stunning addition to a home bar, serving as a stylish receptacle for their favorite spirit. The faceted decanter and glasses are diamond-shaped and sit in a minimal stand of dark wood.


More holiday budgeting tips

Inflation may make enjoying the holidays harder this year, but you can still be merry on a budget. Learn more about how to be thrifty this holiday season.


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5 tips for thrifty holiday gift giving


The holiday season is supposed to bring tidings of comfort and joy. But for many, the Christmas spirit is overshadowed by burdensome shopping lists and pricey flights home.

It’s easy to see why the holidays are a time of financial stress for many families. A Gallup poll found that Americans plan to spend $942 on Christmas gifts this year, up from $885 in 2018.

But you can show your family how much you love them without sacrificing financial stability. Learn how to take a more holistic approach to Christmas shopping on a budget this year.




It doesn’t matter if they were naughty or nice, sometimes you still feel obligated to buy a gift for everyone in the family. If you go shopping in the right frame of mind, then you can find a little something for everyone on your list, from immediate family members to the co-workers with whom you spend every weekday.

Although you’re never required to give pricey gifts, especially when you’re in a tight spot, you can at least send cards to your extended family and friends, or you could find DIY budget gifts, such as homemade confections or candles.


It’s not good form to spend much more on one grandchild or niece than another. Plus, having a specific value in mind will stop you from overspending on gifts.

So a married woman with two children, three nieces and nephews, two parents and one sibling, for instance, could start a budget at $600 before she accounts for friends. It may look shocking to see these costs added up, but considering the average American will spend nearly $1,000 on gift-giving this year, this is a modest budget.

That said, take your financial situation into account when determining how much you can comfortably spend on each group. You may find, for example, that you don’t need to spend $10 per work colleague.


Gift-giving will only make up part of your holiday budget. When you’re setting aside money for the season, take these other items into account:

  • Holiday décor, like wrapping paper, a Christmas tree and new string lights. That is, unless you have the willpower to skip the home goods aisle.
  • Food costs, accounting for a Christmas or Hanukkah dinner and any holiday parties you’re attending. Don’t forget about the cookies and milk for Santa.
  • Travel costs, if you’re leaving home to see family. (See how to save on holiday travel here.)

Just a single round-trip plane ticket could max out your holiday budget. In 2017, the average flight price for Christmas travel was $910, according to data from flight-tracking app Skyscanner. So if you want to fly home for the holidays, plan ahead and work holiday travel into your budget.


You’ve determined how much to spend on Christmas, now it’s time to save up. Let’s say you want to spend $600 on gift-giving this holiday season. If you’re proactive enough to budget five months in advance, then you could set aside $120 per month in your budget to reach your goal.

But the reality is that not everyone is thinking about the holidays in August. The longer you wait to establish your budget, the more you’ll have to set aside each month to fill out your gift-giving plan. When it’s down to the wire, you might consider using your credit card or opening a personal loan.


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Your friends and family love you because of who you are, not for what you can buy them. Let your passions feed into your Christmas list this year by spending time creating personalized presents for people on your gift list.

You could also keep gifts uniform among groups. For example, you could get all of your work friends a book or coffee mug; acquaintances may have earned homemade candles or body scrubs. When it comes to close friends and family, though, personalization offers a special touch. Give a present with each person in mind, even if the cost is low.

Of course, you may not be able to give something to everyone on your list. Just a card, personalized message or phone call showing that you care could be the perfect sentiment this holiday season.


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Lots of shoppers will be racking up debt this holiday season in order to pay for presents. Holiday debt reached an average $1,230 in 2018, according to a report from MagnifyMoney, a LendingTree company. While 68% of shoppers carried that debt on their credit cards, only 14% used a personal loan to fund their holiday shopping.

You should think twice before charging your credit card this holiday season because there are some situations in which a personal loan might work better for you. For example, personal loans can offer lower interest rates than credit cards for those with strong credit profiles. See the table below to compare your financing options.

Holiday financing: Credit cards vs. personal loans
Credit cards Personal loan
  • Minimum average APR across new card offers was 16.94% in October 2019
  • Maximum average APR was 24.25% in the same period
  • Borrowers with good credit profiles saw an average 7.27% APR in Q1 2019
  • Subprime borrowers saw an average APR of 85.92% in the same period
Borrowing limits
  • Credit limit depends on your credit profile
  • $1,000 to $50,000, typically
  • You ask for a set amount and may or may not be approved for it
Potential fees
  • Annual fee: From $0 to $39 or higher
  • Late payment fee: $15 to $35, depending on your balance
  • Penalty APR: Typically 27%-30%
  • Origination fee: 0%-8%
  • Prepayment penalty: Varies by lender
  • Late payment fee: Can be a percentage of your balance or flat rate
  • Rewards cards offer cash back, points or travel miles
  • Store cards offer unique incentives like discounts or early access shopping
  • No rewards
Affect on credit score
  • Responsible credit card use (keeping a low balance) will have a positive effect
  • Negligent credit card use (missed payments, maxed out cards) will have a negative effect
  • When paid off on time every month, a personal loan could raise your credit score
  • Missed or delinquent payments will lower your credit score
This table includes information sourced from MagnifyMoney and ValuePenguin, which are owned by LendingTree.


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One of the most important money tips for the holidays might be one of the least expected: Just be present. Traveling to see loved ones is expensive and time-consuming. Don’t feel obligated to spend a lot of money this holiday season. But do make a concerted effort to be present this year.

Too often, “family time” feels forced — make sure your loved ones know that you care. In fact, do more than just spend time together; make memories that will carry you throughout the year, and take pictures you can look back on when you’re missing the people you care about.

As clichéd as it sounds, time is the best thing you can give your family and friends around the holidays.

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