How Alexa can save you grocery money


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You can use Amazon Alexa to find deals on groceries— and even end up shopping less.

After years of effort, Amazon is finally in the grocery game. There are now a number of ways to order groceries through Amazon and receive them right at your door. Some of these options can get your groceries to you in mere hours. These methods aren’t exactly cheap, but don’t worry — savvy shoppers can use Alexa to hack their grocery bills.

Alexa deals

If you’re an Amazon Prime member and you shop at Whole Foods, you can pull grocery deals from Alexa through one of your smart speakers. Just ask, “Alexa, shop Whole Foods.” You can then add items to a virtual grocery cart. Prime members also get added discounts at Whole Foods.

After you’re done, you can schedule a same-day delivery within two hours, but only if you place that order through Prime Now. Prime members can access Prime Now but have sign up to activate it. Additionally, Prime Now is only active in 24 cities so far, including New York City and San Francisco, so check that the service is active in your market.

If you want to visit Whole Foods yourself, remember that Prime members get an added discount on featured items at Whole Foods. All you have to do to access those discounts is link your Whole Foods app to your Amazon Prime membership. It’s probably best to do that before you jump into the checkout line.

Shopping lists

There’s a famous saying: Never shop when you’re hungry. We’ve all prowled the grocery store while our stomachs were growling,. We’ve all pulled snacks and easy-to-make food that looked too good to refuse. Then, when we got home, we realized that there was no way we could eat everything before it expired. The solution? Grocery lists. Some Alexa Skills can help you compile a shopping list before you head out the door – or place an order through your Echo speaker.

OurGroceries lets you add items to multiple shopping lists. You can sync those lists to your iOS or Android smartphone, which is helpful when you’re actually at the store.

AnyList works in tandem with the AnyList web site. You can create multiple shopping lists and then let Alexa access them. From there, you can ask Alexa to add items to any list, as long as you use that list’s name. You can grab details from your smartphone when you head to the store and, hopefully, find just what you need.

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