Need some cuteness? Call now! Kindergarteners are standing by!


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Well, things have been pretty rotten for the past few years. Pandemics, wars, death, destruction… It’s a real Russian-novel-kind-of-world right now. Everything is so heavy, our spirits, our hearts, the very atmosphere…and no matter what we hoped, it doesn’t seem to be getting a lot better.

So, are we without hope? Are we helpless before this misery? Destined to be crushed by it?

I don’t think so. Because I see a tiny light that is spreading like a fire and it is the light of something very good indeed.

“Whaaaaat?” you ask suspiciously having been burned before.

It’s Peptoc and it’s kind of magic.

Peptoc is an epic school art project from West Side Elementary Schoolin Healdsburg, California. Put together by teachers Jessica Martin and Asherah Weiss, iIt’s a helpline for the weary unlike any other. This life line is manned by Kindergarteners.

Are they really wise? Nah. But they do have almost endless wells of joy, love and imagination, creativity and resourcefulness and maybe you didn’t realize it, but those are the things we adults are missing.

Good news! We can source this missing stuff from small children! But don’t worry, we don’t have to squish them or anything we can just call (707) 998-8410 and follow the child directed prompts toward sweet relief.

Frustrated and nervous? Press 1. Words of encouragement / life advice? Press 2. Pep talk from Kindergarteners? Press 3. Children laughing in delight? Press 4. Encouragement in Spanish…oh, you can figure it out from there.

It is literally the best stuff on Earth and it’s just on the other end of your phone.

Call now! Kindergarteners are standing by!

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