Good news! MIT researchers find possible alternative to plastic

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Plastic is a problem. These days, it seems almost everything is made of plastic, and it’s polluting our landscapes, waterways and oceans. It’s been found inside dead marine animals and birds, and there’s even recent evidence we have it in our blood.

So, what do we do about our plastic addiction and the damage it is causing? Researchers at MIT have engineered a composite material made of cellulose nanocrystals. These tiny, needle-like crystals are found in cellulose, one of the most abundant materials on Earth Mixed with a synthetic polymer, the material is 60 – 90% organic and tremendously strong and durable.

The researchers say the composite could potentially be used for everything from dental implants to stronger, more sustainable plastic products.

It is cutting edge stuff, but it is groundbreaking in its potential. You can read the research team’s results here.

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