Great news! Mind reading robots are real!


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Here’s good news if you like terrifying things (and who doesn’t like terrifying things at this point?). I mean, after the past few years what could really scare us all that badly? Are we not all fright resistant by now?

One would think so. One would be wrong.

For now, in our own already amazingly peaceful and strife-free world, a team of scientists have developed a robot that can read people’s minds.

Yes. You read that correctly. Scientists at the Intelligent Manufacturing Innovations Technology Center at China’s Three Gorges University’s  have developed a mind reading robot that I would assume they’ve been working on night and day since, oh, I don’t know…1968? Because that’s the year “2001: A Space Odyssey” came out. That’s the year we heard Hal ask Dave what he was doing and we all knew instinctively in that moment that the only thing worse than a self-aware computer is a self-aware computer that can read flippin’ minds.

But don’t worry!  It’s nothing nefarious!

See, all these computers will do is interface with a person by monitoring their brain waves as well as collect electric signals from their muscles and interpret that data into movement. Get it? I’ll break it down: Imagine an assembly line that is made up of five separate steps, each of those steps has an associated movement. The idea here  is to have one actual human person per step “thinking” the movement matched with a mind reading robot that then performs the “thought” movement.

See? Pretty cool, huh? Yeah, it is! At first…then it’s much, much scarier.

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