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Packing your overnight bag for your wedding night isn’t that difficult of a task, but if you’re planning a destination wedding, packing may feel a bit more challenging.

Basically, you have to cram everything you would normally take on vacation plus all of your “wedding stuff.” That could include anything from wedding decor, a cake topper, gifts and, of course, your wedding day attire. So what’s the best way to make packing for your destination wedding simple and stress-free?

To help you pack for your trip like a pro, here are some tips to keep in mind while packing for a destination wedding!

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1. Organize, organize, organize!

We recommend making lots of lists. Start by making a list of everything you need to pack, and then once you’ve packed, make mini lists of every item in each bag. This way, if a bag happens to go missing, you’ll know exactly what was in it. Make it easy to access your list anywhere by using a smart travel list app or keeping it in the Notes App on your phone.

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2. Put a little of everything in your bags

You may find it cheaper to check extra bags than risk having your bags be overweight. It’s probably a good idea to split an extra checked bag among you and your soon-to-be spouse. Some destination couples would opt to each have one bag per person, plus one bag with wedding stuff in that scenario. But again, in case something goes missing, you’re better off putting a mix of things in each of the bags as a precaution.

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3. Pack a complete outfit (or two) in your carry-on

Having a full change of clothes (or two) in your carry-on is key in case things go missing, or if your room is not ready when you arrive at your hotel. As a safety measure, include a dinner outfit, a swimsuit, and an extra change of clothes just to be on the safe side.

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4. Keep your receipts and correspondence

Make sure to bring an organizer willed with all correspondence from your hotel or wedding venue, your coordinator, spa, photographer, travel agent … you get the idea. This will hopefully save you some headaches in going through customs and security in case questions are asked about items within your luggage, such as favors, cameras, gifts, etc.

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5. Use your clothing to wrap fragile items

You don’t want anything to get broken during transit, and adding extra stuffing for protection could take up space or precious weight allowance. A pro packing tip is to use any soft clothing you’re already packing to protect any breakable items within your luggage.

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6. Less is more. Don’t overpack!

Remember, part of the reason couples choose a destination wedding is for the scenery. Rely on the beauty of your venue and you will likely need to buy less, take less and spend less. This is good all around! Plus, you don’t want to be hauling a ton of decorations with you taking up valuable space in your baggage. Even if you resell your wedding decor after the wedding, you still paid extra to transport it back and forth! Be savvy and embrace the natural beauty of your location.

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7. Packing Cubes are Your Friend

One great way to organize your belongings is to place them into packing cubes. It could be helpful for putting specific outfits together for the different events of your wedding weekend or for separating the “wedding” items from the “honeymoon” items. Since it’s likely you’ll be combining the wedding and honeymoon into one long trip, this level of organization is key to simplifying your packing.

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8. Keep Your Valuables Close

For safety and security reasons, keep your valuables such as your wedding bands or other jewelry with you. The best place for previous items is in your purse or carry-on, and don’t let them out of your sight. For an extra dose of security, you can also get some TSA locks for your carry-on and other luggage.

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9. Make Note of Baggage Size and Weight Limits

Airplane baggage size and weight limits can vary widely by airline and even by destination. Make sure to thoroughly check your itinerary and see how many bags are included in your ticket price and take note of the costs of additional items should you need to bring more.

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10. Consider Getting Travel Insurance

For a big trip with a large investment of money, travel insurance is always a good idea. Some credit cards include trip protection when you pay for your journey and lodging with that card, so check into the perks of the cards in your wallet.

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Destination Wedding Packing Advice

If you’re traveling by plane, you’ll have to squeeze everything into a specific number of bags within a specific size and weight range based on your flight ticket. This causes the whole endeavor to become more high stakes! And if you need to use more than your allotted number of bags, there will be additional fees to pay. If your bags are over the weight limit, you’ll need to pay even more!

Perhaps your flight includes one checked bag, with an allowance of 50 lbs in weight. You may also each get one carry-on and one personal item. For the bride, your wedding dress will likely be your carry-on item, so that means you’ll get one less bag for stashing wedding stuff!

If you’re traveling internationally, you’ll also have to go through additional security and customs screenings, which could further complicate things. Some of your wedding items could raise a few eyebrows, such as bulk items like wedding favors.

The last thing you want to worry about on your wedding week is forgetting an item or something going missing. Keep these tips in mind to ensure simple and stress-free packing for your destination wedding.

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