How many states can you name based on just one hint?


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This quiz takes you on a coast-to-coast adventure, testing your knowledge of the states that make our country great. From hidden gems to iconic landmarks, let’s see how well you really know the U.S.A. Gear up, it’s quiz time!

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This state is famous for its natural arches and red rocks

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Answer: Utah

Utah isn’t just a state; it’s a state of mind! Sculpted by wind, water, and time, Utah’s landscape is a geological wonderland. With the “Mighty 5” national parks and the Great Salt Lake, it’s a nature lover’s paradise. Don’t forget to check out the Bonneville Salt Flats—speed demons welcome!

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Hint: This state is home to the oldest public university in the United States

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Answer: North Carolina

North Carolina is more than just BBQ and basketball! It’s home to the first public university in the U.S., UNC Chapel Hill, and offers a variety of landscapes, from the Smoky Mountains to the Outer Banks. Ever heard of the “Lost Colony” of Roanoke? Yep, that’s in North Carolina!

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Hint: You’ll find a lot of cheese and football fanatics in this state

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Answer: Wisconsin

Cheese, beer, and the Green Bay Packers—what’s not to love about Wisconsin? It’s the Dairy Capital of the United States and has a rich history in brewing. Ever seen people wearing cheese hats? That’s a Wisconsin thing!

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Hint: This state features the southernmost point in the 48 contiguous states

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Answer: Florida

Sunshine and oranges, anyone? Florida isn’t just famous for its beaches and amusement parks. It’s home to the Everglades, a unique natural feature that can’t be found anywhere else. Plus, it’s the go-to spot for spotting alligators and manatees.

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Hint: This state is known for its potatoes and outdoor activities

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Answer: Idaho

Idaho is more than just a potato haven; it’s a state filled with rugged mountains, beautiful lakes, and an array of outdoor activities like skiing, rafting, and hiking. Whether you’re exploring Sun Valley or marveling at the scenery of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho offers a taste of the great outdoors.

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Hint: This state is known as the ‘Land of 10,000 Lakes’

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Answer: Minnesota

Minnesota isn’t kidding about its nickname; the state truly is a paradise for water enthusiasts. But it’s not just about the lakes. The state also has a vibrant arts scene, a rich history of Scandinavian and German heritage, and a love for outdoor activities all year round, including ice fishing and skiing.

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Hint: This state is home to the United States Naval Academy

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Answer: Maryland

Maryland may be small, but it’s mighty in historical significance and natural beauty. Home to the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis and part of the bustling Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, Maryland is a state of waterways, seafood, and significant American history.

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Hint: This state is famous for its horses and coal mining

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Answer: Kentucky

Kentucky is synonymous with thoroughbred horses and the Kentucky Derby, but it’s also known for its contributions to the coal industry. With a rich musical heritage in bluegrass and country and natural wonders like Mammoth Cave, Kentucky is a state of both culture and natural beauty.

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Hint: This state is known for its desert landscapes and the Grand Canyon

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Answer: Arizona

Arizona is a state of contrasts, offering both scorching deserts and snow-capped mountains. Its most famous landmark, the Grand Canyon, is a bucket-list destination for people worldwide. Rich in Native American history and bustling modern cities like Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona is a state that offers something for everyone.

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Hint: This state is where historic Route 66 begins

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Answer: Illinois

Illinois is an epicenter for both urban and rural culture. From the bustling cityscape of Chicago to the scenic byways of Route 66, it’s a state that’s equally appealing to city mice and country mice. Not to mention, it’s the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln, adding a historical layer to its diverse offerings.

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Hint: This state is known as the ‘Last Frontier’

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Answer: Alaska

Alaska is wild, untamed, and breathtakingly beautiful. The “Last Frontier” is famous for its stunning natural scenery, from towering mountain ranges to sprawling tundras. It’s a paradise for adventurers, offering some of the best fishing, hunting, and hiking in the U.S.

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Hint: This state is famous for its peaches and home to a bustling airport

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Answer: Georgia

Georgia is a Southern belle with a modern twist. Known for its peaches, it’s also home to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, one of the busiest airports in the world. From the history-laden streets of Savannah to the bustling vibe of Atlanta, Georgia offers a sweet slice of the South.

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Hint: This state is famous for its maple syrup and skiing

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Answer: Vermont

Vermont is a New England gem known for its quaint small towns and beautiful landscapes. Famous for its maple syrup, it’s also a popular destination for skiing and other winter activities. Whether you’re enjoying a farm-to-table meal or hitting the slopes, Vermont offers a cozy and charming experience.

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Hint: This state was the setting for the Salem witch trials

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Answer: Massachusetts

Massachusetts is a blend of American history and modern innovation. Home to Harvard, the oldest university in the U.S., it’s also known for the Salem witch trials. From the Pilgrims’ landing at Plymouth to the tech hubs of Boston, Massachusetts offers a varied and enriching experience.

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Hint: This state is known for its volcanoes and tropical climate

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Answer: Hawaii

Hawaii is like no other U.S. state, offering a tropical paradise with a unique cultural blend. Known for its volcanoes, beaches, and aloha spirit, it’s a destination for relaxation and adventure alike.

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Hint: This state was home to a significant Civil Rights event in 1964

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Answer: Mississippi

Mississippi is a state that offers a complex tapestry of American history and culture. Famous for its role in the Civil Rights Movement, particularly during the Freedom Summer of 1964, Mississippi has been a backdrop for significant social change. From its historical sites to its contributions to blues music, the state offers a wide range of experiences that delve deep into America’s Southern heritage.

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Hint: This state is known for its expansive Great Plains

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Answer: Nebraska

Nebraska is often considered the heart of the Midwest, featuring expansive Great Plains and a rich agricultural history. But it’s not all cornfields and cows; the state has a burgeoning art scene and is home to one of the richest men in the world, Warren Buffett.

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Hint: This state is known as the ‘Mountain State’

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Answer: West Virginia

West Virginia is often considered “Wild and Wonderful,” offering some of the best outdoor recreation opportunities in the eastern U.S. From its rugged Appalachian terrain to its rich coal mining history, West Virginia presents a fascinating blend of natural beauty and industrial significance.

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Hint: This state is famous for its salmon and high-tech companies

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Answer: Washington

Washington State is a hub of innovation and natural beauty. Home to tech giants like Microsoft and Amazon, it’s also known for its delicious salmon and stunning landscapes, ranging from lush forests to rugged coastlines. It’s a state that brilliantly marries technology with nature.

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Hint: This state is known for its ‘Live Free or Die’ motto

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Answer: New Hampshire

New Hampshire is a New England state known for its rugged individualism, encapsulated by its “Live Free or Die” motto. Whether you’re hitting the slopes in the White Mountains or taking in the foliage along the Kancamagus Highway, New Hampshire offers a truly authentic American experience.

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Hint: This state is known for its automotive industry

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Answer: Michigan

Michigan is synonymous with the American automotive industry, having been the birthplace of the Ford Motor Company. But it’s not just cars; the state is also famous for its stunning Great Lakes shoreline, making it a hotspot for both industrial history and natural beauty.

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Hint: This state is known as the ‘Ocean State’

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Answer: Rhode Island

Don’t let its size fool you; Rhode Island packs a big punch in a small package. Known as the “Ocean State,” it offers beautiful beaches and maritime activities. From Newport’s historic mansions to the cultural buzz of Providence, Rhode Island is a state full of surprises.

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Hint: This state is known for its Hoosier hospitality

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Answer: Indiana

Indiana is a Midwestern state that exudes Hoosier hospitality. Known for its basketball culture and the iconic Indianapolis 500 race, Indiana offers a wholesome, down-to-earth experience that encapsulates the spirit of the American heartland.

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Hint: This state is renowned for its jazz music and unique cuisine

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Answer: Louisiana

Welcome to the land of jazz, Mardi Gras, and Creole cuisine! Louisiana offers a unique blend of cultures and is the birthplace of jazz music. Don’t leave without trying gumbo or beignets!

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Hint: This state is famous for its rugged coastline and maritime culture

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Answer: Maine

Lobster rolls, anyone? Maine offers a maritime paradise with its jagged coastline, historic lighthouses, and of course, delicious seafood. It’s also the only state with a one-syllable name. Short and sweet!

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Hint: This state is the birthplace of aviation

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Answer: Ohio

Ohio is not just cornfields; it’s the birthplace of aviation! The Wright brothers were from Dayton, and astronaut Neil Armstrong was also an Ohioan. Plus, it’s home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. How cool is that?

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Hint: Known for its famous music cities and delicious BBQ.

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Answer: Tennessee

From the bluesy streets of Memphis to the country vibes of Nashville, Tennessee is a music lover’s haven. Let’s not forget the Great Smoky Mountains and the irresistible BBQ—yum!

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Hint: This state is a paradise for tech geeks and nature lovers alike

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Answer: California

Surf’s up, dude! California is where Silicon Valley meets Hollywood. From the tech hubs of San Francisco to the beaches of Southern California, it’s a state of dreamers. Don’t forget to visit the ancient redwood and sequoia trees!

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Hint: This state is known for its colonial history and its triangle

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Answer: Virginia

Virginia is a state rich in American history, from its colonial settlements to its role in the American Revolution and Civil War. Today, it’s a vibrant state with a high standard of living, often referred to as the “birthplace of a nation.”

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Hint: This state is famous for its hot springs and diamonds

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Answer: Arkansas

Arkansas offers a unique Southern experience, from its hot springs to its diamond mines. It’s a state that’s rich in natural resources and Southern charm, making it a gem in more ways than one.

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Hint: This state is known for its beautiful beaches and golf courses

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Answer: South Carolina

South Carolina is a state that embodies Southern elegance and charm. Known for its beautiful beaches and world-class golf courses, it also has a rich history, from its colonial past to its role in the Civil War.

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Hint: Everything’s bigger in this state

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Answer: Texas

Everything’s bigger in Texas, including its cultural footprint. Known for its rodeos and oil production, Texas offers a mix of Southern charm and modern innovation. From the live music in Austin to the historic Alamo in San Antonio, Texas is a state with a rich and diverse landscape.

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Hint: This state is famous for Danny DeVitto, a popular TV show and ‘mut-za-dell’

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Answer: New Jersey

New Jersey is more than just a neighbor to New York; it has its own vibrant culture and attractions. Known for its beautiful shorelines, the state gained pop culture fame as the setting for the reality TV show “Jersey Shore.” Beyond the beach, it’s a state with rich colonial history and a diverse population.

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Hint: This state is known for its iconic skyline and the Big Apple

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Answer: New York

New York is often considered the epitome of American ambition and hustle. Home to iconic landmarks like Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, and Wall Street, it’s a global hub for culture, finance, and entertainment. From the artsy neighborhoods of Brooklyn to the natural beauty of the Adirondacks, New York is a state of endless possibilities.

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Hint: This state is famous for its adobe landmarks and hot air balloon festival

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Answer: New Mexico

New Mexico is a state rich in cultural history and natural beauty. Known for its Pueblo-style architecture and vibrant arts scene, the state is also famous for its annual Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. With its unique blend of Native American and Hispanic cultures, New Mexico offers a different kind of Southwestern experience.

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Hint: This state is known for its dazzling entertainment strip and gambling

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Answer: Nevada

Nevada is synonymous with entertainment, most notably in the form of its crown jewel, Las Vegas. Beyond the glitz and glamour, the state also offers natural wonders like Lake Tahoe and the Valley of Fire. Nevada is a state where you can gamble at a casino one day and explore breathtaking landscapes the next.

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Hint: It’s known for its Badlands and Mount Rushmore

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Answer: South Dakota

South Dakota is a state of contrasts, offering both rugged natural beauty and iconic man-made attractions. Known for the Badlands and the Black Hills, it’s also home to Mount Rushmore, an enduring symbol of American history and ingenuity. It’s a state that encapsulates the American spirit of adventure and discovery.

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Hint: This state is known for its historical maritime culture and a famous university

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Answer: Connecticut

Connecticut is a blend of coastal vibes and intellectual richness. Home to Yale University, one of the Ivy League schools, it’s also famous for its maritime history. With picturesque towns like Mystic and attractions like the Mark Twain House, Connecticut offers a diverse range of experiences for tourists and residents alike.

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Hint: This state is famous for its Southern hospitality and college football

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Answer: Alabama

Alabama embodies Southern hospitality and is deeply entrenched in American history. It’s a state known for its role in the civil rights movement and its love for college football, especially the rivalry between Auburn and the University of Alabama. From its Gulf Coast beaches to its storied past, Alabama offers a multifaceted American experience.

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Hint: This state is known for its wide-open plains and sunflower fields

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Answer: Kansas

Kansas is often described as the heart of America, geographically and culturally. Known for its wide-open plains, it’s also famous for its sunflower fields and agriculture. The state played a key role in the American Civil War and continues to be a representation of midwestern values and lifestyle.

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Hint: This state is known for its craft beer and stunning coastline

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Answer: Oregon

Oregon is a state that celebrates both the man-made and the natural, from its thriving craft beer scene to its breathtaking coastline. The state’s diverse landscapes, including the volcanic Mount Hood and the serene Crater Lake, offer a playground for outdoor enthusiasts. With its eco-conscious cities like Portland, Oregon is a haven for both nature lovers and urban explorers.

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Hint: This state is famous for its cornfields and the first caucus in the US presidential primary season

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Answer: Iowa

Iowa is often seen as the quintessential American heartland. Known for its expansive cornfields, it’s a major player in the nation’s agriculture. But Iowa is more than just farmland; it holds a crucial role in American politics, being the first state to hold a caucus in the U.S. presidential primary season. From the Field of Dreams movie site to the vibrant arts scene in Des Moines, Iowa offers a slice of Americana that’s both down-to-earth and influential.

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Hint: This state is famous for its iconic Gateway Arch and barbecue

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Answer: Missouri

Missouri serves as a cultural crossroads in the heart of America. Famous for the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, it symbolizes the westward expansion of the United States. Missouri is also renowned for its barbecue, particularly in Kansas City, offering a culinary experience that’s deeply rooted in tradition. From the bustling cityscapes to the Ozark Mountains, Missouri provides a rich blend of American history, food, and natural beauty.

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Hint: This state is known as the ‘First State’ and a haven for corporations

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Answer: Delaware

Delaware holds a unique position in American history as the first state to ratify the U.S. Constitution, earning it the nickname “The First State.” Today, it’s known as a corporate haven, with more than half of all publicly traded companies in the U.S. incorporated in Delaware. Despite its small size, the state offers a variety of experiences, from the historic sites of Wilmington to the beach resorts in Rehoboth Beach.

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Hint: This state is known for its stunning national parks, including Yellowstone

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Answer: Wyoming

Wyoming is a state that captures the imagination with its dramatic natural beauty. It’s home to Yellowstone National Park, the first national park in the world, and a must-see for its geysers, hot springs, and diverse wildlife. From the rugged terrains of the Grand Tetons to the high plains, Wyoming offers an authentic American West experience. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or simply looking to escape the hustle and bustle, Wyoming’s landscapes provide a breathtaking backdrop.

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Hint: This state is known for its rich Native American history and the musical named after it

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Answer: Oklahoma

Oklahoma is a state with a rich tapestry of cultures and history. It’s perhaps most famous for its Native American heritage; the name “Oklahoma” itself comes from two Choctaw words meaning “red people.” The state is also known for its musical heritage, immortalized in the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical “Oklahoma!” From the vibrant arts scene in Tulsa to the cowboy culture, Oklahoma offers a unique blend of American experiences.

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Hint: This state is known for its ‘Big Sky’ and Glacier National Park

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Answer: Montana

Montana lives up to its nickname, “Big Sky Country,” with its expansive landscapes and natural beauty. Home to Glacier National Park and portions of Yellowstone, it’s a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you’re interested in hiking, fishing, or simply taking in the stunning vistas, Montana offers a pure and rugged American experience.

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Hint: This state is known for its frigid winters and being the geographical center of North America

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Answer: North Dakota

North Dakota might be cold, but it’s a hot spot for natural beauty and geographic significance. Often described as the center of North America, this state offers a unique blend of landscapes, from the stunning Badlands to the Red River Valley. It’s rich in Native American history, and its oil boom has brought modern prosperity. With vast plains and a hardy spirit, North Dakota captures a rugged slice of American life.

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Hint: This state is known for its Rocky Mountains and outdoor recreational activities like skiing and hiking

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Answer: Colorado

Colorado is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream come true, offering a stunning array of natural landscapes from the flat Eastern Plains to the rugged Rocky Mountains. Whether you’re hitting the ski slopes in Aspen or hiking through Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado provides year-round adventure. It’s not just for nature lovers; cities like Denver offer a thriving arts scene and craft beer culture. Colorado successfully blends natural beauty with modern lifestyle, making it a go-to destination for many.

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Hint: This state is home to the Liberty Bell

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Answer: Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is a state steeped in history and modern attractions. Whether you’re exploring the historical significance of the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia or indulging in a famous Philly cheesesteak, the state offers a blend of the past and the present.

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