More Americans than British citizens are now moving to France


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The biggest increase in the number of Americans moving to France to date was registered in 2022, according to newly released Eurostat data reported by The number of US citizens who relocated to France permanently has tripled since the pandemic. Last year more than 12,000 new residency cards were issued to American passport holders and this number is 1,100 more than the number of cards issued to British arrivals.

Americans received the fourth largest number of residence permits in France last year, following immigrants from Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, and ahead of UK citizens. US recipients of European residency were also among the top five in Denmark, Ireland, Switzerland and Norway, per Eurostat data.

A residence permit grants non-EU nationals the authorization to reside in EU territories for at least three months. These permits are predominantly issued by countries in the European Union for purposes such as employment, family reunification, education, retirement, and other reasons. The data on residence permits does not encompass individuals under temporary protection, such as those displaced due to war.

Why are more Americans moving to France?

The US Dollar is about 30% stronger than it was just a few years ago compared to the Euro. The exchange rate of the American Dollar to Euro seems to have had a very positive impact on Americans who travel and move to Europe. Ten years ago, the dollar was worth 72 Euro cents, while now, one dollar is worth 95 Euro cents, thus offering significantly more purchasing power when it comes to buying a house or for every day living expenses.

Other contributory factors that are attracting Americans to make the move across the Atlantic include:

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Some Americans have also cited US politics and social issues as reasons for moving to France, although these situations do not represent the majority of US immigrants.

For the last ten years, the French government has encouraged skilled immigration and many Americans have been tempted by quality jobs. Others have been encouraged to open a company in France. All in all, a favorable social and economic context for moving from the US to France is confirmed by this latest data.

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