Keith Richards’ pre-concert routine is more odd than you’d imagine


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If you were a rock legend what would you request in your dressing room before big shows? You know, before you get on stage and proceed to rock the masses? You can have anything. Something light? Energy packed? Protein shake? Power Bowl?

Not if you are Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards. According to his concert rider (which specifies an artist’s requirements when performing at a venue) he has one very particular request.

Wanna take a guess? You won’t get it.

Richards has a pre-show routine and that routine involves three things: Richards, a fork, and a shepherds pie. Models? No. Hard liquor? No.

For some reason, the 77-year-old Richards is over all of those things (well at least on a nightly basis) and he’s decided to focus that energy on his love of shepherds pie and he is serious about it. He is so serious about his shepherd’s pie that he once refused to go onstage until the pie that someone else had eaten had been replaced. Fortunately, catering found a shepherd’s pie and the show went on.

We will let Richards himself sum it all up. In an excerpt from his memoir, Life, Richards wrote, “It’s now famous, my rule on the road. Nobody touches the shepherd’s pie til I’ve been in there. Don’t bust my crust, baby.”

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